Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Polish TBH Disney Princess Collection Select Swatches & Nail Art

Hey lacqueristas,

Long time no chat!  Sorry for the silence over the weekend! I had big plans and reviews to post however I had a little accident with my left ankle and spend the weekend writhing in agony and trying to get myself to go to the emergency room.  Lol well one aircast, brace, and several icing sessions later here I stand/hobble.  Ready to move on and so you some pretty! And the best part of today's swatch-a-thon is that it features PolishTBH, an indie that does crellies/jellies in a way that makes my heart pound, and it features Disney which just always always makes me smile.  That's right! Today I've got a few selections from the 12 polish limited edition Disney Princess Collection from PolishTBH.  Prepare to set your wallets to stun ;)

As I said earlier the Disney Princess Collection is actually really huge featuring 12 different polishes across most of the Disney filmography of Disney's princesses.

Today I will be sharing 4 of the princess inspired polishes with you from the set of 12.  As you can see each polish is beautiful in its own right and the colors represent some aspect of the film and the Princess on which the polish is based.


Inspired by the Disney Princess Snow White this polish is jam packed with navy, yellow, and red hex glitter of varying sizes along with microglitter in the same colorway in a clear base.  Its obvious when you look at Snow Whites' clothing where the color choice came from.  For this one I chose to create a jelly sandwich with a glitter gradient.  Because the polish is so jam packed it was easy to layer it up without having to fish around for glitter.  I loved the effect of the glitter poking through the red jelly and then building up along the tip to the base!

Basecoat/Topcoat: Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Base: American Apparel Downtown LA
Jelly Sandwich: L'oreal Jolly Lolly
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Black (2)
Stamping plate: Loja BBF28

Hehe although its inspired by a Disney princess this polish would also work really well for Wonder Woman nails!  I love it when you can double up uses for a polish :)


Cinderella is the first and most classic Disney princess of all time and the polish attached to this namesake is gorgeous!  Turquoise colored rectangular and circle glitter of all shapes and sizes mixed wit hold hexes and stars.   No matter which angle I look at this polish its stunning!

But because I didn't have any plates with an appropriate Cinderrella image I figured I better leave it alone rather than putting something none Disney on top since I have a theme going on here.  Plus honestly This is one of those polishes like holos where it really hurts me to put nail art on top when all I want to do is stare.


Anna is a black jelly polish loaded with purple, green, blue, and silver hex glitters.  God I love this one!  Effortless formula and a true sheer jelly!  The inspiration behind this one is Princess Anna from Frozen.  Lol these days everyone is really in love with that movie and I was able to pull out about 3 different plates I had with Frozen images on it including 2 that held Anna.

Basecoat/Topcoat: Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Jelly Sandwich: Anna
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas White (1) and Black (2)
Stamping plate: Loja BBF27, MoYou London Festive 02, and Sugar Bubbles SB009

This polish is sheer and build-able enough that I was able to use it successfully to encapsulate the stamped snowflakes you see swimming in the base.  I'm telling you sincerely Chrissie does glitter jellies flawlessly!


Tiana from The Princess and the Frog is a off white crelly that is packed with yellow, green and black hexes of varying sizes. It also contains a golden shimmer in the base that amps the pretty factor anytime it hits the light.  You can see it obviously on my nails and boy is this polish pretty!  I've never actually seen this Dinsey movie so I had to go back and do the research on the character.  Lol luckily because I am such a plate addict I had an image of Tiana in my collection :)

The nail art here is really simple - leadlight flowers and little Tiana. Because I've haven't seen the movie I wasn't sure if she was a girl princess or an adult but I think this came out light and playful.

Basecoat/Topcoat: Duri Rejuvacote / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Leadlight polishes: Homemade and Esemaltes de Kelly Neon Soap Bubbles
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Dark Green (7)
Stamping plate: Cici and Sisi 05, My Online Shop MJXXXIII

The shimmer is really apparent just like I said right? This polish is my second favorite of the 4 I tried out.  Just really really soft and pretty.

So that was the last one of these inspired and gorgeous polishes! What do you think?  The Disney Princess Collection will be releasing from Polish TBH this Saturday and is sure to be a smash hit for all of us who really wanted to be princesses when we were little.  Lol I wanted to be Pocahontas myself so I could run around outside and have a pet dog.  In addition I wanted to be Jasmine because she got Raja.  Lol.  Kids are silly right?  You can purchase these polishes on the Polish TBH website and don't forget Chrissie sells my favorite cuticle oil of all time so its a great time to pick that up as well!

These products were sent for my honest review.  For more info see my Disclosures Policy.


  1. Anna is my absolute favorite, and I love what you did with it.

  2. Thank you sweetie you always comment and its awesome! :)

  3. I love them. I got my first indie polishes ever a month or so ago (Avengers Assemble Collection from Lucky 13) and since then, I've been craving more indie polishes because I fell in love with how different they can be from mainstream polishes. So i've been in the hunt for new brands/polishes to try. These ones are so pretty, especially Anna and Tiana. They are most have, imo.

    Thanks for sharing them :)

  4. Thanks babe! I am an indie fanatic :)


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