Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Literature Collection!

Happy hump day stamperistas,

I've got the newest collection from MoYou London today that they created an Instagram contest for. I have to say I swore up and down they said the name of the new collection was going to be the Bookworm Collection, but instead its Literature.  I wonder if there was some confusion behind the scenes.  I think Bookworm would have been more endearing after all I am a huge one.  For a a large part of college I fought between my desire to become an English major over my desire to understand the science of the universe.  Lol we know what won in the end, but books still continue to hold an endless fascination for me.  In any case here is the latest from the stamping plate powerhouse ;)

Meet Agatha (as in Christie har har har)

As we all know I love a good typography plate and more so if there is some meaning to the text.  However I find myself wondering why so much text? You know when MYL ran the contest they specifically emphasized that participants try to avoid text and be creative.  Lol I'm just finding a bit of irony in that statement as I look at all these plates.  But I love that freaking silhouette at the bottom!

For me there is no representation of the film depiction of the tragic and twisted love story of Romeo and Juliet like the one done by Claire Danes and Leonardo DeCaprio.  As soon as I saw the wings at the bottom that's the exact moving I thought of.   By the way I was thrilled to see my one of my favorite lines from Shakesphere's play "These violent delights have violent ends."  Indeed.  Still there is way more text here than I expected.  I wish they had included more imagery :/

I created a mani for this theme for the contest that I'll post later this week.  I have to admit this is not one of my favorite plays though I have read it.  I find Puck to be the most fascinating character of them all - mischievous and a little bit evil.  Lol that line - I will lead them up and down.  Like I said a little  cruel and yet....I like this plate more for the fact that it has these elements of the play I love rather than a love of the plate itself.  Does that make sense?

Around the World in 80 Days.  I can't recall a thing about this novel though I read it ages ago.  I did a mani for this theme as well.  I got nothing to say except  I wish there was less text on this one and more imagery in keeping with fantastic travels.

Oh Fitzgerald - a drunk and a egotist and from some accounts historically a bit of a bastard.  Not as much of a bastard as Hemingway his fellow contemporary and friend, but if I could forgive Hemingway and adore his works I can certainly make room for Mr. Fitzgerald.  Btw its been years since I read The Great Gatsby.  All that I truly recall is that the excesses of the rich and well to do along with the casual violence towards women and love left me with a sour taste in my mouth.  The end was also just....gah!  Suffice to say I wasn't of fan :/

So what do you think of this collection?  I myself am not entirely sure.  I think the premise is cool but its not hitting me the right way.  Btw MYL if anybody reads this suggestions for books and I'm pretty sure they are going for classics I'd love to see the following: Wuthering Heights, The Old Man and The Sea, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and The Satanic Verses.  Other non classics but books I love just as much Harry Potter (obvi), The Fuck Up (no I'm not kidding that's the title and I love this book), and throw some Octavia Butler in there for good measure! Yes I read a lot - I have an entire wall of my apartment that has floor to ceiling bookshelves and they are all FULL.  Somehow this collection should have hit me harder and its a bit dismaying that it didn't oh well.  These plates will be available Friday on the MoYou London website and retail for 4.99 GBP.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post....


  1. Uhmmmm it leaves me with a sense od meeeh! Is just too much text and not enough elements. I'm a serial book reader and I would love to see plates bases on works from Lovecraft, Gaiman, etc. Can you imagine a plate with a cthulhu thrown in there? I have the He He Harry Potter series and I was somewhat expecting something along those lines, they are brilliant! Oh well, I guess my wallet will see some release this week.

  2. Well I love text stamps and have done theatrical productions of both Pride and Prejudice and A Midsummer Night's Dream, so I know most of both texts by heart - and have to get my hands on them :D

  3. Lol better you than me and I love typography plates as well but these are for whatever reason not for me for the most part.

  4. Glad you like them and they have a meaning for you. I think one thing MYL excels at is providing plates in various niches that fit all kinds of people.

  5. Everything you said and more! These plates are disappointing with the overall lack of imagery especially after MYL specifically asked in their contest not to use a ton of typography. Its strange....


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