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10.1 Perfect Polish Sunshine & Rainbows Collection Swatches & Nail Art

Hey lacqueristas,

I'm back with another collection of swatches and nail art!  I apologize for the lack of art these last few days.  My computer had a small freakout and I haven't been able to get my photo editing software to work properly :/  Gah!  In any case I have been very busy this month despite having the month off from my regular swatching gig ;)   I'm always so excited to when a company approaches me and asks if I would mind swatching and created nail art for their products whether its plates or polishes alike. It makes me nervous and happy at the same time so its a conflicted feeling lol.  Today I'm going to be showing you another new collection from 10.1 Perfect Polish.  If you don't remember I created swatches and nail art for this Colorado based indie for the St. Patricks Day Collection.  Today I'm going to be showing you their Sunshine & Rainbows and Collection which is chocked full of metallic easter inspired pastels!

Lilac Fields

Precisely what is sounds like a lilac/lavendar metallic shimmer pastel.  This is one of those colors I put in the "universally flattering category" because it is so soft and slightly blue based it will look fantastic on a variety of skin tones.

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Accent colors: 10.1 Perfect Polish Sugar Kisses
Stamping Polish: Konad Dark Purple
Stamping Plate : MoYou London Sailor 07

I decided to make my nails look a bit like easter eggs here.  Lol I'm not sure how successful the attempt was.  I do know when I went out polish shopping later in the day after I put these on I kept getting stopped by ladies to look at my nails.  Lol that never gets old, random, or any less embarassing when I explain how OBSESSED I am with my nails.  Lol the look of slight consternation when I launch into my tirade.  Lolololol.  Anyways.....

You can see all the metallic shimmer really well in both the nail art and the swatch which shows that these polishes really pack a noticeable punch!

Mr. Blue Sky

A really apt name for this polish as this blue shimmer totally reminds me of a cloudless and perfect sky on a spring day.  This color along with one other in the collection resonates the strongest, at least to my senses, with the feeling of spring.

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Accent colors: Wet N Wild French White, MdU Neon Blue (30), entire Sunshine and Rainbows Collection
Stamping Polish: Mundo de Unas Neon Blue (30)
Stamping Plate : Dashica Infinity 19 & 54
Accents:  Pale blue rhinestones (ebay)

Bunnies!  And abstracts....of course ;)  I have to admit these first two mani's are the most "easter feeling" of the bunch.  After that I started doing whatever I wanted.  Lol in the sense that I just chose patterns and art that spoke to the color of the polish and less to the sentiment of easter.  I'm honestly also not sure about what I created here.  Its cute and the shimmer is really full force too!

I do feel like the shimmer on this color makes the blue seem so icy and alive.  Even though it has a great spring feel I think with the right art this polish could be pushed toward winter looks as well :)

Morning Sunshine

Lemon meringue custard yellow shimmer.  I love a good yellow polish and let's be frank there are very few colors that I can't pull off because of my skin tone. This one is tough for me though.  It did require thinner and the application was somewhat streaky thought it corrected with topcoat.  I will say thought something about adding shimmer to this polish does make it stand out a bit more.

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Watermarble: 10.1 Perfect Polish Sunshine and Rainbow Collection & OPI Alpine Snow

Definitely feels like easter right?  These polishes do spread on water but are a bit challenging to marble with as you need to be quick.  I think that's because of the shimmer component in the polish. However I really love how these colors worked together in this marble.

Sugar Kisses

A medium toned red based pink shimmer.  Another universal flatter that's sure to look good on various skin tones! Application on this one was very smooth. Pictured here in 2 coats with one coat of topcoat.

I love how the metallic in this shimmer makes the pink really pop on my nails!

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Stamping Polish: Handy Nails in Laguna (?) Pastel Orange and Mundo de Unas Black (2)
Stamping Plate : Hehe 38 and 41

I strongly channeled the feeling I get here around spring in DC when the cherry blossoms start exploding everywhere.  They haven't began appearing yet but DC in the spring is gorgeous! Dogwoods and blossoms everywhere and performers dress up in traditional Japanese costumes for the cherry blossom parade annually.

Sweet Sherbet

Paler orange/cremesicle shimmer.  This one for me was like a mix of pain and pleasure.  It was tough to capture the orange color true to life because of the shimmer.  My camera kept getting fooled. Formula on this one was a bit sheerer than the others requiring 3 coats to reach opacity.  

Shimmer shimmer little star!

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Accent colors: Wet N Wild French Creme and homemade leadlight polishes
Stamping Polish: Mundo de Unas Red (9)
Stamping Plate : UberChic Beauty UC 1-02

Really this orange drove me crazy and because of that I purposely chose colors directly downstream of it in the color spectrum to "force" the orange to show up true to its color in real life.  My swatches are a bit darker than it looks but the nail art the color is dead on.

Btw I also purposely chose to use an UberChic plate for this collection since both 10.1 Polish and Uberchi are based in Colorado.  Let the indies unite! ;) I also had a hard time decided whether to apply "seeds" to these flowers or not.  Ultimately I did....but I still couldn't decide which I liked better i.e. with or without.  Oh yeah I added one of my favorite gold flakie polishes too this as well.  Which do you think looks better?

Springtime Carpet

The tender color of new grass in spring.  A soft pastel green shimmer.  This is the other polish in the collection that overwhelming screams, "It's time for spring!" The formula on this one was a bit thick so I added thinner and it corrected perfectly.  Opaque in 2 coats. 

I decided to bring more flowers out to play!

Basecoat/Topcoat:  Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Accent colors: Homemade leadlight polishes
Stamping Polish: Mundo de Unas Dark Green (9)
Stamping Plate : Pueen Encore SE004B
Studs: Pueen (Amazon)

This color is just so bright and fresh and I loved how stamping darker green over lighter green worked with this.  Also I loved how the shimmer peaked through the yellow green flowers.

So here were are at the end of another epic swatch and nail-art-athon.  What do you think? Favorites? The Sunshine and Rainbows Collection is already available for purchase at 10.1 Perfect Polish.  Each polish retails for $8 USD.  Hurry up and go get em so you can start your spring off right!  Thanks for reading and see you next post....

These polishes were provided for my honest review.  For more information please see my Policies.


  1. Stunning artwork! Did you create decals with the uber chic flower design?

  2. Thank you. Nope I didn't lol I will have a full length tutorial up for those tomorrow though ;)


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