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Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Crazy Cat Lady Collection, Crystal Collection, & Festive Collection Expansion!

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Nothing To Disclose

Today I'm going to share the latest set of MoYou London releases that have managed to pile up unmentioned on the blog lately.  I have to say the last four releases have been so different and unique and this might be what I see as MYL's most creative branching out of concepts in a long while!  I'm not going to patter on too much but go ahead and dive in with just a brief mention that today is the last day you can take advantage of a 15% off saving on the Christmas category of plates I'll place the code for that below and otherwise proceed with the gushing and drooling of the newest offerings.

Crazy Cat Lady Collection

All I can say is me-ooow!  So many of us "nail ladies/nail bloggers" are in fact crazy cat ladies.  You regularly see us picking little hairs out of our fresh manicures, encourage our little loves to select our color of the day, and sometimes if the little beasties are very lucky named after a custom creation.  And so of course naturally it makes all the sense in the world to finally see a collection of stamping plates dedicated to not only our little companies but our obvious obsession with our little feline babies. 

And so our first introduction to this collection features kawaii petite images of tiny kitties in boxes, pounces, hiding in donuts, peeking around circles, and also showing little heart & fishbone accents.  This plate doesn't really blow you away but its heaps and heaps of cute.

Our 2nd plate sort of follows more of that same pattern of cute but now we get some typography that is equally adorable.  The image I gravitate toward the most here is that of the tiny little paws.  Again I'm not blown away here, but there is just so much adorable imagery that's its hard to say - meh.  At the very least for those of us that are cat people these are absolutely wishlistable plates.  P.S.  The tiny kitties that show little boy balls from behind are just so freaking hilarious to me!

The collection sort of takes a strong turn in a  different direction halfway through.  Where at first the plates were more playful and cute the next couple now seem to be elegant & more beauty focused.  Suddenly we see more florals & cats in elegant repose, and these happen to of all the crazy cat lady plates.  I can actually see wearing these images with more floral patterns from the Flower Power Collection and having it look gasp beautiful as opposed to laughable.

And of course no MYL Collection is complete without that "bigger is better" concept where we get the same images but in XL size. I an't help but find the hidden kitty image on the far right bottom row so cool!  It's a super unique image that I have to say I've never seen before across any plates or prior design.

The last two plates in this collection are sort of reminiscent of the Hipster  Collection pandas in suits and pugs etc.  I actually never really cared for those plates and I have to say the same phenomenon is happening here. This is because I don't really care for the anthropromorphosizing of animals by putting them in clothing etc.  If I'm 100% honest it sort of grosses me out and I definitely don't care to have those kinds of images floating around on my nails. Picture me cringing here I'm sorry but if that's your thing no harsh judgement toward you. 

The exception here is here for me is the kitty astronaut.  That's the only image I really like here, but even that is not enough to make me want to purchase these last two plates.  But obviously this is a to each their own kinda deal.  If you like this style you'll go for it, but if you don't there are plenty more delicious releases from MYL to choose from ;)

Ugh the cat with a mohawk :/ I can only shake my head in dismay...

Crystal Collection

I'd say about the last two years or so we've seen a pick up in the number of plates featuring crystals or rocks or jewels especially around the "festival" themed plates.  In fact MYL already has a few plates that feature these images once again coming from the highly eclectic Hipster Collection.  Honestly if you want to talk about a set of beautiful plates featuring this imagery this is it.  Not only do you have some beautiful geometric imagery here, but I also see a bit of the Henna Collection style images, and a few creeping images that remind me of the Minimal Collection.  This plate also features a few floral solo images as well.  And so you should know in any plate that has this many geometric inspired clean but also complex images that I am going to be a fan.  I adore this plate and I appreciate that the designers also managed to sneak in a bit of typography as well!

In case you didn't know or just remember snowflakes are also a type of crystal as well and so it makes perfect sense that we should see an entire plate paying homage to each individual beauty.  And as my long time readers my know I love and adore  snowflakes too.  I own a lot of plates featuring these beauties and every year it seems I add more to my collection.  So of course I love this plate and of course I own it as well.  Its beautiful, but if you already own a lot of snowflake plates & don't fancy them nearly as much as I do it may not be an entirely indispensable plate to have in your collection though it is definitely wishlistable.

Constellations meet crystals meet jewels with a smidgen of typography!  What a beautiful plate this is and once again I get that Minimal Collection feel I love so much!

This plate feels very Christmasy snowflakes with diamonds and nested sweater-esque patterns combined with snowflakes and few abstracts.  I have to say I really liked every plate in this collection. So much that when I saw them on sale during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales I scooped up the entire collection!
This feels slightly Russian in inspiration an also reminds me of the Designer Series plates from DRK which I love.  This one is another winner for me!  Also I sort of get a Doodles Collection feel from this plate as well.  Lol.  This is a collection that obviously sought inspiration from a lot of different sources within the MYL catalog.

Festive Collection

Finally we see MYL's offering for the Christmas season, and its overwhelmingly the feeling of intarsia sweaters featuring a variety of winter familiar patterns that can be stamped full nail or freestanding.  I have personally never took a huge shining to any stamping plates featuring the intarsia patterns though I love knitting them, but this plate is quite charming and for someone who doesn't own many or really any of these patterns would be a nice inclusion to the collection.  Now for those who may have been waiting or wanting to scoop up a few more holiday plates you can save 15% off the entire Christmas collection of MYL plates using the code 'XMAS15'.  Btw these plates include a few more plates from collections than you might think - Festive, Animal, Crystal, Fashionista, Scandi, Enchanted, and more.  You can find all these plates retailing for the new list price of 6.99 GBP or the old list price of 5.99GBP on the MoYou London website.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting.  See you next post!

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