Friday, October 2, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Sugar Bubbles Stamping Plates + Halloween Special!

Hey stamperistas,

Happy Friday! Guess what your treat is gonna be from me? A delicious set of plates from Sugar Bubbles my favorite goth loli loving Brazilian sista! The last release from her wasn't really my cup of tea but it looks like she's heading back toward her roots and I am oh so thankful.  Oh and PS I am definitely saving the best for last because if I ended with the last plate numerically I'm sure you'd go home with dry mouth lololol.

I adore dreamcatchers.  When I was very little I had some kind of strange obsession with them. My mom used to buy them for me all the time and I collected them.  People still send them to me today and I have a giant suede and leather feathered moon catcher earring that makes me moan every time I take it out to wear.  Ahem so yeah I'm loving this plate the stars the moon the flowing wind the little ladies everywhere and this adorable girl on the cloud.  Gimme gimme!

Every platemaker has gotten into the floral game recognizing that us ladies like more than say roses. Unfortunately that recognition has not included the fact that we also recognize familiar themes or at least I recognize them.  If I see that open tulip on a set of plates one more time I'm gonna scream - its on FUN plates, B Loves Nails and one other brand I'm blanking on.  Really let's move on from the tulips (says the tulip lover).  The rest of the patterns are pretty cute if not all that original and groundbreaking. Second row second to the middle is gorgeous though I've definitely seen it somewhere else.

Meh I have a lot of meh to say about this plate.  Y'all know I love abstracts and some here are cool and some are repeats I've seen on other plates.  Emily de Molly and DRK come immediately to mind. It's cute but not essential unless you don't have these images already.

And finally the plate that made squeal like James Brown doing a rendition of soul man - YAAASSS! A Hocus Pocus plate! Lord have mercy and hallelujah for the 90's cult classics of Disney yore! Oh this was so good it hurt!  So very very good.  You need to watch it if you've never seen it.  If you have seen it you know why you need this plate and not just for the uber adorable version of Binx. Yes this plate is the stuff of Halloween legend.  Now if someone out there cough cough would make me a Witches plate, pointy toes and all, my plagasm would be off the charts.  I'll settle for the single thrill here though.

So thoughts? I left you with a humdinger didn't I?  These plates aren't actually even available yet. They are more of the platemaker throwing em out their to give us the plate collectors version of blueballs.  I hope they release before end of the month AND I will be able to get them stateside by that time since the maker resides in Brazil.  Sugar Bubbles does not ship directly either so you will need to approach one of her stockists to get the goods.  Oy so many tears thinking about it!  I hope you enjoyed this return to the sizzle that is the stamping press around these parts ;)  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post.....

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