Monday, April 28, 2014

Favorite Things 1K Giveaway!

Felicitations my varnished vixens,

I have some exciting news for you!  Over the last several months I decided to keep up with my blogging and nail art since it's always been the passion I return too. Some of you have stuck with me through the long haul and others are just joining me for my wild and obsessive ride.  In a short period of time I've seen a dramatic increase in the number of people following my blog, Facebook, and Instagram account.  In fact I finally reached the milestone of 1000 followers on Instagram and over 500 on my Facebook page not to mention the surge I've seen here on the blog!

I know these are pretty small numbers compared to other bloggers, but I'm thrilled even if it's 1 person following me if you like my content and I can inspire you to create!  These days I get so many hits, but in all honesty if it weren't for the occasional comment here and there I probably would have stopped blogging ages ago.  You have no idea how one kind word or even a passing statement makes me happy and keeps me coming back to my craft. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to show my appreciation by holding a giveaway of a few things I can't live without.  Although if you read this blog regularly then you know there are a lot of things I feel I can't live without, but I definitely wanted to giveaway some that I use with regularity.  So let's get to the prizes!

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The plates and polishes were just listed from my stash for illustrative purposes.  You will be able to make your own selection for those items noted as such.

From my generous sponsors:

1.  Winner's choice of 3 fabulous polishes by Liquid Sky Lacquer.  Yasssss! Indeed you know when there is a holo or thermal manicure around these parts usually the phenomenal polish creating all the bling is something from Carolyn of Liquid Sky Lacquer.  Her polishes make my mouth water.  So why not yours?

2. Cuticle Oil from PolishTBH.  Sweet nectar of the gods! I spoke about this before when I did swatches for Chrissy.  Her product is amazing!  It has changed my nail health tremendously and kept my cuticles looking fabulous through the long cold winter swatch after swatch after swatch.  I use it everyday and can't live without this stuff! I have decided you shouldn't either ;)

3. Messy Mansion Nail Art Stamping Plates - winners choice of 3.  Yes yes y'all!  Julia was the first interviewee for my Plates I Love series and also a constant inspiration.  Her plates rest firmly in a position of absolutely adored in my heart and mind.  And frankly some of the most successful nail art I've created has been linked with these beautiful plates. Take the opportunity and create some beautiful nail art of your own!

4. MyOnline Shop Jr Nail Art Stamping Plates - winners choice of 3.  I know these prizes are getting sickening aren't they? You know I raved like a lunatic when these plates released, and now you have the chance to scoop 3 out of 40 different plates of your own.  How awesome is that! I love these plates and I know you will too!

From me:

Orly's Spring 2014 Baked Collection. Yup.  If you've been watching recently you may have noticed I keep running back to this set for bright summer/spring nail art.  This might actually be my favorite release of the season!

OPI Sheer Tints in Blue and Purple - Mmmm kinda random, but I've heard so many great things about these polishes for creating nail art using the Leadlight technique I thought it would be a shame not to include a few in the giveaway!

 e.l.f Cosmetics Concealer Brush.  Honestly the start of a good manicure is clean lines.  This is my favorite brush to achieve flawless cleanup.  I hope you can say the same afterwards.

Rhinestones/studs.  Every mani needs a little bling and sparkle or as I like to call it a bit of frosting.  They make such a common appearance in my mani's it would be a crazy not to include them in my favorite things.

Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Topcoat.  Dries in 90 seconds flat, makes stamping a dream, and makes holo's look like hot hot FIRE! Clearly there is nothing to not love ;)

So after seeing all these gorgeous prizes clearly you want to enter right? Like yesterday! Ok all you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter below and for those that follow me on Instagram bonus points for reposting on your account.  This giveaway is international however any shipping above 10USD will have to be paid by the winner.  Thank you so much again for all the support and kindness and above all I hope you continue to stick with me and have fun with my little hobby! And of course good luck :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One caveat I forgot to mention is that any plates or polishes you would like to receive must be in stock with my sponsors at the time of the contest closing.  I don't want to stress out any of these generous ladies and thank you for being understanding!   Please make sure to read the terms and conditions.


  1. WOW! Great giveaway! Totally excited!

    1. Lol me too! In my head I would love to win some of these prizes myself. I'm always game for new plates and polishes <3 Good luck!

  2. Awesome giveaway!! If I could only be so lucky as to win!

  3. Excellent giveaway! The first I've entered in a looong time. ;)

    1. Awww I'm glad I could lure you out! Lol please let's catch up soon :)

  4. Tamira, I'm so very proud of you! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you sweets! Slowly cruising is the motto <3. Good luck it'd be awesome to see an AIS lady take the prize <3

  5. Replies
    1. It is! I updated the post so that it says it but it was also in the terms and conditions. Good luck!

  6. Great giveaway I even opened a blog account to get extra entries lol

  7. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  8. What an awesome giveaway! Congrats on all the followers and thanks for the chance to win!


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