Friday, May 5, 2017

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Fab Ur Nails Stamping Plates!

Happy Thursday stamp champs
Nothing To Disclose

Business as usual in these parts + nail arting like an addict since I have a bit more free time these days.  Today I wanted to point out plates by one of my favorite platemakers are now available for preorder - Fab Ur Nails aka FUN plates!  Joanne hasn't released a set of plates in quite a while so I was excited to see what was in store with this latest set.  Also because she is a talented nail artist in her own right we get to see what new designs she has come up with using her plates!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Super Holo Spring Abstract + Tutorial!

Oh chile,

Welcome back gotta say I'm feeling this mani today!   If you follow me on Instagram under My Story you would have seen me posting my lightroom edits of these photos.  I have been dying to share this sparkly mama with everyone! So pretty I died 1 million deaths when I finished.  And when it hit the sun *heart eyes mutha-f-er*! Ugh dead dead dead.  This is also my first time sharing nail art using Creative Shop stamping plates.  I got a few in a group buy and have been waiting to take them out for a spin.   In any case I hope you love this sparkly creation that is perfect for spring and just feeling pretty!

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Hot Off The Stamping Press: New BBF Nail Art Stamping Plates

Hiya stamperistas
Nothing To Disclose

Everyone knows, wait strike that, my regular readers know how much I love Kris and her creations from the company BBF Nail Art formerly known as Loja BBF.  Kris's plates cater particularly to pop cult followings from Disney's Little Mermaid to HBO's Game of Thrones.  You want it likely she will have it for you if not now then in the near future.  I love her plates! The quality and range continue to be fantastic and rank among my favorites to purchase and play with!