Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Messy Mansion MM Series Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

We're back at it again - if only you could see the backlog of plate post releases I need to get out! Lol. Scrambling like a mad woman to get on top of everything which is difficult when there are so many companies releasing plates ALL the time.  However I am always so freaking excited any time Messy Mansion releases anything! And you know that because I love love love me some Julia McGowan.  A lady this dedicated to novelty and quality deserves all my praises and admiration.  On top of this I don't think she's released one product that hasn't been a smash hit, and I know because I own it all! Wait redacted.  I own everything except the basics kit.  I need those little metal plates with the guides cut out and then my collection will be complete! In any case let's take a look at the next set of releases....

The Great Gastby.  How excellent this would be if it was say available this week.  LOL.  Those who are doing the Bookworm nail art contest know what I'm talking about right?  We actually got a sneak peek at this plate a while ago so I'm happy to see it's still on the line up.

I love this plate! Mostly because it has those leaves that you can do "back/front" colors with like I did with a floral design using a FUN plate a while ago.  Also do you notice a familiar image from one of the Leadlight Lacquer plates that I used to create that ocean nail art from a few weeks ago!  I'm so happy to see at least one of these blooms making it over here because it means if you don't have that plate this plate is a cheaper alternative.  Though I will tell you right now I'm getting this one too!

Jurassic Park!  This is why I love Messy Mansion!  Seriously always one step in front of others when it comes to thinking of ideas that are so out of the box and awesome.  The anthropologist in me says yes.  The stamping plate addict in me says HELL YES!!

Wonderful! Why is it that the MM florals just seem so much richer and more decadent than any others on the market?  When they create a rose stamp damn it it's a ROSE.  It looks real.  Really real as to the bare branched trees and the beautiful abstracts surrounding the plate as accents.


I'm sure all the crazy cat ladies out there are loving this plate! Lol having plategasms.  I'm not a big cat lady myself.  Gasp! I know I feel like nails and crazy cat ladies go together but nope. I think this plate is cute and I love the lamppost image cause how perfect would that be for Halloween? But no plategasms ;)

So thoughts?  Any must-haves? I'll be honest and say there are few companies that no matter what plates they create I HAVE to have them all.  Like the worlds worst compulsion.  Messy Mansion is included in that select cluster.  Do you guys have any guesses for the others?  Lol.  These plates are available for pre-order now.  They will be released April 2nd and retail for the usual $7USD.  Do yourself a favor and order with a group of friends until you reach $100 to drop the price of shipping. You can the send the plates to your friends via letter mail in a reinforced envelope for the cost of a stamp ;)  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....


  1. I just had to order The Great Gatsby plate, the plate with the huge rose & fleur de lis, & of course the Kitties plate!!!! As a kitty cat lover & owner.....I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! 💜🐱😻💜 The other 2 plates did nothing for me. I despise dinosaurs & the other floral plate, is just more of the same, at least for me.

  2. Wow lol that last sentence was really strong dis the dinosaurs do something to you? Lolol I'm glad there was something to your liking though :)


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