Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Simples: Sugar Bubbles Holographic Snowflakes + Tutorial

Hey stamperistas,

This is the simplest of Simples.  Lol actually all my Simples have been just that easy one or two step creations that are pretty, festive, and give you plenty of time to do more important things than painting your nails.  Though let's be honest nothing is more important than painting your nails except stamping your nails wink wink nudge nudge.  After all the gift looks better when its wrapped up by pretty looking hands lolol ;)  You see how I use these excuses to get away with nonsense of the best kind yes?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas 2015: Holographic Snowflakes and Candy Cane Swirls + Tutorial

Hey stamp champs,

As ever every year I don't get to do nearly enough Christmas nail art.  I wanted to do so much more this season and look its already the 22th! Gah!  This might be the most productive I've been over the christmas season.  Lots of tutorials - I've shot more than I've released so hopefully I'll be able to get a few more up before the holiday season ends.  However today I'm doing another MoYou London nail art using their Festive plates this time.  Honestly Festive 03 gets a heavy workout from me every season - namely because the patterns on this plate are so freaking classic!  That swirl for the candy cane gets me every time however todays mani is definitely not the classic mint twist you might be expecting.  Please definitely tell me what you think in this alternative take in the comments below!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Chez Delaney Christmas/Holiday Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Yo stamperistas,

Another press release post today.  Honestly these plates are super adorable, but likely will not make it to you in time to do any holiday nail art unless you are in the EU.  Still I wanted to share these beautiful plates from Chez Delaney along with her adorably fat Santas.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Simples: MoYou London Candy Cane Swirl Nail Art + Tutorial!

Hiya stamperistas,

How is everyone's weekend? It's amazingly warm here in mid December on the east coast which pretty much means the end of days is coming, but it also means the weather is utterly decadent!  I don't know whether to be happy or scared.  Lol in either case it doesn't really feel like winter however we are moving on with the Christmas Simples series.  This time candy canes.  I actually had another one planned, but they popped off before I could get photos :/  In any case candy canes are classic and cute for christmas nail art.  This time I created them using a twist of the Illusions Collections rather than a straight out candy cane plate.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MoYou London Lingo Collection!

Hey stamperistas,

Running behind as usual.  Caught a tiny winter cold that's been making me slightly miserable.  It's hot ginger tea for days up in this place.  But I wanted to quickly share the latest collection of plates from my favorite main stream brand - MoYou London!  This time they've released a Lingo Collection.  It's inspired by language and travel and as such literally spans the globe and cultures in terms of the linguistics it's laying down.  So let's take a look!

Meet Abby and her Lingo plates....
Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Messy Mansion Valareign, Symetrika, and Tristaenia Nail Art Stamping Plate Collections!

Hiya stamperistas,

Guess what's poppin? New plates from Messy Mansion and finally finally the Symetrika and Valareign Collections! Do you know how freaking long I've known about these plates and been dying to see them release? Gah! I buttoned my lips super tight, but now I'm ready to gab gab gab.  I'm not even gonna hype Julia cause y'all already know how I feel about this company let's just get into this jazz!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas 2015 Simples: OPI Snowflakes Wrapping Paper Inspired Nail Art + Tutorial

Ho ho ho,

Tis the season and all that jazz! For the last several years I haven't been able to do nearly as many nail art looks for Christmas as I have wanted to.  It's been pretty disappointing because I'm such a fan of this holiday, and of all the many many plates I own  Christmas is probably the one theme I own the most type of plates from across my entire collection.  I'm a bit helplessly drawn to these plates.  So this year I decided even if I can't do a bunch of my mega complex manis I'm definitely going to fit in more Christmas nail art magic this year.  One way is by doing what I call simples and for the first time I wanted to create a holiday playlist on my Youtube channel to go along with the art.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plates + Sale!

Hiya stamperistas,

Whoa double post and after a holiday weekend? Lol yup! I wanted to let you know two pretty awesome pieces of news.  First Vivid Lacquer has released 3 new plates and no they are not preorders, but actual plates that are available for purchase now!  Second Anni is having a sale so now is a great time to take advantage and stock up on her plates if you've been holding out.  So let's get into the new plates and then I'll give you the plate sales details.

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Festive Collection Expansion!

Hey stamp champs,

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving and shopping holidays! Lol I definitely did ;) Today's post is going to be super short and super quick since MoYou London only released one plate. This is the New Year's Eve plate that released last week as an expansion on the Festive Collection.
So let's check it out!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Pet'la Plate Abstract Shattered Glass Nail Art + Tutorial

Hey lacqueristas,

Unless you've been living under a nail art tomb, which you definitely shouldn't be if you're reading my blog, you've heard of the shattered glass trend! This comes straight out of South Korea from the creative mind of Park Eun Kung of Unistella.  You can read a bit more about the lady behind the trend here in Vogue.  Have you seen these nails and if you have what do you think of them?  When I first saw this design I immediately thought I have to try this with stamping.  Of course I'm not just gonna repeat what other people are doing.  My venue has always been stamping so when I see something novel I always think about ways to incorporate it into my own style of nail art.  I wanted something open and abstract and pretty.  Let me show you what I ended up with ;)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Black Friday 2015 Stamping Plate Sales (Update 6)!

Hey stamperistas,

Keeping you aprised is the name of the game on this post.  For those who aren't native to the US, and awesomely that is quite a larger percentage of my readers, tomorrow in the US is Thanksgiving.  It's a time when many of us in the US get together and celebrate.  It's not necessarily family specific, location specific, or even necessary food specific, but the point is to gather and have a good time.  In my house that means cooking all day, drinking far to much wine, watching football, eating some more, and watching tons of movies.  It's hedonism at its best, but the day after is even better ;) That's when the "holiday" sales officially kick into high gear and Black Friday dawns.  The muggles riot in Walmart and doors bust open.  Lol. I never ever go out into the crowds on this day because people are crazy.  BUT I love a good online sale so today I'm going to show you the stamping plate companies that have stated they will be having sales this Friday!

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Bundle Monster Occassions Christmas Holiday Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamperistas,

Happy Monday dears! Just another plate press release for you today :)  I always feel like right at the bottom of the year platemakers go crazy.  Lol releasing lots of holiday and new years related plates. Then we get a tiny little lull and it goes crazy again around spring.  Today I have the latest holiday plates from Bundle Monster from their Occasions Collection along with a discount code you can use, but more on that later first lets take a look at the goods!

Like the last Occasions Collection this one is also a 10 plate set.
Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MyOnline Shop Stamping Plates!

Hey stamperistas,

Another plate post today! This one for new plates that released from +MyOnline Shop  a few weeks ago. You may recall, if you are a long time reader, that I posted about Meanne's Jr series before.  Of all the plates she creates these are my favorite and cover an unbelievable number of themes from Harry Potter and 50 Shades of Gray to the Taj Mahal and ocean themed frollicks.  These plates are well etched and really worth the investment such that prior to this release I had every single one.  I have not been as soon about using them despite loving all of them.  So today I'm going to show you the latest release from this collection plus a new MJ plate that released at the same time.  Let's get this party started!

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Pueen Stamping Plate Lover Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Yo stamp champs,

How's everyone's weekend?  Its already ready Sunday but I'm feeling less resentful about this since its a right before the Thanksgiving holiday - woot!  Today I'm going to be showing you some plates that have released recently as I try to catch up with the never ending set of releases that always happen around this time of year!  This post is for the new Pueen Cosmetics Stamping Lover Set and plates.  This is Pueen's first foray into the rectangular plate game so let's take a look.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Stamping Mat Head To Head: Which Mat Is The Right Mat For You?

Updated 2/24/2016

Hey stamperistas,

I put together this little post because these days we are literally being SLAMMED with options for nail art stamping mats.  It's actually a little overwhelming and crazy nevertheless the upside of all the variety is that competition welcomes variety and improvement.  The downside is that it leaves us as the consumer wondering which is the best choice when it comes to our precious dollars and cents. Luckily you have a little ace in your hole - I am of course referring to me ;)  So today I'm going to show you what's out there on the market thus far, and give you a brand by brand comparison.  This won't be incredibly long, but will likely be quite useful especially the chart below.  Now let's go and for heaven's sake leave me some comment love ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nudes and Neutrals Fall Geometric Uberchic Beauty Nail Art + Tutorial

Hey stamp champs,

Rolling out a little geometric magic for you today.  Gotta say I've really been on a roll these days with my nail art wanting to try out a bunch of new things.  Today I kept things classic and put a slight twist on it.  The classic would be the abstract pattern from UberChic Beauty.  The twist would be using my nail template from Messy Mansion to make some magic happen with that pattern.  The colorway I chose also stays true to fall so I hope you like it!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Collection 6 and Christmas Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

Always new plates on the horizon! Today I'm just doing a little catch up in the plate press department hence the double post.  This post will be on Uberchic Beauty' latest release.  We all know this company is has been dropping plates like its hot for a while now lol.  So as usual here are a few more of Brittany's marvelous creations coming right off the press.  I'm going to start with Collection 6 and show you the Christmas plate last ;)

Let's get this party started!

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Cici & Sisi 2016 Christmas Nail Art Stamping Plate!

Hey stamperistas,

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it comes a full assortment of Christmas themed plates and New Years cheer.  You may recall I posted about the Cici & Sisi holiday plate that released last year here.  I ended up buying it, but of course I got it after Christmas using a gift card received for the holidays.  Lol as such its sitting pretty in my collection unused until now.  Would you like a review of this plate?  Let me know! For now I'm going to show you this years version though I have no idea why they decided to label it as the 2016 plate when last year was labelled 2014 and it is Christmas 2015 but whatever.  Let's take a look!

Here's their promo shot.  I think its really pretty with all the red and white! Shout out to my stamping bestie Yvette for drawing my attention to the newest plate <3  The theme for this year is Happy Reindeer.
Friday, November 13, 2015

Watercolor Birds and Floral Nail Art + Tutorial

Hey lacqueristas,

Even though the holiday season is approaching I'm in a weird nail art space.  I want to create florals and bright fun nails that are reminiscent of warm summer days and tropical breezes.  Clearly I'm delusional - slap me! Part if the problem however could be that I also just started playing with plates that aren't quite in the same seasonal space - like the ones from Loja BBF that I just reviewed.  You can check out that review here.  This is another foray into my aquarelle world.  Guess what I actually filmed this out too so there is a tutorial!  It's a bit different from the global aquarelle post I'm doing, but since I filmed it out I thought I'd share it since the other post needs to be filmed in entirely separate parts.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Loja BBF Nail Art Stamping Plates + Nail Templates!

Yo stamperistas,

Double feature today cause well it's Monday so might as well give you a bonus for your weekday pains lol.  Plus Loja BBF is cooking with some smoking sauce and I had to share! As I mentioned earlier in my Loja BBF review Cris has released new stamping plates! So I figured now as a good time as any to show you the latest and greatest goods releasing from this Brazilian indie powerhouse!

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You really want to see what's after the jump so read on!

Loja BBF Nail Art Stamping Plate Review Part 4

Hey stamperistas,

How is everyone? Is it me or did this past week fly by in a frenzy? Is it really Monday already? Lol. Well regardless today is a great to put your feet up and enjoy another stamping plate related review. Best of all? It's from one of my favorite makers - Loja BBF and even better new plates are on the rise!  This review should have been up eons ago - I'm super behind in everything from being ill, but it was definitely worth the wait.  Nobody quite makes plates like Cris.  She is incredibly hardworking, creative, and sweet.  In this regard she has a lot of my love, respect, and admiration cause lord knows running a business ain't easy! Now feel free to scroll on through and don't forget to leave me some feedback while I give you yet another reason to open up your wallets for some insanely gorgeous plates!

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Festive Collection Expansion!

Yo stamperistas,

Welcome to Festivus! Ok not Festivus but to the coming of the holiday season, and with said season the coming of holiday plates! Hooray!! You know I love me some Christmas plates hell who am I kidding you know I love me some holiday themed plates period.  Sexay! Lol let me stop...In any case I'm going to show you the latest and greatest offerings from MoYou London for the upcoming holiday season.  Start polishing up those feats of strength since this season is looking like a doozy!

Cute - pugs in sweaters for everyone!
Thursday, November 5, 2015

Marianne Nails Aquarelle Butterfly Vintage Paper Nail Art

Hey stamperistas,

I've been playing around with a new technique to add to my stamping nail art. In all honesty I follow a lot of freehand nail artists and bloggers and I'm always wowed by the things they do.  That's not to say I love stamping any less, but sometimes I really want to replicate some of the creations I see. However in general I wouldn't say I'm terribly good at freehand.  I'm ok at it and if I practiced more I'd probably get better, but my heart always ends up gravitating back toward stamping.  So today I added the elusive aquarelle technique into my stamping and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results.  Depending on the feedback I get I will create a tutorial/separate blog post on how to accomplish this task.  The truth is this was one of most complicated mani's I've ever created both from a technique perspective and stamping perspective! I'm not joking in the slightest so I really hope you like it.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome to Movember! Nail Art + Quickie Tutorial

Hey stamperistas,

Late night nail art today for the month of Movember! Cutie mustaches and lots of pale blue for men's health issues.  I find this slightly amusing because when I think of male health issues the first thing that comes to mind is prostatic cancer which has absolutely nothing to do with mustaches.  Weird. Anyway I'm really pleased with how this nail art ended up coming out.  I don't really have a particular men's health issue to get behind, but I do think all the mustaches that float around this time of year are adorable :)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hof Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Explorer Collection Expansion (Sugarskulls & Catrinas)!

Hey stamp champs,

For those that have been following me for a while you know there is one stand alone collection from MoYou London that makes my blood boil and the dollars fly from my pocket.  That's right its the tribal loving, culture hoping, bold pattern inspired Explorer Collection from MoYou London!  It gives me all kind of chills and happy feelings.  I own all of the plates from this collection in the XL size and then the little accent plates.  I adore this collection and look forward to every single expansion so of course I was so thrilled to see the Explorer Collection decided to take on sugarskulls and catrinas for its next adventure in epic!  I tried not to cry precious tears due to the massive plategasms as I checked out the images, but well a girl can only control herself so much before she has to let loose ;)  This expansion is small but awesome so let's check it out!

See Jane.  See Jane explore.  See Jane stamp ;)
Monday, October 19, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Dashica Infinity Stamping Plates

Yo stamp champs!

It's Monday monday monday!  This is literally what Monday sounds like in my head - a dull shrinking echo.  And if you are like me you felt your soul shrivel a little bit there.  Lol the thought of that Monday wasn't feeling so fresh now was it?  Ah, but I understand.  And that's why I come bearing tidings of plates and stamping and all things gleeful! So when your boss comes around the corner demanding something ludicrous or you have to sit through another endless meeting/class/lecture of meaningless BS that serves some god-for-saken purpose or when that coworker decides to finally test that last nerve you can pause for a second and think, "Hmmm but at least I'm getting new nail plates so my nails are pretty." Possibly you can also contemplate stamping their foreheads.  And now you know what goes on in my head sometimes so let's talk about these new Dashica Infinity Series plates ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Bundle Monster Occasions Collection Halloween + Thanksgiving!

Yo stamperistas,

I have some new stamping plates to share with you all from Bundle Monster! These are bit late in the game Halloween wise for these to be coming out.  I believe they launched at the end of last week, and honestly I had other things planned and didn't get the press up till now.  I will say though even last week felt a bit late in the game for a semi Halloween themed release when we are half way through the month.  But hey always more time to squeeze in last minute nail art right ;)?  Lol ok let's go!

I speculate The Occasions Collection seems like its going to be offering other plates in the future.
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Messy Mansion Nail Art Stamping Plates + Carbon Nail Art Stamper + MM Decal Stamping Mat + New MM Stamping Polishes!!

Hey stamperistas,

Talk about good things coming to those who wait.  Lol let me say I have been waiting for this moment for a very very long time.  The moment when Julia the powerhouse creator behind Messy Mansion would do a few of the things that insanely long title indicated. Yup first - she finally finally created and announced her release of stamping polishes.  I knew this day was coming since she first revealed her Leadlight Polish line and oh how I prayed about it.  "Please let Julia make a stamping polish because she is so good at what she does!", and then guess what she did! Also because I have a little birdy whispering in my ear I knew this carbon stamper was coming.  I had some kind of small stampergasm when I first saw it.  You will too lol.  I'm so busy getting excited about this I haven't even talked about the plates.  Whatever let's get into this thing!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Enchanted Collection!

Hey stamp champs,

More plates rolling off the presses of which I am very far behind.  That's fine though since so much is going on this month!  It's Halloween and apparently lots of platemakers are releasing lots of plates. Therefore I'm always going to be a few posts behind until I'm totally caught up from all the things I missed while I was out of commission.  This not only includes press, but also reviews and my regular swatch posts.  But for now let's talk about a collection I totally missed that expanded last Friday - MoYou London's Enchanted Collection!

A modern Cinderella.  Instead of Gus-Gus she has a fox!
Monday, October 12, 2015

Elevation Polish Annual Charity Auction 2015: Yeti Is A Scaredy Cat

Yo laqueristas,

Woah double post today!  And let me tell it is not because I am celebrating the pretend day that to many historians and anthropologists alike (raises hand) recognize as the beginning of the decimation of an entire continent of indigenous peoples and their culture.  Ha! Instead it's because I want to draw your attention to an extremely charitable and awesome annual cause fronted by the wonderful and thoughtful Lulu of Elevation Polish.  Yup it's the 4th Annual Charity Auction run by EvP! The charity is called Chrestomathy, Inc.  Its a Minnesota local day training and habilitation service geared toward adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Since I spend a large portion of my life living for cura personalis, and of course nail polish cause hey let's be honest, this kind of event gives me some serious happy! That said today I'm going to be sharing one of the gorgeous polishes you can attain through this auction + some nail art cause it's Lacquer Lockdown and that's kinda my bag baby;)

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Essie Fall 2015 Collection Watermarble Nail Art + Tutorial!

Happy Monday,

It's a 3 day weekend - yay!  Today I have some seriously heavy hitting fall inspired nail art for you guys.  It has been forever, and I sincerely mean that, since I have done a watermarble.  I haven't even been doing any behind the scenes.  Usually I'll do one every 2 weeks on a normal schedule or sometimes more or less depending on my mood, but seriously none at all recently.  Then when I was at Target I saw it - Essie's Fall 2015 Collection minus one shade.  And just like that I knew a watermarble was coming.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Starbucks Fall Limited Edition Paper Cup Inspired Nail Art + Tutorial

Happy Friday stamperistas,

Fall never tasted so good right? Lolol!  Every fall I look forward to a few things religiously - pumpkin beer particularly the Blue Moon variety, PSL and SCM drinks from Starbucks, sweet potato cupcakes, and the wearing of hoodies with shorts.  Oh yes I am a lover of fall.  In fact I'd wager fall is my favorite season.  So when I saw the new cups that released this Fall from Starbucks I felt like I had to make an attempt to recreate this look with stamping.  I scrambled through my collection until my UberChic Beauty plates came calling.  After that the art just came straight together!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Elevation Polish Journey Told Through Music Collection 2 Swatches and Nail Art Part 1 (Pic Heavy)

Welcome back laqueristas,

I know it hasn't been all that long since I posted a megathon of art and swatches for Elevation Polish and this month is very special because it brings the return of the fantastic Journey Through Music Collection Part Deux as well another gorgeous one of a kind Yeti.  And if that wasn't enough this month is the Annual EvP Charity Auction!  Unfortunately the collection was so big that I could not swatch and art them all out at once.  It was just beyond me so I decided to split the post into 2 parts. Part 1 will cover 4 polishes and Part 2 will cover the other 3 polishes and more Yeti's.  So a few things - below I have placed the links to all the songs each color was inspired by in the title of the polish; all you have to do is click.  And please forgive me if my swatches and photos are a bit different this time since I got a new camera and I'm still getting the hang of things - eep!  Now let's get started!

Ratatouille Strychnine

A shimmering pink and blue flecked shimmer topcoat inspired by Tori Amos' Mr. Zebra.  This one can be made to wear solo if you are committed.  It will take about 4 coats to reach opacity or you can do like I did and cheat and use a similar colored base color and then top it with this glorious shimmer!  It worked out perfectly it took about 2 coats to make it more opaque and less of an accent, but in my trials playing around with this polish I've found it looks gorgeous over a variety of shades including layered in between semi-opaque polishes.  When this polish hits the light just the right way you see flashes of blue everywhere as pictured below.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

UberChic Beauty Collection 3 Nail Art Stamping Plates Review


It's time for another epic review!  Yay!!! It's been way too long and I'm way too far behind like with everything the scramble to catch up is upon me but I'm going to try my best here to keep rolling info out.  Today I'm reviewing the 3rd collection of stamping plates from UberChic Beauty.  A brand that I totally love and adore created by a woman I totally am thrilled and honored to work with Brittany Hull.  At this juncture UC has gone on to release collections 4 & 5 along with some stand alone plates  and stampers so you definitely want to go check out her brand.  Now let's get started and as usual my reviews are broken into sections that are easy to flip through!

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Collection 5, New Single Plates, & Stamping Supplies!

Happy Saturday stamperistas,

Behind as usual catching up as usual around these parts and scrambling to catch up!  I wonder if I will ever truly catch up with the way platemakers are releasing?  Nevertheless today I have a doozy for you ladies - all the the UberChic Beauty stuff that's been releasing lately from her amazing brand!

Collection 5 rolling right off the presses.  I have to same this one came out so fast I wasn't at all prepared!
Friday, October 2, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Sugar Bubbles Stamping Plates + Halloween Special!

Hey stamperistas,

Happy Friday! Guess what your treat is gonna be from me? A delicious set of plates from Sugar Bubbles my favorite goth loli loving Brazilian sista! The last release from her wasn't really my cup of tea but it looks like she's heading back toward her roots and I am oh so thankful.  Oh and PS I am definitely saving the best for last because if I ended with the last plate numerically I'm sure you'd go home with dry mouth lololol.

I adore dreamcatchers.  When I was very little I had some kind of strange obsession with them. My mom used to buy them for me all the time and I collected them.  People still send them to me today and I have a giant suede and leather feathered moon catcher earring that makes me moan every time I take it out to wear.  Ahem so yeah I'm loving this plate the stars the moon the flowing wind the little ladies everywhere and this adorable girl on the cloud.  Gimme gimme!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Bunny Nails Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

I know I'm sure far behind in the plate release announcements so lots of catching up to do.  Today a quickie post to share some new plates that released a few weeks ago from Bunny Nails.  These plates are from her BuNa series and not the HD.  One thing I know about Bunny Nails is that when she first started releasing plates she pretty much cornered the Halloween and other holiday image department. I really loved what she did with those images, but I always want to see what she will do outside of non holiday themes and that's really what the BUNa series is about.  So let's take a look!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Elevation Polish Street Graffiti Collection Swatches and Nail Art (June 2015)

Happy Monday,

Oh my it's been way too long since I posted some nail art.  I've missed it terribly.  I love talking about stamping plates and products and reviewing them, but nothing revs my engine quite better than actually getting down to the deed of stamping.  I'm behind.  I've realized I'm just going to be behind for a while, though I'm going to make every effort to catch up quickly, however I really can't over do things.  I'm going to have to ask your forgiveness for that and extend my gratitude to my partners who have been so amazing to me! I'm blessed truly and I know it and don't take it for granted.  Now today I have a collection I have been sitting on for far far too long - Elevation Polish Street Graffiti Collection.  Yup - I'm still loving and living for my EPs and I still have 2 more collections to show you, but for today let's take a look at the mean streets of the world ;)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Gothic Collection Expansion!

Heave ho stamperistas,

Yup pushing out these posts like a late paying renter ;)  Welcome back to the MoYou London release party this time I've got the plates from the Gothic Collection and with this post I have now covered all the plates that MYL has put out the last couple of weeks.  I will note I do not ever post their releases of foot and hand tattoos because they seem a bit....well never mind suffice to say this is all the plates for now.

 Hey goth chick! What's your name what's your number ;)

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Festive Collection Expansion

Yo stamp champs,

Told ya today is MoYou London day.  I'm just pushing out all the releases I've missed over the last couple of weeks from this company.  This time there is only one.  Lol a Halloween themed plate from the Festive Collection.  Btw for those Halloween enthusiasts I have a stand alone post that highlights some of my favorite plates for the season.  Check it out here.  Should I do a 2015 followup? Let me know in the comments and that said let's look at this Festive plate!

Oh my this cat is pissed judging by his fur - it must be the cute mittens ;) Lololol

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Steampunk Collection!

Hiya stamp champs,

A little aside before we get started:  Any time I post plates and the word review is not used in the title it is not a review.  Reviews on this blog consist of very detailed breakdown of the plates swatches etc. If you don't know what my reviews look like click here.  Plate announcements are simply that - an announcement of new plates on the market and my opinion of the designs.  Don't like my opinion? Tough cookies this is my blog and I'm entitled to post my sentiments as such.  If you want to post your own opinions or demand I conform to a certain standard by all means please take the time to start your own blog.  I always welcome comments and they don't have to be complimentary, but bear in mind anyone that puts rude/condescending comments on this blog will be blocked.  Now let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming.  - dictated not read the management.


I know I know I know where the f%%k have I been? Lol around working, recovering, getting my life in order.  And in the mean time how many freaking plates have released? Lots some I'm excited about some I'm like meh this has been done (a lot) and others that are like vanilla ice cream.  Let me explain that - classic, sweet, and pretty much timeless.  Hahaha still we all have our favorite brand of vanilla ice cream don't we? Mine happens to be Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean which is altogether way too delicious epic and yummy.  In any case today I've got the latest full collection from MoYou London. It's gonna be a MYL day since they've released a few plates so stay tuned. For now let's steampunk ;)

Oh boy this nameless mascot is pretty! She feels just a little bit like willy wonka plus vintage paranormal romance so I have some hope for this collection.
Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chelle We Stamp? Nail Art Stamper and Replacement Pads Review

Yo stamp champs,

Welcome to the continuation of my massive weekend review ;) You know I always get a thrill out of posting about new companies especially companies that make me as happy as this one has.  Some of you probably already know about the incredible stampers that Chelle Lee owner of Chelle We Stamp has been putting out on the market and for those that don't know time to get on board.  These stampers are in a word awesome! Chelle herself is unbelievably sweet, innovative, and kind. Something about this industry attracts this kind of person I think.  So she joins the ranks of lots of fabulous ladies I've "met" through this hobby.  And today I'm going to be sharing her stampers with you and hopefully igniting the sparks of your endless lusts for her absolutely flawless fabulous products.  Lol but it might just be me with these endless lusts when it comes to such things. Since I will be covering all the formulations of her pads and stampers this post will be a bit long, but you can scroll through for the sizes or stampers you are the most interested in or hit the final impression to get my verdict on these.  And please don't forget to leave feedback and comments on the blog.  Now let's get started...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Messy Mansion MM Series Nail Art Stamping Plate Review

Yo stamp champs,

Today I have a first time review for you which is strange because its definitely not a first time brand to the blog.  You know I spoke quite a bit at the start of the year about chronicling some reviews for brands that I love but never reviewed because they were perfect.   The Messy Mansion MM series is a prime example of plates that fall into that category.  You have to understand I have been purchasing plates from Julia since her company started.  I have a slightly obsessive-compulsive relationship when it comes to any products released by Messy Mansion and I think most of you know this well. However to the new and inexperienced stamper I might just seem bat sh*t crazy since I've never posted a review to back up my assertions at least until today ;)  So as usual with these reviews everything is in sections feel free to cruise around and don't forget to leave me some love in the comments and feedback ;)  Here we go....

Saturday, August 15, 2015

GPStamping Stamper Review (Black/Green/Opaque and Neon Colorways)

Hey stamp champs,

Welcome to another epic Lacquer Lockdown review!  Its obvi not been so usual of late but ya know striving for normalcy and all that jazz ;)  I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!  I'm withering away in the full on oppressive heat that represents the Southeron front and dreaming of Starbucks but that is altogether another story lol.  In any case today I have another stamper review for you all.  I haven't done one of these in a while at least not since I reviewed the AE Jelly Soft Stampers, but I today I'm going to be focusing on a new to me and maybe new to you company called  GP Stamping.  At one point this company had a few individuals in an uproar.  More on that later, but for now I will preface this review by saying I will not tolerate disrespectful comments of any kind on this blog.  I post reviews of ALL products that I feel may benefit my followers or that I have purchased and feel warrant such a review.  If you don't like it move along, but no negativity in this space or any of my official spaces.  Now as usual this review will be broken into sections that you can scan through.  Please don't forget to leave any questions or feedback you have for me and now let's get this show on the road ;)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Messy Mansion MM Series Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Good morning stamperistas,

Happy Friday!  Just a quickie post here since it's not the full shabang.  I got excited when I saw these though in the Messy Mansion newsletter a few weeks ago.  These were a sneak peek of upcoming good things from the land down under from one of my favorite companies Messy Mansion.  They have now been released for purchase.  So let's take in an eyeful of the latest offerings from this awesome platemaker....

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Emily de Molly Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamperistas,

Happy Wednesday!  As I said yesterday I'm finally finally I'm getting back to myself and my health restored and I finally have use of my dominant arm back.  Hoorah!  Please expect some rapid catch up posts over the next couple of weeks including a mile of reviews and swatches that have been piling up.  Along with that of course I have a ton of plate releases that I need to catch up on too. I missed a bunch and now I'm scrambling to get back up to speed.  Today I'm going to be sharing the newest stamping plates from Emily de Molly, run by the fabulously artistic and talented Hayley.  I think these have been out for a at least a month or two already, but since I've been a little up and down I missed these plates when they first debuted.  In any case let's take a look!

Hayley has always had an eye for abstracts and geometrics, and it really shows in the plates she released this time around.  What I love the most about the kind of patterns on this plate is the potential for layering stamps.  Loving it ;)
Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Mandala Collection!

Hey stamp champs,

Welcome to the second post of the day and my total catch up with all things MoYou London related!  Last week MYL released the Mandala Collection to much fanfare or so goes the word on the street.  In any case let's take a look at the latest collection from MYL to hit the scene.

Shakati is gloriously gorgeous and beautiful! That dress....

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Tourist Nail Art Stamping Plates Expansion!

Hey stamp champs,

Guess who's back? I mean really really back and almost back to normal health! Woot woot! Get ready for it because I am so far behind on everything with a backlog of press releases, nail art, and reviews to share.  Today I'm just doing some mild catching up on MoYou London releases.  I'll start with the two Tourist Collection plates they released and then head into their latest new collection ;)

Travel - something all of us should be doing on this glorious summer.  But if you're like me and can't travel at least you can have some far destination on your digits.
Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Collection 4 + New Individual Plates + Accessories!

Happy saturday stamperistas,

I think by mid next week I'll be able to return a bit more to my normal posts.  I'll finally be able to take off this stupid sling at least lol.  In any case get ready because today I have some moar brand new plates to share with you from UberChic Beauty.  I know right!?!  Brittany is on some kind of mad creative high.  It's problematic for our wallets right because I want to own everything she makes! Addict like behavior at its worst.  Now let's take a look at the sweet offerings she has in store for us next.....

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Loja BBF Plates, New Customized Plates & Organizers!!!

Hey stamperistas,

I'm back but just keeping it to plate releases for the moment! Once again I've gotten behind on things but I'm able to do some lightweight blogging.  Right now plate releases are all over the place and some I've known about for ages but couldn't share until the makers were ready to release them to the masses.  Such is the case with the plates I'm talking about here today from Loja BBF.   My regular readers know I LOVE THIS BRAND! Cris is a darling, a sweetheart, a pudding pop of amazing squishiness and love.  And yes I adore what she creates.  A Brazilian indie that sets off chimes of love and cheer in my heart that is Loja BBF.  Plus I may have had a hand in creating one of the custom plates she started offering for sale ;)  Now let's take a look at the merchandise since talk is cheap....

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press; MoYou London Origami Collection!

Yo stamperistas,

I think this along with one of other MoYou London Zodiac Collection post will catch me up with all the new current plate releases.  That will be nice since afterwards I'll be taking a break for the rest of the month due to health concerns.  I have one post for new plates pending that is just waiting for the platemaker to release and that will be all phew!  Expect my healthier happier return at the end of the month and of course I can't wait to here which plates everyone has been purchasing.  Now let's do some Origami shall we?

Here we go.  I don't recall this mascots name but it doesn't matter...l