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Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Collection 5, New Single Plates, & Stamping Supplies!

Happy Saturday stamperistas,

Behind as usual catching up as usual around these parts and scrambling to catch up!  I wonder if I will ever truly catch up with the way platemakers are releasing?  Nevertheless today I have a doozy for you ladies - all the the UberChic Beauty stuff that's been releasing lately from her amazing brand!

Collection 5 rolling right off the presses.  I have to same this one came out so fast I wasn't at all prepared!

This plate is beautiful taken as a whole.  I thought I was having deja-vu when I looked at some of these images.  For instance I have an open pattern of roses on a prior UC plate either from Collection 1-02 so I went back and looked at it closely.  Turns out those were smaller and more ragged blooms while these are definitely more structured.  Same goes for the curling abstracts and the lily.  All totally different.  Brittany definitely pays attention to these little details which I love.  I'd get the plate for the giant classic rose alone! However I will admit this plate has a few more basic images than the prior release.

African violets, heads pinning abstracts, and juicy succulents.  I'm also loving the negative image mirrorred abstracts!  I adore it when platemakers do that because it basically makes the entire manicure for you if you know how to use the images well ;)  I think again that this plate has a few more basic images than I'm used to seeing from UC, but my suspicion is UC is trying to offer something for everyone.  I feel like the first 2 collections catered heavily to the "been there done that crowd", and yes I am one of its jaded members lol, while last have been incorporating a few more basic designs for the "I don't own that image/just beginning crowd".  Let's face it you can't please everyone and at the price point  of $7 something per plate its worth it.  However here's hoping she swings the pendulum back toward my crowd again lolol.  Hey I'm selfish I admit it!  P.S.  That lacey full leaf gorgeous!

I find myself oddly attracted to this swirling abstract at the bottom right had corner.  It looks 3 dimensional.  Am I the only one that thinks so?  Its cool and same for the ascending size abstract 3 rows up from the bottom.  It also looks 3D and really cool!  However please don't hate me since you know I keep it real - the rest of this plate feels very basic to me with the exception of the sunflowers, which seem to be incredibly popular these days.  The abstract in the upper left is very similar to designs I've seen from Dashica and Apipila however the open white spaces with the vines saves it from being a dupe.   Then the abstracts on the 2nd to the bottom row are pretty much dead on the ones I got from BBF a few years back.  The rest are basic geometrics that most makers eventually add to their collections.  They are nice, but again when you've been stamping for 9 years your collection will tend to amass these designs quickly so I can see how some collectors might be torn.

So what do you think of Collection 5? Did any of you snap this up as soon as it released since I know its been out for a while now?  Personally I feel like its a solid collection, as in its not made to stun but to add substance and balance to your collection especially for those beginning their journey.  That said anything can be stunning if you learn how to work that stamper ;) Now let's move onto the singles....for the ladies lol ;)

Halloween is tricky territory for platemakers since it has been done a lot and as such its rare to find novel images.  So here the trick is to create balance and UC rose to the task well!  This is definitely a plate made for those that want to one stop shop their halloween images and everything is here in order to do so. Spooky text, bloody drips, haunted houses and gravestones.  Hell she even managed to squeeze in the Frankenstein and creepy eye images lolol.  I'm a fan of this plate if only for the fact I do have to do quite a bit of scrambling and plate gathering around this time of year to amass all my favorite Halloween images and boy is it annoying.  It can be done but its also nice to just be able to pull the images in one go and move it along!

Oy this has got to be my favorite plate of all today! There are not nearly enough sports related plates out there in the stamping universe and I've noticed it.  It annoys me and frustrates me intensely as someone who becomes pretty intense as the football season kicks in and who regularly attends basketball games.  So I immediately fell in love with I saw this plate.  I'm going to ignore the mom images because I ain't got no kids and I'm a professional league girl lol.  But hell yeah I love this plate!  The detailing on the football players <3 <3 <3 oy!

Who doesn't love a good sugar skull? Obviously not I and this is one stop shopping for them, but you have to be aware there are a lot of dupes here.  I see Apipila, Messy Mansion, and Marianne Nails right off the bat.  It's likely due to the fact that these are stock images, but since I own them already I was a bit surprised to see them here on this plate.  I'm a fan of Dia de Meurtos  and not for the cheap margaritas, but because the cultural context is fascinating so I collect sugar skull images.  This is one option however other collectors may already have a few similar images.

And I left my favorite for the upcoming holiday last!  Zombie love.  Ah how wonderful!  Lol I am that gross Halloween girl.  Cutesy like the one above is nice and all but dammit give me brains! And how much do I adore the Walking Dead!  I need this plate and if you are a zombie or a zombie lover you also need this plate.  That disgusting zombie at the bottom needs the sweet embrace of my loving details to bring it to life.   Ah that blood brain splatter perfect!  Lol I'm gross I know but boy this plate is awesome!

I also wanted to point out that UC released a buttload of new stampers the other day in cute little tins and a solo.

The Luxe Stamper is below.
That branding is oh so glamorous! Check em out if you are looking for some new stampers cause they've got everything!

Now what do you think? I know I hit you with a lot today.  The solid Collection 5 and the new singles which cover the range of lovable zombie antics and sports to sugar skulls and trick or treating. There's a lot there in part due to UberChic's rapid expansion.  I have to say I'm super proud of all the hard work Brittany has done to bring her brand together and it's amazing given that it hasn't even been a year!  So much has changed darlings ;)  Now since I'm behind you know all of these products have released already.  Single plates retail for $14.99 per plate and the collections retail for $24.99 per set.  Stampers in tins, such as the one above, retail for $11.99 or without for $10.99.  The Luxe stamper retails for $9.99 in tin or 8.99 without.  You can find everything on the UberChic website and don't forget flat rate shipping is $5 in the continental US so take advantage and buy more to make it worth your while!  Alright happy hunting ladies and look out for my review of Collection 3 later today....

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