Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Born Pretty Store Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Its been crazy for me between school and work and I realized I'm getting more and  behind with plate releases lol.  Suddenly its spring and designers are releasing like crazy.  Speaking of here comes Born Pretty Store up to their usual shenanigans.  I have to say I am glad they took a breather from releases since their last set was so full of dupes it made me question whether I would continue to purchase plates from the brand.  It looks like they took a few steps back to focus on their larger rectangular plates and since these images tend to be larger I did feel a quiver of excitement to see what they came up with.  Let's take a look... 

The usual full mock up presented for us at least from a glance I see some interesting looking patterns.

Here we go.  Pretty basic patterns here; for me nothing to get over excited about.

Tribals (global patters from the looks of things), cowboys and American Indians.   Because you all know I am weak to these kinds of designs it shouldn't be surprising that I like these. And of course I do!

This woodland inspired plate is just cool!  Finally finally I see a glimmer of the coolness of BPS designs that initially led me to be excited about their plates when the brand first emerged last fall.  However I will say both MoYou London and Emily de Molly have already done similar woodsy plates before and slapping the big floral pattern next to it feels kinda lazy :/  But peep the little red riding hood being chased by the wolf lol.  I'm just hoping the floral pattern on the right is small enough to translate over well onto the nail.

More basic patterns with a little typography thrown in for good measure.  This plate is full of dupes too :/  Let me say for the record I am so tired of seeing EKG "rhythms" that are basically fribillation.  Can a designer please understand all these R waves are electrical misfiring and actually represent a fatality in the making?!?  Gah sorry but this is my pet peeve and Im just really tired of seeing it.  Moving on I see another bar code!  Cool cool!  Remember I pointed out that one on the Dashica Infinity plates yesterday?  I hope this is a trend cause I think its kinda fun!

So basic I'm bored.  Innovation please!!!!  I'll give a small nod to the rocking horses though since they are dead cute ;)

Better but its been done.  Done by a brand I no longer support due to their negligence with customer funds and by negligence I mean theft.  So more power to you BPS for recreating this design since I know for a fact BPS is very reliable when it comes to sending customers items they purchased.  They may be slow but they get the job done!

Eeeeehhhhhhhh.  I'm about halfway there but this plate is also full of dupes.  I like the plate but its just that same issue I'm having all the time with platemakers making all these floral images and plates.  Its just getting a bit stale.

Hooooooo I see some cult icons here in the form of Ms Hepburn and Ms. Monroe.  I like how they chose to pair this with abstracts as well.  I will note Ive never seen a fleur de lis pattern like the one 3rd from the right so kudos.  Also the anchor in the heart is adorable! However its worth pointing out most of these abstracts are dupes of others I've seen across many brands.

I like this one, but basically this plate is taken from Bundle Monster's small ocean themed set.  It feels fresher than the rest even if there are some troublesome elements.  That squid and surfer for one lol. And let's be honest there isn't much new here :/

Daruma dolls and christmas sweaters. It's be done to death. Love the elephant though.

Owls done to death as well. But these are at least new and different designs of owls so I'll give my approval based on cuteness and novelty alone lol.

Lace some dupes some ever seen.  The thing about lace is their are literally hundreds of thousands of patterns.  Platemakers could make these plates for years and never exhaust all the different kinds so I can never really object to the addition of more to the plate-verse.  In any case I see a few plates I'm interested in but the bundle for me is a pass. 

So what do you think?  I think they have a few near hits here and several swings and misses.  How about you? So let me say the reason I tend to be harsh on dupes and basic imagery is that platemakers are in a fight right now. A fight for our dollars.  Why should we spend our hard earned bucks on the same old things over and over again when there is a new plate around the corner literally every few weeks? I'm still several posts behind as it is on new releases.  I don't want to be bored and more to the point BPS should be wary because their rectangular plates individually retail for $3.99-5.99USD per plate while Bundle Monster retails them for $3.99 per plate full stop with discount codes and faster shipping either internationally or domestically.  I'd say give them 4 months and we should be seeing new designs dropping from Bundle Monster meaning BPS is going to start facing some pretty steep competition with direct competitive pricing.   From my end of things I'd still rather pay more for a more innovative plate with unique images than pay less for pseudo-similar if not outright dupes of images already in my own collection.  These also aren't even the bargain they used to be for beginners because of the increased price point I mentioned above.  

These plate will release on March 23rd.  I have no idea if these prices will be lower as they once were on the release dates since BPS has been getting more and more dicey with each release about the plate pricing.  Right now the set is up on the website for $49.99 which is basically $4.16/plate for the 12 plate bundle.  That price will be increasing to $71.88 USD at some point; again I don't have the details.  Individual plates range between $3.99 all the way up to $5.99.  So there we have it.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting.....


  1. Pass. Too many dupes. I also agree the prices are getting dodgy.

  2. I agree with you on so many levels especially about the number of dupes as opposed innovative designs. Oh, and the nerve of them wanting $71 for the set pleeeezzzz! I'll be getting a few though.

  3. I agree. This collection is pretty meh. I would get the red riding hood one but I don't like that the grass is touching all the images and red riding hood is mushed into the mushrooms. I will get the hooties because they are just adorable and I irrationally feel the need to own all owls.

  4. Yes these will be the most expensive plates they have sold to date. I cannot believe they actually think someone would pay $70 for a set of 12 plates after the promotion. Its a bit shocking too because generally BPS tries to keep their pricing competitive.

  5. Lol yeah I don't think too many people will pay $70 for these plates. I'm eyeballing maybe 1 or 2 but I can't really commit because I feel like my funds may be better spent elsehwhere on other plates.

  6. Yes I can see what you mean about the red riding hood plate. That's disappointing now that I noticed it. I may still get it though. I don't know I feel like you are correct in saying the owl plate is the only one that is really cute and unique of all the plates. I do still like the tribal plate quite a bit though

  7. I like about 8 plates. In comparison to Moyou plates pricing, they're cheaper in price per plate. When I order 8 Moyou plates it totals $75-80USD for me. If they're offering them as $49.99 for 12 plates that's not so bad. I'll get my 8 plates only. :)

  8. Yeah, me too like the new mj plates, dashica, or even wistonia. My money is going there.

  9. My issue is that if you are going to pay a higher price for a plate it should be unique this is often the rule and not an exception with a company like MoYou London. Because my collection is large and I have a lot of plates, definitely more than the average stamper, I don't want to pay $4 a plate when over half the designs are repeated from other plates I already own in my collection. There are about 2-3 I'd want from the above at best.


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