Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Dashica Infinity Nail Art Stamping Plates (126-145)!!

Hey stamperistas,

As if your wallets really weren't screaming enough.  Lol spare me spare me!  Shirley the owner and creator behind the Dashica Beauty stamping plate brand and the very popular Infinity series is at it again.  She just released a set of 20 new plates at the top of February and now here she is again releasing another 20 plates!  Eep and I have to say as usual she has a few plates that really stand out from the crowd.  Btw this is my 2nd Hot Off post from an indie brand since all the drama here last week.  I can firmly say, though I have never posted a review of the Dashica plates, that Shirley is one of the most professional and respected international indie platemakers I've ever interacted with.  I have purchased her plates both independently and in group buys.  The quality is excellent and the service superior.  So if you are worried about purchasing please don't.  In addition, from now on I will only be posting press releases for companies I have worked with before or whose plates I own and can attest to their quality.  I will also be posting a review for the Infinity plates at some point! Now let's take a look at her latest plates....

"Do you want to build a snowman?" Obviously the answer is YES! Lol let me stop but this Frozen plate is even better than the the last few she released.  The images are much more distinct and perfectly etched.  The abstracts on 127 are pretty cool as well though I'm not about scooping them immediately.  There are so many plates releasing these days a lot is hitting the wishlist for me so I don't over do things :/

A bit basic for me I think, but also I have too many of these small singular design elements that for whatever reason I rarely end up using.  Plate 129 is so odd and unique!  I mean that in a good way. The girls look like dressmakers dolls or mannequins.

Who doesn't love owls and cupcakes and Hello Kitty? Lol these are all so "on trend" with what's popular on plates right now and yet somehow don't these images seem really different? It may be the backgrounds or how the owls are like dot art but I like it a lot.  On plate 131 I love the little women in hats and the abstracts at the very bottom on the left and right.

Oh Amy Amy Amy. I am so so thrilled to see this music plate! Not to mention it has The Beatles.  I don't recognize the lower band though I know they look familar but I'm blanking on the name or the other guy.  Anyone?

Continuing the abstract trend then you look closer and see the nested sugar skulls.  Clever clever!  I also like the dreamcatcher ish image right in the lower middle.   Plate 135 are truly just more abstracts.  A person could never run out the with the number of them released every collection.

See what I mean?  Abstracts for days and so so pretty!  Plate 136 will definitely be mine. Maybe 137 as well though the eagles/falcons(?) are kind of intense looking.  But look at the little ducklings!

An angelic meeting and an owl?  Lol the components of her plates are sometimes so random.  

Is that a cat and the Eiffel tower?  A cat in Paris....lol again so random. I have come to realize there are so many crazy cat ladies in the nail polish universe and I find it odd.  Lol cats and nail polish. Loving all the sunflower variations on 141.

Okay let me be honest and say I'm finding these faces peeking out of the flowers a bit creepy. Lol I don't know why but I'm getting full on Children of The Corn and it's killing me.  And then the random bikini girl.  The abstracty tribals next  door save me ;) 

It took me a minute looking at 144 to realize this is a plate of reverse mirror images.   I really like the chevron star ones the most!  And 145 is also a winner for me though I will admit I've seen that "pyramid steps" image about 2 or 3 times now on Handy plates and MoYou London plates. For whatever reason it doesn't translate over as cool onto the nails because a lot of the image gets cut off.

Anyhoo we are done!  What do you think?  A lot of interesting designs as always right? That Amy Winehouse and Frozen plate are calling to me like nobody's business!  In any case I believe these plates are available for purchase now on the Dashica Beauty website.  They retail for 4.99 Euros + shipping.  Happy hunting, thanks for reading and I'll see you next post....


  1. That's Justin Bieber, Robert Patterson and One Direction on the music plate!

  2. Oh man I think I just vomited a bit. Lol I mentally blocked out Justin Beiber but as soon as you said it I recognized him. Oh man how could she put the Biebs on the same plate as the Beatles? Where is the justice, the level of taste??? Dry heaves. I need to lay down and recover from this devastating blow :/

  3. Hi.I know you've not reviewed these yet,but how do they compare quality wise with the MoYou London rectangular plates? I have admired Shirley's plates for awhile now. Because of financial reasons I didn't ever buy any.I promised myself when I was able to,I would get some.Also,do you recommend her SDP,DASH or Infinity plates one over the other two?

    1. Nathalie Talons, I can respond since I own lots of Moyou London & Infinity plates. They compare pretty much the same as Moyou London. When using a good quality stamper, the images are clear, crisp just like Moyou London plates. I've not tried nor own SDP,or DASH plates, but I've read reviews that they're awesome as well. I hope I helped you out a bit. Good Luck :)

  4. Ohhhhh, I love these!! Shirley is the best, she keeps surprising us!! <3 :)

  5. I kind of like #129. It reminds me of "she art". It could be fun to do some nail art in that style. And of course, the owls....must own all owls.

  6. I'll be purchasing almost ALL of these plates! ;) Her plates are getting better & better! Looove Infinity plates. I agree Tamira, putting Justin Bieber with The Beatles sucks! I'd like to see her do a plate with the band, Kiss....that would be an awesome plate!!!

  7. I not keen on these brans because od the randomness. But they are getting better and better, with more unique designs to cater every taste. I must have the one with the skulls as I collect everything sugar skulls and these are unique, I like that they don't look cartoonish like the ones drom BM or some other plates I have. Also I'm interested on the Egypt one, god knows I have one too many of Egyptian themed plates but what the heck!

  8. I actually already answered this question in the first paragraph of the blog post - where I spoke about the quality of the plates and not having to worry about this seller or her plates :/ MoYou London is not the the "bar" by which I set the standard of quality since there are a lot of brands that have excellent quality in terms of etching as well, and Dashica is one. That's why I've never reviewed them or MYL for that matter. In fact if you are choosing between the two because of financial reasons you will find Dashica are the more affordable brand since they are sold in Euros and not GBP. I've been stamping with Dashica for years and I own a lot of the Infinity plates already along with a DASH set, many of the SDP, and several of the XL plates. It doesn't matter which you choose they are all excellent quality, but the Dash plates are a bit smaller and don't carry the same full range of images as either the Infinity or the SdP.

  9. Thanks for adding your input as well. When the comments aren't entered through Disqus I have to import them from blogger for them to populate onto the site so that I can respond. I will just add that I don't think the stamper matters too much. No matter what kind of stamper I've used in the past the etching on Dashica plates is superb because that is the standard Shirley sets when she makers her plates. I own the SDPs, DASH, and XL plates as well. They all have excellent etching and excellent images. Dashica Infinity plates are more affordable than MYL in addition so essentially they are an good investment all around.

  10. Lol! Yeah I agree her plates are getting a bit more interesting as she goes along. However she does tend to "repeat" patterns that were released from prior Infinity plates so you have to be careful of that or you'll wind up with similar or near exact images across 2 different plates. An example would be plate 99 and 143 of this series. If you are looking for a KISS plate and don't have any already I believe one maker already has some images of that band - it's either Fab Ur Nails or MyOnline Shop. I can't recall exactly but I have the plate rattling around here somewhere so I know it exists :).

  11. I see where you are coming from however not all of her plates are random like that though. I really love the ones that stick within a theme or certain topic and Shirley makes plates that are so different from what any other brand offers especially within her Infinity series. Have you seen the Day of the Dead themed ones from her earlier releases? They are gorgeous and yes very noncartoonish. Other sugarskulls that might interested you are the ones from Pet'la Plate the Calvaras plate. Its sickening!! And yes I own too many Egypt plates as well because I like the theme too :)

  12. Agreed Jutta! Her perspective is really fresh and unique :)

  13. Oh yes Pet la ones are on my wish list. They are absolutely insane! I'm gonna and check now the older infinity ones! TYVM


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