Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Sugar Bubbles Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamperistas,

Its been a quiet weekend and slow start week, but today I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you the latest plates that are releasing from Sugar Bubbles.  I like this Brazilian based indie because her plates have always sat in a well defined niche that's very different from other platemakers.  Its a little bit of goth meets a little bit of pop culture and her own unique perspective on basic patterns.  I like that which is why I own every single plate this company makes and was really excited when I heard there were going to be new plates coming out!  So let's take a look....

I'm pretty sure Sugar Bubbles was the first maker of the blowing bubble image design.  Essentially she had the first mock up but others including MYL and Vivid Lacquer followed the trend quickly.   Its kind of cute to see the blowing hearts, but I don't really care for this plate.  The cherubs are actually somewhat creepy looking especially the one with a single eye and the silhouettes are very similar to the ones that I've seen on the Fab Ur Nails and Born Pretty Store plates.  But my main issue is that this plate offers a lot of heart images I've already seen across multiple brands of plates along with the fact that images are repeated in two separate spaces when something different could have been put there.

So as I said I really am a fan of Sugar Bubbles, but I'm pretty disappointed in the very obvious number of images that are direct dupes of the Marianne Nails fairy plates, she has 4, and the images of the fairies are all dead on dupes.  I do like the inclusion of the My Little Pony, unicorn and moon. And the gnome is a stroke of adorable genius! However I really wish this plate had few images that I own and have seen already.

More florals for all the botanical loving ladies ;) The entire top row of patterns look familiar right? They should because we've seen them from Apipila, Dashica, My Online Shop, and Marianne Nails. This pattern has be done way too much in my opinion.  I also see floral patterns from B. Loves Plates and Pueen.

I love and adore Hello Kitty.! I think most of my good nail pals know that lol.  I have a lot of her paraphernalia scattered around my house and containers that I use for storage and my nail art.  This plate is adorable!  It does contain a few semi-familiar images from the HK plates from Fab Ur Nails and MOS but after looking closely I do several that are unique from those collections.  This is the first of the five plates in this release that I feel have more of the goth and punky cute feel that I'm used to seeing from this brand.

This is a bit more like it if you see what I mean.  I love the cherry skulls though if you remember Chez Delaney released an image like this a few months ago and the sugar skulls I've seen and I believe own on already from an Apipila plate.

So what do you think?  I won't lie - I'm not exactly loving the plates in this release.  It really feels like a lot of the images here are so far removed from the usual Sugar Bubbles style and for a maker that usually knocks me back with her novelty I'm surprised by the number of dupe images I see here.  I believe these plates are already available for purchase. You can contact the owner on her Facebook. Plates retail for $7-8 USD.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post

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  1. This is another brand I've been looking into but I can't narrow down the plates I want!


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