Monday, October 19, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Dashica Infinity Stamping Plates

Yo stamp champs!

It's Monday monday monday!  This is literally what Monday sounds like in my head - a dull shrinking echo.  And if you are like me you felt your soul shrivel a little bit there.  Lol the thought of that Monday wasn't feeling so fresh now was it?  Ah, but I understand.  And that's why I come bearing tidings of plates and stamping and all things gleeful! So when your boss comes around the corner demanding something ludicrous or you have to sit through another endless meeting/class/lecture of meaningless BS that serves some god-for-saken purpose or when that coworker decides to finally test that last nerve you can pause for a second and think, "Hmmm but at least I'm getting new nail plates so my nails are pretty." Possibly you can also contemplate stamping their foreheads.  And now you know what goes on in my head sometimes so let's talk about these new Dashica Infinity Series plates ;)

Alright let's get right into it! Here's another Halloween plate that released in October.  Not so good for us international girls but ok for those who live in the EU or which I have plenty of readers.  I love all the textography on this plate and I love the dancing witches.  It's not that original, but its adorable if you are a Halloween addict or just need a plate within that theme.  For 147 there is a LOT going on in this plate! So many patterns it feels like the plate is busting.  Honestly I'm not sure what to think of it it's a bit overwhelming, but offers up a lot of patterns and a few cute figures in one plate.

Infinity 148 is definitely a plate that is appropriate for Breast Cancer Awareness month with its ribbons and butterflies. Heck this could be appropriate for any beribboned cause as long as you make it so. I actually really like this plate a lot because of that.   149 is too similar to designs that were done in the last set of infinity releases for me.  The flowers in particular are very similar though I love the negative mirror images on the 3rd row.

I want to hate 150 because its so cartoonish and I kinda do, but its Hello Kitty.  Even my Monday loathing self cannot hate the HK. That said this plate is a pass for me.  Shirley has a lot of similar plates in her prior releases that I already own.  I actually like 151 a lot.  Again a little busy and overwhelming but the nesting in this one seems to carry more of one theme and I like all the little fishies I see floating through the plate.

In the same way one does not hate Hello Kitty we do not hate Mickey Mouse.  It would be sacrilege and blasphemy in a house like my own that adores all things Disney to the extent that I do. Now do I love these Mickey images at the bottom? Abso-freaking-lutely! Do I like this plate in general yes? Do I think its a bit too cartoonish? Yes, but hell its Mickey! 153 is far too blatantly a take on the MoYou London Doodles collection for me and the square Shari-La plates Bundle Monster released that pretty much copied the same thing :/

It's Santa! And look he brought Poinsettias the flower of the Christmas season!  Sold to the feisty black girl in the corner hoarding stamping plates and polish ;) 155 if a bit too basic for me though I find that lines pattern on the left hand row 2nd from the bottom to be intriguing.

Both too basic for me and feeling a little Kaleidoscopey. 

159 is cute, but again maybe a little cartoonish for my tastes plus I never end up using the little small accents the way I should :/ It's really adorable though! Owls and toadstools and pinecones oh my! A highly tempting plate for me for the pinecones, acorns, and leaves alone.  I love fall themed plates!

So about the Russian nesting dolls...I have a couple of plates with these dolls and I never end up using them.  I don't know I don't really have a lot of nail art that features around this theme, but I think this plate is so lovely if I had more use for it it would be a must have for me for sure. This animal plate is quite nice too though I do feel Shirley did something similar before in the last release maybe on an Egypt themed plate or another kind of animal silhouette plate. What I really love here are the moose in the sun images and the birds and trees! 

163 is like Kaleidoscope meeting Doodles Collections.  Its a gorgeous plate, but I find myself thinking I have a lot of these patterns in aggregates across my collection except for that braided gorgeousness at the bottom! And with 164 I have more of the same problem only this time I'm getting hints of the sunflowerish abstracts from above plus a bit of the Designers Series themes from DRK.  

165 is BOLD.  It needed caps cause its like lace and flowers and everything coming right at you. A really gorgeous plate! 166 Santa is that you again? Lol this time done in abstract with elves and slightly maniacal looking angels circling a swirly wheel of stained glass.  Hmmm...I think I like it.  It's certainly original!

And bold again.  I like 167 its quite different from most things I've seen out though taking on the task of decaling a plate like that would be insane! This lace plate I like a lot until I got to the bottom half.  I don't like the floral detailing there as much though its still a pretty plate. 

And back to the land of Doodles.  170 is too similar to images done in the last 2 releases.  They are almost different sections of the same huge pattern so if you own one plate that might really be all you need. 

These Easter eggs are quite different from the ones released by MYL last year and super early in the season. I like the eggs but I don't really like the patterns at the top too much.  Infinity Nails Kids plates! How cute look at all the teeny tiny kawaii images!  These images will be incredibly small on a adults hands so I'm warning you in advance these are definitely for the little ones. 

So what did you think? For me a few really lovely plates and a few that were too similar to things we've seen from other makers or just to plain.  I think the thing about Infinity plates is there is something for everyone scattered across the entire collection and that's its strength. After all that ribbon plate alone was so insightful and smart!  I can see a lot of women gravitating toward it.  In any case these plates have already released to the Dashica website.  They retail for 4.99 Euros + shipping but if you spend over a certain amount you can get free international shipping (I believe it's 70 Euros but don't quote me on that). I hope you enjoyed the latest release from the press.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post!

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