Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Back To The...Collection Expansion!

Hey stamp champs,

Apologies for the long silence.  I have been so busy getting a few things together for the blog, outside of the blog, and for work and school that I have gotten way behind on my posts.  Sigh.  It does feel a bit like I'm always scrambling these days, but one the plus side I have lots more awesome content headed your way!  In any case its time for the weekly MoYou London post.  This week MoYou London expands on their Back To The....(insert decade here) Collection.  Lol seriously that really is the case and because they expanded it across several decades I couldn't even insert a specific era for the blog post.  Lol so let's take a peek.....

So I'll be honest and say right off the bat that the Back To The...Collection has been hit or miss for me.  I have several of what I consider the must have decades plates i.e. 70's, 80's, 90's and a few of the 20's.  When MYL initially expanded on this collection they did a bunch of the "outfit" images which I wasn't fond of so I haven't spent a lot of time looking over the other releases since, but I will admit I love a good art deco plate!  So of course this roaring 20's inspired architectural plate is right up my alley.

Cute.  However for me not necessarily essential.  I have several 50's plates from Chez Delaney that are similar of course I'm loving the ladies on this plate waaayyy too much and the bowling image.  I can almost here the words to Summer Loving drifting through my head a la Grease.

How cute are these little hotdogs? I never really go for the the smaller sized image plates because of sizing issues with the length of my nails but sometimes the extra images they put on these are so tempting :)

Meh.  I see images that I have across several other plates here.  The last release of Vivid Lacquer and some of my Cici and Sisi images from the Jumbo Sets 1 and 2 come to mind immediately.  So this one is a pass for me.

What I said earlier.....

Gah a continuation of the awesomeness seen in the first plate.  I'll be getting both sizes if they don't release all these images in an XL size.  Love these to death!  Yes I do understand my biases are showing through but hey they aren't calling this blog Lacquer Lockdown for nothing.  Lol.  I'm allowed to show some favoritism toward my inclinations a least a little right?  Anyhoo as usual these plates will be available Friday morning on the MoYou London website and retail for 4.99GBP. Thanks for reading and happy hunting.....


  1. I love the plate no 5 ... tempting hahahha

  2. That's my whole problem with MoYou London always so tempting lol!


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