Friday, May 15, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights Gradient Dot & Swirls Nail Art & Tutorial

Hey stamperistas,

Its been crazy quiet over here apologies for that.  I've been in the midst of craziness and now somehow I'm having to plan a move!  Lord I hate moving mostly too because it's hell on my nails! Gah!  In any case today I finally got some time to sit down and do some photo and video editing so I have a nail art to share with you lovelies!  I also took my new Nail Matinee plates out for another spin ;)

Basecoat/Topcoat:  CND Stickey & Poshse Fast Drying Topcat
Gradient: China Glaze Electric Nights Home Sweet House Music, Plur-ple, Daisy Know My Name?, and
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Black
Staming plate: Nail Matinee NM01
accents: 2mm gold round studs

So I really love how this turned out! I created this right after I cut my nails though I still have some of my stilletto tip mani's in the vault to share so don't be alarmed if you see my shape switch back and forth ;)  This is another mani that I call a simple.  The stamping is super basic but it's the details that made this pop.  The added gold studs and dots that change depending on the pattern of stamping added an entire nother layer of awesomeness to this nail art!

And also look at how awesome this gradient came out!  I swear to go there are so many neon polishes out right now but these Electric Night ones are by far so awesome!  I'd love to get a few other interesting looking ones I've seen out but for now I'm loving these.  And because sharing is caring I created a little tutorial for these too! Woot I'm on a roll!

How do you like these? I think they are perfect for that playful summer vibe and would also translate really well into a pedicure even though I hate looking at other people's feet lol.  And so that concludes today's foray into the neon abstracty jungle of goodness!  You can purchase Nail Matinee Plates from Beautometry and also I found a really great Amazon price for the full set of China Glaze Electric Nights Collection that I'll share here.  Happy stamping ladies and I'll see you next post....


  1. This is so gorgeous! I love the addition of the studs, takes it to the next level!

  2. Love your mani! Gorgeous gradient and the stamping, with the added dots and studs. I would hate to have to remove it! Oh, moving... yeah, we're retired and plan to move.... lol, one of these days! Maybe.... I hate the thought. But I need to at least start getting rid of stuff we have no use for. One of these days.... :)


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