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Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Sugar Bubbles Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Yo stamp champs,
Nothing To Disclose

As I start thinking about Halloween I ALWAYS ALWAYS immediately go and suss out the latest creations from Sugar Bubbles.  Why?  Vivi is a genius at melding creepy, classic, and cute!  I love her plates and have collected them for years and my favorite time of year to break out Sugar Bubble plates in particular are the Halloween & Christmas.  So of course I went a spying to see what Vivi had created over my health related absence.  I saw that she released plates in both January and May of 2018 so let's catch up with those with the thought that its likely she is getting ready to drop another plate or two as she does annually around Halloween.

Beach bunny bingo complete with waves ;)!  Lol I think this plate is very different from the aesthetic I'm used to seeing from Sugar Bubbles.  I don't mean that as a bad thing I think actually its good.  She is sort of expanding out her range and while this definitely has a summery tropical vibe its a fresh take from other platemakers out there. These images have more of a cartoonish vibe than the realistic one which we see more commonly   I love the back to the beach image, wave, and lemon slices in particular!

They call it puppy, sushi, cacti love?  LOL!  Ok look at the tiny little person inside the tiny little dinosaur costume.  That is so ridiculously cute!  The piled up bears, smiley cacti, kitty in a banana, etc - this plate literally kills me with its adorableness.  This is one of the sweetest plates I have ever seen in my life!

All kinds of adorable puppies on this plate.  Every dog lover would love to see this plate added to their collection!

Kawaii kawaii kitties - especially the paws!  I try not to be like I'd say 65% of all of us nail bloggers and become a crazy cat lady along with a crazy nail polish lady but I do really adore kitties.  I don't have any pets.  I've been waitlisted for a hedgehog for a bit but otherwise I don't have any little companions to share my home with.  Honestly before I became ill I was really very rarely home because of the schedule my training left me with.  At times I was working upwards of 36 hours straight for call and then coming home to pass out.  That's really not a good schedule to have and also own a pet.  Therefore I have a little hidden spot for plates and items that show little cuties squishy lovies.  I would love to have a puppy - french bulldog terrier or pug preferentially, but until then I'll just have to settle for my love affair with adorable plates like this.

I can see this sort of being a hit for Valentines Day.  For me this plate is a touch basic however if you don't have these types of images in your collection because they are basic they would be a useful addition to a well rounded collection.

Lovely lace!  Something about these images feels very french tip-ish if that makes sense and I really like it.  It feels like the whole point of the designs here is so that the user can make some really funky and cool layered lace looks mainly because of how the designs are laid out.  I find that pretty awesome an so of course this immediately went on my drool worthy I want it now wishlist ;)

The Little Prince.  I'm not sure how many of you grew up with this story as a child.  I read it when I was a little older but still it reminds me fondly of being a little kid reading in the bottom of my moms' walk in closet.  My favorite part of these stories was how simplistic the illustrations were.  I spent hours tracing and practicing how to draw the characters and because the illustrations were so clean I actually got fairly good at it!  For that reason alone I'd want this plate.

Ok this is either The Dark Crystal or The Labyrinth whichever are movies that I grew up with as a child.  I'm leaning toward The Labyrinth only because I see David Bowie and what looks like an early Jennifer Connely in the etched characters.  There is also what looks like Hedwig which is weird and the Beetlejuice transformed bug?  Maybe its just a smorgasbord of Hansen 80's classics. Regardless its pretty cool to see these kinds of images appear on stamping plates.  I'd have to ask Vivi to be certain.

I have no idea what these little dollies are, but they are cute.  They do remind me ever so slightly of the sort of porcelain fashion dolls that have become quite popular in the last few years.  I'm just gonna say there are women who love dolls and women who do not.  Personally I've sort of always found dolls to be ever so slightly creepy.  Mainly due to the hidden malice I imagine in their lifeless eyes.  So yeah....

This is what I mean when I say Vivi has a balance between goth cute creepy that is very rare and unique.  I love her designs!  These are somewhat classic images and yet she has made them super fresh and cool.  That black widow is so nasty its nice lol.

Well hello my lover!  Yeeeeesssss ok let me just say it if you are rocking anything remotely related to Tim Burton you are coming for my heart.  I think I talked about this plate already in my Halloween favorites for the year.  I really love this one as a Beetlejuice, NBC, Corpse Bride mashup!

Finally the last plate in the release is a dedication to all things zombie awesome including a retro Michael Jackson zombie from Thriller!  Good god this plate is brilliant I haven't seen anything like it which is tough to pull of these days when there are so very many Halloween plates around! 

Now Sugar Bubbles can be tough to find stateside but my two favorite sites for her plates are Beautometry & Lantern & Wren.  These plates usually retail somewhere around $9 each on those sites.  Other resellers can be found on the Sugar Bubbles Facebook page.   So any must haves in the bunch?  Even if its late I always get her Halloween releases!  Happy hunting, thanks for reading, & I'll see you next post!

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