Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Vivid Lacquer Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Happy Saturday stamp champs,

Guess who's back!?! Yup Vivid Lacquer!! Annie has been oddly silent and inactive on Facebook for months now.  I had begun to wonder if she was planning to quietly retire from the nail art stamping business since I hadn't seen any new posts from her or whispers of new plates or polishes for ages.  It made me sad because I own all of her plates yup all of them.  They are spectacular and heavily reached for in my collection.  As such I always look forward to her releases and then suddenly out of nowhere this past week we find out about newly releasing plates! Gahh the fabulousity of it all (yes I'm totally aware I made that word up don't judge).  Let's drool....

If you follow me on Facebook you may recall me mentioning this one was likely going to be a heck of a lot of fun to use with advanced stamping technique!

The peacock feathers have invaded everywhere this year!  Is 2015 the year of the peacocks when it comes to nail art stamping?  Me thinks yes.  I think a lot of people myself included are going to have a hard time passing up this plate even if you have all of the other animal prints in your collection for the simple fact the first row is just so cool!

Mirror images, stars, hearts, buttons and sewing.  Randomly a lot of things I'm into especially the sewing right now. Not sure about the button images though since I'm not sure how that would translate on the nail.

Oh haaiii anthropology major here and long with huge geeky biochemist.  I NEED THIS PLATE.  Gah!  The ancient scripts are beckoning and I must heed their call....

Abstracts! Yes.  I also see some images that would work well for double processing so yes!  Must have this plate as well.  I am after all she who severely lacks self control.  In any case what are your thoughts on this release? Favorites? Mine definitely has to be VL040!  Crazytown.  Btw these plates are now available for pre-order on the Vivid Lacquer store.  As usual if you order the whole bundle you get a free mystery plate along with.  I clearly ordered the entire bundle (yeah yeah I know). Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....


  1. I ordered these plates (whole bundle + 2 older) but the plates still haven't been sent and from the end of May, isn't any information from Annie. I'm starting to worry :(.

  2. I purchased them too have you been paying attention to your Etsy mailbox? Annie sent out several messages regarding this preorder and twice allowing 24 hour periods for refunds. You should log onto your Etsy and if you're really worried about it send her a message again. I know Annie is pretty responsive, but I do admit her last 2 preorders have been very problematic to the point I don't really feel she should run pre-orders any longer :/. Not because I don't trust her but the delays between purchasing and receiving items has gotten longer and longer with each preorder. If it makes you feel any better I also have not received my plates :(

  3. I just read the new information about delay in Annie's store, so now I'm waiting without panic :).
    I haven't got any message from Annie on Etsy - I ordered a plate after official pre-order time. Annie created invoice via Paypal for me.

  4. Why don't you message her as I suggested earlier? At the bare minimum she might be able to explain some more details to you better than I could :/ I'm sure your's is just delayed like everyone else because her orders haven't come through from the manufacturer. I wish I could give you more info but I don't have any of my own to offer either. Sorry :(


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