Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pipe Dream Polish Neon Floral Watermarble Nail Art

Varnished vixens,

It may be winter, but on this blog we are going to sizzle like it's summer and not just because the stamping press is on fire.  I believe in the necessity of neon polish and frankly with my skin tone I can pull it off year round.  More importantly when I look outside and see the horrors of winter coming upon us I can look down and my nails and go ah ok.  This isn't so bad ;)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Chez Delaney Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

How's everybody? Frantically spent after all that Black Friday shopping and looking forward to Cyber Monday lol!  I did very little shopping though their were some epic online bargains to be had! It was hard to not buy ALL the polish and ALL the plates.  I just got a few small things and while I was doing my usual online stalkery I came across the silent sleeper that kills which is Chez Delaney. I swear if plate makers could become assassins Veronique would be one.  She always stealthily releases plates that make me drool and honestly this is a brand that needs more press.  She's not getting nearly enough attention for some of the heartstoppingly gorgeous and delicate patterns she has created! So let me amend that for you now....


Angels and Plumes is one of my favorite new collections! Feathers and angel wings and plumage.  Resistible? Not in the slightest I love them all!

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MoYou London Sagittarius Zodiac Collection Nail Art Stamping Plate!

Hey Sagittarius ladies,

It's your time to shine or barring that it's at least your time to stamp ;)  That's right MoYou London has released your Zodiac Collection plate!  I'm late on announcing it so I apologize.  These days it's getting harder and harder for me to stalk ahem stay on top of every single new plate releasing because it has been a hailstorm of newly releasing plates over the last 2 months.  However I also try to keep a special eye out for these plates since I know a lot of ladies are eagerly waiting for their turns! So let's take a look...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Aliexpress Dream Girl Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

Yes yet another brand/design of plates has emerged off the stamping press!  They are of the landscape variety and can be purchased via AliExpress.  Often I have mixed sentiment regarding AliExpress since you really are in a crap shoot regarding whether the seller of plates you purchase will have reliable wares i.e. well etched plates.  So I always stress a little bit, but this year has seen the emergence of some truly beautiful collections from China including the QGirl and Hehe plates.  I don't believe I've blogged about either brand before but you can expect a review of at least the Hehe plates very soon.  For now I want to tell you about a set of plates I discovered a few weeks ago that look quite tempting and are of the landscape variety called Dream Girl plates.

Now let's see the close up images shall we?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Glitter Leadlight Rainbow Abstract feat Pet'la Nail Art Stamping Plates

Hey lacquer ladies,

Happy Thanksgiving! It's been waaaaayyyy too long since I actually posted any nail art.  Crazily because my computer went down it took several of my folders of nail art, reviews, etc down with it. Sigh I am slowly getting things going again and today's post is half testing the waters with my borrowed back up computer and half me going crazy from not posting nail art.  So today's post was actually in response to a question I saw posed on one of my nail art groups asking if you could stamp over glitter leadlight based nails which in themselves are are form of nail art. It happens the original poster was a good friend Lizzy K Thank you for the inspiration darling!  Of course I thought absolutely yes! Simply put if there is a base down regardless of what it is you can stamp over it.  So here's what I came up with.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Alice In Wonderland Nail Art Stamping Plate Collection Expansion!

Heya stamperellas,

I know lately I have been inundating you with new plate announcements and releases.  That's just the way it is sometimes raining and pouring plates by the dozens.  I think right now competition and production in the stamping nail art world has never been more fierce, and for all of that we need to put a bit more thought into which plates will be the right fit for each of us over the next coming months.  But for now it's Wednesday and that means it's time for another plate release from MoYou London.  This week the release is once again focused on the Alice in Wonderland inspired collection that released last week.  You can view those plates here, but let's take a look at what MoYou came up with next....

 You've seen Alice before.  I actually think they did a really great job designed this Mascot as a modern Alice bangs and all!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Born Pretty Store Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hiya stamp champs,

We are literally drowning in new plate releases these days right? It's insane! All I can say is batten down the hatches darlings because a flash flood warning is in effect.  So you know I've had my share of problems with the Born Pretty Store plate releases.  Often I cannot tell what is going on or afterward find out some information that was left out.  This time I'm pretty certain I have the facts for Black Friday's release.  If you follow me on Instagram you'd know I just  received my order of BPS plates - my original and then my 2nd follow up order.  I'd asked BPS to send me the revamped BP01-10 plates so that I could post a comprehensive comparison and review, but I don't have those.  I'm thinking about just going ahead and reviewing what I've got at least the 2nd release of the BP plates and getting that up so my followers can have some reference upon which to judge the quality of these plates.  If you're interested in that let me know in the comments below otherwise I'm gonna dive right in because these plates are epic level!

Yup it's that time again! May I suggest if you missed out on obtaining the BP01-10 plates that launched with the new plates that this would be a good time to pick them up. For 24 hours on the 28th these plates will be on sale.  Unfortunately the site has conflicting info one banner (above) has plates listed for 0.99 cents and another for $1.40 (small round plates) and $3.99 (large rectangular plates).  I have no idea which one is accurate, but I'm hoping it's the 0.99 cent one as they have been sold for historically.  Let's take a closer look at the plates...

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Pet'la Plate Festival Season Winter 2014 Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hiya stamperistas,

What is beauty this season? For me it's the new Winter 2014 Collection by Pet'la Plate.  You know me and this brand well right? They are the Hungarian bronze gold colored plates that make me swoon.  I've been swooning for almost a year since I discovered this brand and with every release Petra the owner and creator gets a little more brilliant with her designs.  Don't believe me then get a load of these...


Good lord this plate is bloody brilliant! Beautiful and glorious.  I need it. Period that is all.

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Winstonia Store Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs.

Guess who just released a series of cute new plates in conjunction with their 30K Instagram hallmark?  Yup Winstonia Store.  I have to say I have a really am liking these new plates too if for no reason other than I can see Winstonia stretching themselves creatively and taking notes on what's been successful with other companies.  Though overwhelmed by all the new plates releasing I'm thrilled with all the options we have these days!  So let's take a look at the latest Winstonia offering...

Pilgrims hide your wives, turkeys hide your giblets! The T-day feast is on! Lol!  This plate is adorable mixing the current holiday season with landscape layout that is totally on trend!  So what do you think of these landscape plates?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MyOnline Shop MJ Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Yo lacqueristas,

Tired of all the new releases yet? Is your wallet screaming for mercy? Mine is - repeatedly.  It's saying b*%t$ you must have lost your ever loving mind! Lol alas.  Too bad for my wallet that my only joy in life these days stems directly from nail art stamping. Still though I can't afford everything I want.  Not even close.  These days I've been so so good I'm hoping Santa or the nail art fairies out there will reward me with a nice prize for being such a good girl! I mean let's be honest - I've held back on so many purchases these last few months and now it's literally pouring plates.  Ack!  So here's a few more from a brand that's no stranger to this blog.  MyOnline Shop which run by Meann a designer and creator from the Philippines and you guys know how much I love her Jr plates so of course I was excited to see what she came up with for the new MJ plates.

She starts off with a travel theme plate.  These seem to be quite popular lately with at least 4 other brands taking a swing at their interpretation MoYou London, Winstonia, and Marianne Nails to name a few...

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Alice in Wonderland Collection + Festive Collection Release!

Hey stamp champs,

I'm back in business, of sorts on a borrowed computer, but from now on things will be a bit more organized and steady in these parts.  So let's catch up quickly today with the last release from MoYou London featuring their new collection inspired by Alice in Wonderland and their latest Festive Collection holiday plate.

Welcome Alice!  My excitement for these plates was visceral...I told you once before Disney's Alice in Wonderland is one of my holy grails.  An instant mood elevator and a lesson in how not to live my live.  Yes Alice you alone in the forest singing Good Advice while tears stream down your face altered my lifeview forever at the age of 7.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Pueen Festive Collection!

Hey lacqueristas,

What is up with Pueen these days?  They are KILLING me! No seriously they are killing me! Didn't they just release a new collection? You know they did because it's been one of the most popular posts to the blog for the last 2 weeks!  So hot on the heels of the Leisure Collection comes the Celebration Collection! Pueen has gone mad, but I'm loving every minute of it!  Apparently this is a collection that will have plates added to it a few at a time for each special occasion...if you read the comments and responses to questions Pueen has been posting on Facebook.  Intrigued? Then read on....

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MoYou London Cookbook Collection Nailart Stamping Plate Expansion!

Hey stamp champs,

Opps opps opps Friday has passed and the MoYou London plates have released! Alas I don't have access to my computer as I used to.  What's a girl to do? Because she loves you she uses this frustrating blogger app to create her posts using her Ipad and on occasion she hits up the public library.  New York is wonderful like that but jeez I am missing the district!

Cherry again.....let me stress this - the new plates in this collection are cute but I really really want them to release their holiday plates earlier this year! Um you are going to release holiday plates right MoYou?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Cici & Sisi Christmas Nail Art Stamping Plate!

Hey stamp champs,

It's that season when it's time for holiday nail art!  You already saw my whiny little post regarding the new Sugar Bubbles holiday plates lol, but today I also wanted to show you another cool holiday plate that I think a lot of you will love if you haven't seen it already.  When it comes to Cici & Sisi I'm really a fan of their first two sets of Jumbo plates.  The images are well thought out and cute!  I think when this company hits its stride right they really knock it outside the park, and while I thought the second sets of jumbo plates were a miss I am really enamoured with the Christmas plate they released for the upcoming holidays.  Let's take a look...

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Mundo de Unas Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Happy Sunday stamp champs,

It's the season of holiday nail art stamping and guess what my darlings? As usual it is raining and pouring new plates from everywhere!  These days I feel like I have seen at least 50 new plates release across different brands in the last month.  So let's add another newcomer with an insider advantage to that group.  Congratulations Slyvia Z, owner and seller of Mundo de Unas and those fabulous stamping polishes, on creating your own brand of nail art stamping plates!  Let the spaz and squee rein!!!! I won't even pretend not to be excited and thrilled to see her creating her own plates and the first 5 have a hard center around the upcoming holidays so let's take a look.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Sugar Bubbles Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey lacquer ladies,

In case you couldn't tell my computer is still down meaning I'm still using my blogger app to post.  It's driving me batty because I feel forced to create my posts in a manner completely different from how I like to! Alas no point in complaining as the show MUST go on and I am super far behind in updating everyone on all the newly releasing/released plates.  So let's talk shop shall we? These plates by Sugar Bubbles I became aware of last week when they released.  I feel almost bad showing them to you as most of them are impossible to get right now in time for holiday nail art and I myself am super frustrated by this as well since several of those plates are calling my name and I also am not able to attain them :(. You'll see why I'm so frustrated when you look at how cool these plates really are!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Pueen Buffet Leisure Collection!

Hey stamp champs,

I had this news a few days ago but as I said with my computer issues everything just got that much harder so please bear with me until I can get things fixed and moving along again.  For now let's talk about this new Buffet collection that came out of nowhere from Pueen Cosmetics!  We all know they love these Buffet plates so much so the last 2 collections have been Buffet/infinity/landscape style.  Now they are back for more and this time aimed at the leisure loving crowd, and no I don't know what that even means, but let's take a look anyway....

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MoYou London Cookbook Collection Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

Right now I swear I'm cursed. My computer has broken so I am attempting to post updates via my blogger app on my iPad.  In the meantime all the photos and data I have in my computer are being held hostage.  I almost want to kill someone, but I'll hold it in and try this instead.  I'm hoping it works out despite things not being ideal.  Now how about a little Cookbook magic from MoYou London this week?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New FabUrNails FUN Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Halo lacquer ladies and stamp champs alike,

Get your drool catchers ready cause these new plates are gonna blow your mind! Let's face it I think by now we know of my addict like behavior and addition to stamping plates.  It's kind of the most demented and yet awesome problem to have EVER.  I mean I love stamping, but more than that I love finding and supporting brands that make me swoon!  I like it even more when the creators of these brands have more talent and experience at the craft than you can shake a stick at.  Of course I am referring to Johanne of FabUrNails. Have you seen her Facebook or Instagram account? If not I highly suggest you go check her out! She is unbelievably talented and posts tutorials all the time! So how could she possibly be more awesome? Oh wait she makes stamping plates that cause me major heart palpitations....

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Ok here is a prime example of why Fun plates are a worthwhile investment and also novel plates to have in your collection.