Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Bunny Nails Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

I know I'm sure far behind in the plate release announcements so lots of catching up to do.  Today a quickie post to share some new plates that released a few weeks ago from Bunny Nails.  These plates are from her BuNa series and not the HD.  One thing I know about Bunny Nails is that when she first started releasing plates she pretty much cornered the Halloween and other holiday image department. I really loved what she did with those images, but I always want to see what she will do outside of non holiday themes and that's really what the BUNa series is about.  So let's take a look!

Gorgeous! Right out of the box we get a whammy of typography, a lovely floral arrangement, and some interesting abstracts.  I'm more than in love with the large florals at the bottom, but I will say I don't necessarily love the butterflies and vine patterns,  This is a bit of a plate that puts me personally in a conundrum it has a few images I want and few I'm a bit neutral on.

Lovely however I will say this plate features a lot of images that have become somewhat "standard". The lace, openwork flowers, feathers, and roses are very similar to many other images that I've already seen before.  Particularly that feather image I recall from Chez Delaney, Born Pretty Store, and a few other companies. The open work flowers are also everywhere Vivid Lacquer has done them, Fab Ur Nails, Messy Mansion, and UberChic Beauty.  Its a nice plate if you don't already have these images

The image third row down and 2nd from the left is lovely and very unique.  For me other than that image the rest are very basic though I do love those dogwood flowers in the lower right hand corner!

This one is also pretty. I like the image in particular second row third from the left and the one next to it.  The pond with fish is also adorable!  However its another plate I'm not too blown away by and unfortunately I'm seeing some repeated images from a prior Messy Mansion release third row 1st image.  Still its a lovely plate if you don't have similar images in your collection.

So what do you think? Must haves or wishlistables? I think this collection is pretty, but I hesitate to pull the trigger on purchasing for a few reasons.  First and this one is probably the most important for me - I do have a lot of these images already in my collection.  Second, the price point on these plates is $17.99 each.  Its a bit steeper than most plates on the market and unfortunately also averages less images than a standard plate at this size.  However don't get me wrong one reason there are less images is because the seller focuses on creating images for the longer nail crowd and I do appreciate that, but I wanted to be honest. That said I would not worry one shred about the quality of plates you are going to get.  I've been shopping with Bunny Nails for a long time and her plates are amazing with fantastic etching! You can find the new BuNa plates and her HD plates here in her new webstore.  Pricing above included free worldwide shipping so that's quite nice! Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....

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