Friday, April 17, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Pueen Lace Blossoms Celebration Collection (UPDATED)!

Hey stamperistas,

Quickie post today because I spied the newest plate from the Pueen Celebration Collection and wanted to share with everyone! You know I am a big fan of Pueen plates since they tend to be inspired and easy to use.  I have the Fireworks Festival plate from this collection and I love it though I got it much later after the initial release.    It's a monster plate, think big like DRK XL big,  of flowers patterns etc.  With this upcoming release I'm hoping that Pueen stretched a little bit more in the design department since these types of plates are fairly popular these days and from what I saw in the last release from DRK getting better and better.  So far I just have mockups to share but let's take a look.

I like what I see so far but I'm not blown away yet.  I will say the butterfly image in the top middle row is really pretty.  Everything else looks like a bit of a variation on other images I've seen but with these little sneak peeks its hard to tell.

Loving first row 4th from the left and second row 5th from the left!  Sunflowers are popular eh? Both UberChic Beauty, Vivid Lacquer, and Dashica have given a take on this popular flowers now. For the rest meh again not terribly blown away, but I'll reserve my final thoughts until I see the whole kit and kaboodle so to speak.

So thoughts?  I want to see the whole plate!  I'll be honest and say I don't like teasers that don't involve showing me some hot hard metal if you know what I mean lol.


Here's the final mock up of the plate.  You can't really see jack since the image Pueen posted is quite small, and IMO insufficient to determine much about the patterns, but it's better than nothing.

Having looked at the website I also find the images (which are the same) to be far too small for up close inspection.  The plate will be retailing for $18.99 + shipping.  I have noted historically when I ordered from Pueen directly that the shipping can be a bit higher than what one would normally anticipate.   However Pueen's Facebook did say something about a special discount that would be available for the plate via their direct site.  I will add this caveat to those eager stampers - it seems several ladies had problems with their Fireworks Festival plate, the first from this collection, and Pueens' response was not very accommodating.  What do I mean by that? They were not accepting returns or offering full refunds as well as asking for swatches (which I do feel at least is fair). However as I have seen several members of the stamping community post about these issues and not being able to return faulty plates I've been a bit saddened to read it and as such I will not be ordering anything unless it comes from Amazon.  Amazon has always had exemplary customer service and always accepts any problems I may have with my plates with good grace and aplomb!  You will be able to order this plate on 4/24/15.  Happy hunting and see you next post....


  1. This is one of the things that I don't like with pueen. I love the company and I have all their plates except the sumptuous collection (I don't like images with that curved french tip-like shape). But when they are going to release a new set/plate they make it really hard for us to see what they are offering. We have to have until someone else buy it and share pictures to be able to see the whole thing.

    But knowing them (and myself) I trust this is going to be good. The mock-ups for the Leisure collection didn't promised much and that one is pretty good. The same with the Fireworks. I hope they put it soon on amazon to buy it together with my mom present for Mother's day! :D

  2. Girl I know. Why do they always do that? It frustrates me as well. People want to actually be able to see the freaking plate! I can't see anything like this and I will not purchase this plate until I can because I already own the DRK Enlaced plate and I'm not going to waste my money if this is dupe-like. Also I don't trust to purchase on their website after hearing about all the ladies that they refused to allow returns for improperly etched plates. I like you will wait until things show up on Amazon before deciding. I do own all of the Pueen plates and I like them all but these days I take everything with a grain of salt.

  3. Me too. When the Leisure set came out, I had to wait almost for two months to receive it. nd when I send them mails asking them about the whereabouts of my purchase, they never answered. I prefer shopping from they shop on amazon because it takes less time and it seems more safe.

    But I have to say that when I send them a mail asking about replacements of three plates from the same set, they send it without fuss. So I can't complain much lol

    About this one... what worries (?) me is the fact that even when is supposed to be about lace, there will be an explossion of flowers, like with their other plates. Lately when I think of pueen the only thing that comes to my mind is flowers, because that's what most of their plates are about.

  4. Personally I have never had a problem with the company but I saw so many complaints about the initial release of the Fireworks Festival plate on some of our FB groups I was shocked. So many people saying they would not take returns etc or would offer only to take the plate first to test and see if it was faulty but not offer refunds. I was really surprised. Then again of the plates I own from pueen I only got the Encore from them directly. Everything else I bought through Amazon. So I will be sticking to that. And yes lol explosion of flowers is right. It used to be novel and their idea but now has become so stale and repetitive because they keep doing it over and over and now a lot of other companies have copied that idea :/


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