Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Illusion Collection!

Hey stamperistas,

MoYou London has been awful quiet these last 2 weeks right? Plotting plotting behind the scenes, and for those paying attention the signs of this collection dropping have been in the air since December when MYL released the collection scrapers and this one was labelled as "mystery". Now the mystery has been solved, and for those with a hankering for Magic Eye or just really beautiful abstracts I think you'll find yourself at a loss to resist these plates.  So let's take a look...

Meet Elle she's got a bit of a swirl going on and I don't mean that Chocolate and Vanilla kind ;) I know there is a whole crowd out that that got this reference lololol

MYL finally decided to release a collection in its entirety instead of teasing us with half this week and half the next.  Frankly I like this so much better.  I hope they continue this trend.  About the is awesome!  You guys know I like these types of tricky looking abstracts and we've seen them done already by some platemakers but MYL took it to a whole nother level!

I am particularly fond of all these swirls within swirls and the radiating patterns.  Although in all fairness some of these images are from plates that have been there done that but they are mixed with enough new patterns that its forgivable.

Yes!  The XL variety you know I like that for sure!

Bigger is better!

Way better lolol! Image 3rd from the left bottom row is killing me!

Here's were the patterns start getting not so fresh and been there done that, but I think they were literally trying to cover every optical illusion.  That way if you went through your collection you'd find what you wanted without scrambling.  That's the allure I guess of this set.

Some novel ones here the triangles that appear to be almost 3D are insane!

Same as but for the the longer nailed ladies.

These patterns really freak my eyes out I keep seeing new things every time I look.

Those triangles again.  It feels like I have vertigo and is it me or do they look different enlarged than they did in the smaller size?

I get that this is supposed to be a plate where no matter where you stamp your image will change because of the nature of the pattern but this plate is kinda not pretty to look at horizontally.  Lol like a super flat and lopsided pancake.  It probably tastes delicious though! Lolol.  But guess what?  If you flip the plate upright you can see the entire alphabet clearly and at the very bottom there are the numbers 1-0! How cool is that?!?! Thanks for Maja for pointing that out :)

So there we have it the optical illusion collection.  What do you think?  Favorites? Must haves? Can't live withouts? I can see a lot of ladies loving this set and I've got a few favorite plates picked out myself.  These will release Friday on the MoYou London website.  Each plate retails for 4.99 GBP + shipping.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...


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  2. Hah, At least I can comment from my phone!

  3. I love optical illusions. I'm glad that they did make it easier to find a lot of options in one collection. Oh, yeah I got your reference lol...r u done with the swirl?

  4. I think not only did they make it easier they added a LOT more patterns than had been available before. MYL is always so clever and they just continue to shock me. And yes I'm waiting for the swirl to return in a June. I just started watching the show this spring and had no idea it was so good!

  5. Everything is moving...I especially like plate four and five. I've been working on a MoYou London order and these plates might make it into the cart.


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