Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Festive Collection Expansion (Easter Edition)

Hey stamp champs,

Easter already?!?!  I live in a state of perpetual unawareness of holidays, snow, zombies, whatever.  I know Leonard Nemoy passed and I know I walked into CVS today to purchase a drink and was overwhelmed by all the Easter paraphernalia.  I made a sound like "hoy which is equivalent to dismay.  Lol and then I check my inbox and I see this.  MoYou London is early this year and I really really appreciate that!  So I think maybe its just me that doesn't realize Easter is coming like winter in the fore and spring in the soon.   Grab your white gloves, big rimmed church hats, and floral dresses loaded with lace cause it's on like red dawn....(insert picture of me laughing hysterically here)....

Hey MoYou London in the infamous words of another famous little bunny - "What's up doc?" In my own words "Do I smell Easter flavored tribals? Gimme!"

It makes me happy when I sense a style of a collection and exactly what I wanted comes true!  I am a FAN of the MoYou London Festive Easter themed plates.  I have all of the previous ones they are that good! And yes my heart did do a solid doki doki when I saw this plate.  I need it like well a fat kid needs cake or an early diabetic crisis intervention. PS Yes I know Egg is spelled wrong.  Unfortunately its not the first time MoYou has had a typo and I'm sure it will get straightened out....

Hoooo! (Btw that's my country noise for excitement).  Hoooo!  These are so soft and delicate! Really don't bring me to tears like this MoYou.  These are just so perfect.  In my head I'm scrambling around to find my pastel polishes.

And then cause MoYou London loves us they did the damn things in XL too! YASSSSS (my drag queen noise of excitement)......

You called me right Mo You?  Said something like girl we got some PLATES for you hunty!  And I replied....please lord tell me you made this in an XL formulation cause this plate is so so awesome!

And you oh so willingly obliged!  I am feeling very very satisfied right now.  I'm also feeling like I need all these plates.  Yes ALL of them!  And then I saw that MYL decided to create a special backing for these plates too and that just sealed the deal!

Kawaiii!!!! Bunny meets Pug.  What do you think? Oh man I'm done!  I have to hand to MoYou they knocked this one out of the park.  I'm so excited for this release as I haven't been in a significant amount of time!  These plates will be available on the MoYou London website this Friday and retail for the usual price of 4.99 GBP.  I need to start scrambling to figure out which organs I can sell so I can get my hands on a significant number of plates since my wishlist has piled to scary proportions.  For now I'm go to go wipe up the drool and lay down, but thanks for reading and I'll see you next post....


  1. I love all the plates and will probably pick up most of them, but two things disappointed me:

    1) The bunting banner on the first plate says "eeg hunt"
    2) The "hello spring!" image isn't on the XL plate, and my nails are too wide to use any of the other standard images, so I'd be paying $6 for that one image.

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  3. I love the style of your posts! I am not sold on those plates that much to start selling my kidnays, but I would gladly take one or two if someone would give them away :)

  4. You can always wait for the the Egg Hunt plate to be corrected and as to the hello spring image I'm sure there are other plates that have those words or something similar that you can pick up.

    1. Well, they discounted it about $1.25 so I bit. 😋

  5. Thanks hun! It was a joke and its not like I was specifically talking about only these plates but the fact that I have a huge wishlist of plates that I want from MYL right now. Waaay too huge in fact. And of course everyone loves a giveaway myself included :)


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