Saturday, October 15, 2011

Toxic Nails

A neon green sparkling machine!  Yup everywhere I went with this mani people stopped and asked about them or complimented me.  The sparkle on these is amazing!  My camera isn't doing justice to the heavily 3D laden glitter effect of N.O.P.I.'s Brilliant Idea.  I'm not sure, but I think this color was part of the Justin Beiber Collection.  I'm not a fan of the artist, but they came up with some really great polishes for that line.  In any event the glitter layered beautifully over Color Club's Feelin' Groovy.  After that a little bit of Sally Hansen's Black Patent and I was in toxic waste wonderland.  I love these enough to do another incarnation that's non-Halloween related.  It seems recently my lust for glitter polishes is undying and I've picked up several more to have fun with, but for today let's get toxic!

Look at the sick amounts of glitter on these!

Want to see exactly how I did it and the products I used?  See the tutorial below.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more yummy nail art and swatches :)

Polish Disappointment and Zoya Kotari

Ugh I'm so disappointed right now.  I had been planning all day to purchase some very cool polishes from Lynderella during one of her blog sales, but I got the time wrong thinking it started at 7pm EST and missed the window by a few minutes even though I'd timed myself to get in 10 or 15 minutes before the sale started and then make my list and send it out.  It was all sold out when I sent my order at 7pm!  I wanted to cry tears of bloody red polish!  Why is my life always like this? I miss things within minutes.  I'm busy too so it's hard to time for these things.  For most people this would have been a good time to buy because it's post work, but this little lacquerhead keeps a very funky schedule - alas!  Hopefully I'll still be able to get what I wanted during the next sale <--- forced optimism - lol. Darnit I wanted those polishes!

Onto something that's anything but disappointing - a rare non-nail art layering post.  Say what?!? Non nail art?  Who's blog is this?  I know it's rare for me not to break out the paints, brushes, stamps, etc but occasionally when pressed for time or just wanting to simplify my routine I will do layerings.  I call them my nail-art off days. Unfortunately, I somehow lost the pictures of the layering so I'll have to do it again but for now the incomprehensibly lovely Zoya Kotari.