Monday, April 27, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty 3rd Collection & Special Edition Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamperistas,

The press is hot like fire these days and only getting hotter!  How hot? Well the releases keep rolling in and boy they are are impressive.  Today I have the newest plates to show you from UberChic Beauty.  There is by now no way you haven't heard of this company.  It's splendiferous the way Mary Poppins is "practically perfect in every way".  Yup I said it!  Totally totally love this company and the owner and creator Brittany.  Her soul must be full of cotton candy and rainbows because she is that sweet and super responsive to her customers!  Ok so enough gush let me give you the goods...

Lord Jesus and heaven above never ever let Brittany stop making plates! This plate is EVERY-THANG! Look at that rose, look at the light bulbs and the butterflies, the ringing abstracts and by god look at the text!  This is how you execute interesting typography (side eye to MYL and that literature set).  Must have it!

Kaliedoscopes, more epic florals (is that a little cactus aloe plant? I love those!), lace and and epic corner sized abstract!   Honestly some of these images are so freaking fresh!

I. Love. This. Plate.  and I must have it!  I must absolutely have that image in the lower right hand middle corner. Also I need that "Stay classy" image.  If she had added San Diego I would have died. Like seriously died.  If you don't get that reference I just don't know what to say....

This is how the Geek Collection should have been made by MYL.  They did too much splitting of the Sci Fi from the other geek elements.  This plate made a marriage of everything.  Its got your book geeks, sci-fi geeks, gaming geeks, and computer geeks covered in one plate. Its sad when you realize how much of your personality is tied up in geekdom since basically all of thees categories fall right into my personality.  Oy oy!  I must have this plate for the "The books is always better" quote alone!  I cannot tell you how every single time I see a book I love adapted to a movie and watch the movie I'm dissapointed its happened every time including with Game of Thrones. Yes - the books are better.

A hipster plate.  I just heard all the owl fans out there let out a birdish shriek.  Lol there are so many of you that really love owl images.  Personally the image that I love the most here are the mustachios they are so cute! There is one in particular that has a sort of gradient that I think is adorable.  I also like the image with the incrementally increasing dots.  I am by no means a Hipster, but if you are I think you will love this plate.  While it does have some elements that are similar to MYL's Hipster Collection there is still enough variety here to offer something different.

And now for two full sized typography plates!  I like these and here's why.  I don't own one set of plates yet with letters that are this big and come in this many fonts.  I will never have to search through my collection again looking for my letter images or number images they are all right here! That has so much mass appeal for me.

What I said above.  Oh by the way there's more.....

Yup UberChic Beauty will also be selling their own set of Creative Shop stampers that come with a little Bling kit so you can jazz up your stamper ;) How cute is that?!?  So what do you think ladies? This was a gorgeous release right?  I think there is something for everyone.  So these plates are available for pre-order now.  The first 3 plates comprise Collecton 3 and are available in a bundle priced at $24.99.  Remember what I said before in my prior review of UberChic plates - that breaks down to $8.30 a plate which is significantly cheaper than other similar sized plates on the market.  The individual Special Edition plates will retail for $14.99.  The Creative Shop stamper and Bling Set will also be available for order and is priced at $10.99.  Oh and in case you missed the first collection of plates they will also be available for preorder.  Get everything while its hot and before it sells out because I just know these plates will move!  Order to your hearts content on the UberChic Beauty website.  Happy hunting and I will see you next post.....

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