Saturday, November 17, 2018

Christmas Simples 2018: Christmas Bows + Tutorial!

Happy day stamp champs,

Who's excited for Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Small Business Saturday & Christmas?  I'm trying to get amped up.  Obviously I didn't get to post much of my Halloween nail art despite creating a lot of it so be prepared as the month rolls onward to see some untimely spooky nail art lol.  I've just decided there's no point to being super stringent on myself and these timelines.  I have to work with a body that is adjusting to things and in many ways in still unbelievably ill.  The week before last  I even had surgery which sort of threw me into another health tailspin.  So I'm just going to post as I will for whatever holiday.  And as it happens I'm starting anew with Christmas.  This mani I'm sharing was actually going to be a 4 part video tutorial of Christmas Simples.  However that kind of mega post & video edit requires some serious stamina which I am severely lacking.  Instead I'm going to break them apart and post them a solo.   Let's start with UberChic Beauty who I have the very real pleasure of working with.

Simples are really for lacqueristas who are pretty busy and just want to create beautiful nails without too much fuss.  You can also take each simple including my upcoming designs and create a skittles effect across each nail thought that would take it right away from a simple style mani and back to a more complex look requiring more plates and products for each look but hey whatever floats your boat!

📌Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Topcoat: (ebay) or (Amazon)
📌UNT Peel Off Basecoat:
📌 Latex Free Nail Guards: (ebay) or (amazon)
📌Didspade Invictus Pigment; Alternatives Charming May 8 Colors:
📌 Moyra Foil Stamping Polish: (black), (silver), and (white)
📌UberChic Beauty Holly Jolly -
📌 Cirque Colors - Winter Bloom -
📌 Bliss Kiss See Through Stamper:
📌Mundo de Unas Navy (3) -

This was one of the first Cirque polishes I ever purchased aside from those holo glitter duochromy ones she released that SimplyNailogical did the geode art with, and the whole reason I bought it was because I literally could not look away from the swatches

Honestly I'd probably own more Cirque polishes but they are a bit on the pricey side and unfortunately whenever I have to choose between polish and stamping paraphernalia stamping always wins including of course stamping polishes!  What amazes me is that year after year there are new innovations in stamping and for someone who's been stamping as long as I have that's saying something.

I also recall around last year thinking that regardless of whether the trend for duochrome goes out of style or not I will never not love these powders, but luckily this year it appears they have continued to hang about ironically in another obsession I had long before they became repopularized - magnetics.  This last year appears to have been the year of duochrome magnetics.  I haven't shown many here after all having been in and out of the hospital its been tough to keep up, but I did manage to scoop a few that are cool as this 4 way color shifting Didspade pigment above.  I mean look at those shifts this is why I will always love these.  I'd definitely supply you the links to purchase them as well but I've never found them again under 5g size and roughly $75.  That's far too much for some nail powder no matter how gorgeous.  Luckily there is plenty of competition on the market and the alternatives I listed are equally beautiful!

These could be made a bit more complex as well by stamping down a straight bar line and then that could also be powdered to create a more "present-like" effect however  at the time when I created this nail art it was intended to be the simplest of a 4 part series of simple christmas nail art.  Btw I will still release the series of four but singly instead of in one fat video.

So what do you think? Despite the simple nature of these nails I really think this is a lovely way to kick off my christmas season.  Also I'm sure Holly Jolly will be on sale this year and if you haven't purchased it yet I definitely wouldn't hesitate to scoop it this year.  I'm sure there will be a Black Friday special to say the least where you can grab it up.  You can find that plate and more including the newest holiday plates on the UberChic Beauty website.   In any case stay tuned.  I actually really do have a lot of old footage of christmas tutorials to share and I'm so disappointed with my Halloween performance.  I'm going to try to post as much as possible over this holiday period! 

This post contains items purchased by me & some sent for my honest review.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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