Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Artist Collection Expansion!

Hey stamperisas,

This  should have gone up yesterday, but I am feeling quite undecidedly myself between nursing my busted up left ankle and the pain from that injury.  Oh well new plates will make everything better right? Lol.  This week MoYou London decided to reintroduce us to a collection that I adored the moment it launched - the Artist Collection.  This week's offerings are cute, fresh, and still just a little bit of that rebel cool spirit this collection gives.  Let's take a look.

Hey offense but I like your human counterpart better ;)

Here's that effortless cool I was talking about.  Boy MYL just killed it with this plate!  Add another one to the never ending pile of plates I want from this company and believe me when you consider the number I own from them already it's a bit outrageous!

Number 19 wasn't sent originally in the previews.  So I just went back and added it.  It's pretty but.... ultimately I'm not sure if I like it.

I like this one less because it feels a little bit too literal for me, BUT as a companion stamp along with some of these other images on the latter plates? Hell yes!!! Um the geek in me just died a little bit when I saw the right triangle.  Lol lord help me!

Yes! How I felt the Scholar Collection doodles should have looked, but strangely so happy this isn't how the Doodles Collection looked.  Lol does that make sense? Let's be honest the Doodles Collection was everything magnificent and right in the world of stamping! PERIOD.

Yes yes yes.  In the season of coming neons, not that they ever absented themselves round these parts, this is going to be fabulous!  Capital F.

Drools.  Drools some more.  Stares.  I must have this splatter plate! To be frank I must have all splatter plates because I suck at creating splatter art and my most successful attempt was created when I used MYL plates to do so.  Yes.  I need this.  So thoughts? As enamored as I am? Repulsed in ways I am unfamiliar with? Wishing MYL still offered round the calendar free international shipping? Yeah me too....lolol.  In any event these plates will be up for grabs Friday morning for 4.99GBP on the MoYou London website.  Times like these really make me wish I wasn't a poor student or at least make me wish I was the princess of a small but wealthy island know for the plates...yeah that's it.... Lol thanks for reading and I'll see you next post!


  1. I can already imagine the strokes on plate 22 in a rainbow neon over a white base. Or even black. Like one continuous stroke from pinky to thumb going in all the shades in a rainbow. Or multiple strokes of colour. So many possibilities *-*. The same with plate 23.

    And contrary to you, I like 19 better than 18 hehehe. The image in the upper right corner of plate 18, that bold image that goes from small to bigger oval shapes, keeps nagging me in a weird way, idk why xDD

  2. Yeah these plates are a really great addition to this collection. For plate number 18 the ovals are decrementally decreasing. Its a technique used in a many forms of art to create spacial awareness. That's probably why your eye is being drawn to it.


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