Friday, May 1, 2015

Bejewled Floral Gradient Nail Matinee Nail Art & Tutorial

Hey stamperistas,

I have been a bit quiet here because not much is going on.  I've also been nursing a spring cold or virus something like that - it sucks!  Its been a lot of tea drinking and Vicks Vapor Rub lol I smell like a eucalyptus tree took up residence in my home.  Its not nearly as sexy as it sounds lol ;)  In any case I finally was able to summon up enough stamina to do some photo and video editing.  Oh my!  And so today I have a little nail art I created using Elevation Polish and my new Nail Matinee stamping plates courtesy of Beautometry. If you haven't seen my review for these plates you can check that out here.

Basecoat/Topcoat: CND Stickey / Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat
Gradient':  Elevation Polish Yeti Hugs Feel So Close (February limited edition), Iceburg Lake, and Lake of The Isles
Stamping polish:  Mundo de Unas Navy (3)
Stamping plates:  Nail Matinee NM 03
Accents: Bronze Bullions (Michaels), 2 mm rhinestones (Ebay)
Wax pencil for jewel picking: Amazon (set of 5)

You know I always say that Lulu is brilliant because of course she is.  Any time I want to create nail art with a color story all I have to do is go through my Eleva-stash and I will always come out with some winning combo.  I haven't been disappointed once because no matter what across collections and stories I always end up finding polishes that play so well together.  At this moment I'm deeply regretting not getting a backup of Yeti Hugs. Gah!  Don't forget Elevation Polish will be releasing their new collection on the 7th of May!

I love how this turned out and to be frank this is what I call a "simple".  The stamping is pretty basic relying on a pretty pattern and some jewel tone colors and accents to make it "pop", but I love it.  I also created a tutorial in case you love it too lol.

So you can find Nail Matinee stamping plates on the Beautometry website.  I am not really saying this a plug but if you haven't checked out this website you really really should.  I have never seen such an assortment of international plates and polishes in one site that provides such ready access. Your wallet won't thank you but your nails surely will.  Alright stamperistas that's a wrap happy Friday! I'm off to find some more lemon and honey tea.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post...


  1. This is gorgeous (as usual)!
    I just got my first Elevation polishes a month or so ago, can't wait to figure out some nail art to do with them.

  2. Simply gorgeous!


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