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Nail Hoot Indie Lacquers The Beginning Collection Swatches & Nail Art

Hey lacqueristas,

This weekend its gonna be jam packed with nail art and swatches for some brands that are new to the blog!  Today its really my pleasure to share with you a brand spanking new indie nail polish company called Nail Hoot created by a stellar pal of mine Brandie Collins!  She's like a one woman wonder woman between her kids, school, work, and crafts business and if that doesn't beat all now she's diving into the nail polish scene and from what I've seen of her new collection its gonna be a smash hit! So sit back and enjoy the swatches :)


A medium toned pink frost finish shimmer.  This one will likely look good on a lot of different skin tones while offering a medium blush to all wearers. I layered numbers over one coat of Orly Satin Magnifique.  It was a bit on the thicker side of things creating some dragging strokes from the brush so I used some thinner to correct it and from that point the polish laid down perfectly.  Pictured here in 2 thin coats and one layer of topcoat.

 Note the very subtle shimmer of pink underneath the medium pink itself.  Its a bit lighter in color and really was beautiful to watch as I moved my fingers.

I created a very feminine nail art look for Numbers.  Despite the mix of black and white this one is soft soft soft and spring ready.

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Ultra Fast Drying Topcoat
Accent color: Wet N Wild Tickled Pink and Wing Dust Guilty Pleasures
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas White (1) and Black (2)
Stamping plates: Marianne Nails MN64
Accent: 2mm gold stud Born Pretty Store


Granny smith apple green with golden undertones also a shimmer frost finish.  The formulation on this one required only one coat for opacity over Sally Hansen Green With Envy. It did lay down a slightly streaky.  If you choose to wear it without undies it would require around 3 coats for perfect opacity.  Pictured here with one coat of topcoat.

Continuing on that spring trend I created some Asian inspired garden nail art complete with geisha.

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Ultra Fast Drying Topcoat
Accent color: Wet N Wild Tickled Pink and Wing Dust Guilty Pleasures
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas  Black (2), Red (9), and Forest Green (37)
Stamping plates: Chez Delaney Asiatique 002, MoYou London Pro XL 21 and Suki 06

Really love that golden undertone on this one!


A shimmering lava-like duochrome that goes from orangey/red to a fiery pink with a little bit of holographic glitter thrown into the mix for good measure.  This one was like a hidden winner for me. I was so surprised by the shift on this duochrome that I kept staring at it and moving my fingers around trying to capture all the shades of lovely!  Pictured here in 2 coats over Catrice Fred Said Red and one layer of topcoat.  Btw nails are wet in the swatch photos because as always duochromes are so very very difficult to photograph.

You can see the pink lean along the edges that was easier to see in real life. I purposely chose jewels for my nail art that were the color of the shift to "force" the pink shift out further than I'd been able to capture in just the swatches. 

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Ultra Fast Drying Topcoat
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas  Black (2)
Stamping plates: Vivid Lacquer VL002
Accent: 2mm clear rhinestones and 2mm tear drop rhinestones from Born Pretty Store, gold bullion beads 

Btw my under water photography for this died a miserable and slow death lol.  My god the more I learn about photo taking the more I have to learn!


A grape blurple shifting duochome with holographic glitter.  Also has a slight frost finish.  This one was also a touch thick for me and required a bit of thinner afterwards application was somewhat streaky in the first coat but corrected in the second.  Pictured here over white nail polish and one coat of topcoat.. Btw I tested to see if there would be a significant difference between application over white versus a black base and found none.  I think this is because the polish itself takes at least 2-3 coats to reach opacity.  

Super sparkly right? But it could be a bit more sparkly lol so I decided to pair it up with The Beginning and create some simple double swirl nail art.  After I did that the sparkles were so overwhelming I think my camera rebelled a bit ;)

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Ultra Fast Drying Topcoat
Accent color: Nail Hoot The Beginning
Cyclone Nail Vinyls from TwinkledT

Captured a bit more of that blue lean and below more glittery swirls of pretty. 

The Beginning

The not so silent stunner of this collection.  Galaxy in a bottle (it does not watermarble well because of the glitter :/)  but nevertheless is stunning.  Different over white polish versus black as you can see below on the accent.  An aquamarine blue/green duochrome with holographic glitter over white and a more blueish purple leaning duochrome with holographic glitter over black.  I had to be very spare with this one between my nail art and swatches basically I almost emptied the bottle.  Mini's and long nails combined with nail art usually end up like that for me.  Below is 2 coats over white and one layer of topcoat.

So pretty right?

And here is that accent over black.  As you can see it really changed the presentation of this polish it looks almost a bit like denim here.  I wish I'd had enough polish to swatch my entire hand but I think you  get the ghist :)

So these polishes will be available for purchase today on the Nail Hoot website.  Full sized polishes retail for $6.25USD + shipping or you can get the whole collection for $30.  Mini's retail for $21.25 for the complete collection .  Show Brandie and her new company some support as well and give her a follow on her social media accounts below!

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Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post....

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