Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Literature Collection Expansion!

Happy hump day stamperistas,

Its Wednesday and we all know that's basically MoYou London day up in here ;)  I'm just going to dive right in.  Last week we know MoYou offered us the first look at their typography heavy Literature Collection that's is packed full of more classics than a high school English class.  This week we return for part deux.  Let's take a look....

 Agatha returns...

Well I wanted this to be a bit more full of imagery than last weeks plates however its a bit more of the same.  BUT I actually really loved the novel Dracula when I read it.  A lot of the passages in the novel struck a huge cord with me as such I'll likely put this plate on my wishlist.  It can double up as a bit of the more cerebral Halloween plate too.

Same as deal for me as the Dracula plate.  Lovethe brain in the jar, but basically this anatomically almost correct heart is basically what is clenching it for me.  I still think there is just too much typography on these plates regardless of how meaningful they are.  Consider it like this - the script by large is too small to be read on your nails, as in for your own pleasure, let alone to show to others :/ Thus its the images that sustain the mani which are lacking across both releases thus far.

No.  But hooo the chain of elephants and Hisssssss!  Still entirely not enough images to suit my taste. Pretty much this whole collection is like a painful mix of disappointed expectations and nostalgia.  I feel like I'm looking at this collection listening to Adiago for Strings.  If you listen to the song you'll know what I mean.  The feeling is bittersweet because I love the idea but the execution for me....gah!

Count of Monti Cristo.  I recall reading this book ages ago, but thinking about it now I can barely remember anything.  Lol.  Terrible.

So thoughts? I know some of you absolutely love this collection.  I definitely put a few on my wishlist, but overall I wanted more.  I thought of a few more books I'd like to see though - Things Fall Apart, Magical Thinking, Chuck Pulinuk's Lullaby, A Call To The Wild, and any thing from the Wheel of Time series when Robert Jordan was writing, and Moby Dick because talk about maniacal crusades and crazy obsessions.  See how I complain and then ask for more? Lol.  Anyway these plates will release Friday on the MoYou London website.  They retail for 4.99GBP.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

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