Saturday, July 14, 2018

Neon Matte Gradients & UberChic Beauty Abstract Cacti

Hey stamp champs

Ok so I was supposed to be demoing the new storage binders that UberChic Beauty released in the holographic colorway that hold 34 of the medium sized 9.0cm x14.5cm  plates and then as I was filling up my binders I ended up pulling the Wild West plate and wanting to do something with the cacti on the plate.  I'm not sure about the creation.  Tbh I have created like 5-6 manis that I feel have been fails.  I'm so frustrated and embarrassed I have hesitated to post anything, but today I decided to just jump in.  I held back the tutorial because I'm so uncertain so unless someone asks I most likely will not post it though the materials for created the mani are listed below.  Regarding the binders - I'll be putting up the holo binders next which are I have to say completely and utterly awesome and I hope some of you were able to pick them up with the initial release or during the recent sale.  I know I  did!

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