About Lacquer Lockdown

My name is Tamira. I'm a girl who loves being a girl. I love wearing heels that would make hookers blink. My smile may or may not be a preemptive strike to a mugging if I love your shoes or your bag. I have a polish collection that grows by the millisecond and a makeup stash not far behind it. I love dancing in a room by myself and whistling when I walk down the street. And of course I love painting my nails.

On this blog you will find a great deal related to nail art of the stamping variety including the most recent releases of nail art stamping plates and reviews.  I have been stamping my nails since 2006 when I started off with a few Konad plates and polishes to now owning a collection across hundreds of plates and dozens of brands.  I created this blog to share my passion for stamping and polishes and a resource for those who might be interested.