Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Messy Mansion Nail Art Stamping Plates + Carbon Nail Art Stamper + MM Decal Stamping Mat + New MM Stamping Polishes!!

Hey stamperistas,

Talk about good things coming to those who wait.  Lol let me say I have been waiting for this moment for a very very long time.  The moment when Julia the powerhouse creator behind Messy Mansion would do a few of the things that insanely long title indicated. Yup first - she finally finally created and announced her release of stamping polishes.  I knew this day was coming since she first revealed her Leadlight Polish line and oh how I prayed about it.  "Please let Julia make a stamping polish because she is so good at what she does!", and then guess what she did! Also because I have a little birdy whispering in my ear I knew this carbon stamper was coming.  I had some kind of small stampergasm when I first saw it.  You will too lol.  I'm so busy getting excited about this I haven't even talked about the plates.  Whatever let's get into this thing!

Julia termed this October something like October Decadence! I love that yes this is the month of all kind of glorious things from a few brands I love plus it's Halloweeny!  Lol ok let me calm down and say wow this plate is unbelievably gorgeous.  Masques that remind me of a similarly titled book and of Mardi Gras and of the Venetian masques that were part of formal balls held long ago.  Yup this plate is gorgeous and hello little befeathered bikini girl!  The diamond pattern reminds me so much of Harley Quinn and if you don't get that reference that's totally cool homies ;)

Ladies love bling lol! I would be lying if I didn't include myself as a lover of bling especially on the nails.  I feel a Moulin Rouge montage coming on! Something like "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" sung in conjunction with Madonna's "Material Girl".  Loving the chandelier earring dead center and the negative image jewels!

Baby put your balconette bra on and take the world by storm! Lol you all DO NOT want to know what goes on in my head sometimes.  I love this plate it's naughty and utterly feminine.  I need that bra image immediately along with that laced edged garter!  Yes I love lingerie...I'm secretly stalking Dita Von Tesse ;)

Hoooo yes yes yes!  October Decadence indeed! Let me tell you something about the month of October for me - it means pumpkin beer and a variety of artisanal wines.  Do I sound like a snot? Maybe a bit but I used to work in a winery during my undergrad days and let me tell you I've got a love of wine country deep in my soul.  When the holidays roll around if wine is not part of my dinner table something has gone drastically wrong! As in worlds are colliding and I'm forcing my family members to scour the city to find the one open liquor store in the entire city. Gah flashback to last Thanksgiving!  Needless to say I need this plate yesterday!  (Mental note to self: have favorite wines stocked up for Thanksgiving this year.)  Now let's talk stamping accessories!

This black Carbon Stamper from Messy Mansion lord save my wallet!

So here's the deal - the head is slightly larger than those we've seen from any other company and its rounded.  I watched the video and while I don't have the stamper I surmise that its somewhere between the softness of the Chelle We Stamp/MoYou London XXL Jumbo Stampers and the new one's cropping up all over the place that are all essentially stampers from AliExpress that have been repackaged (lol that's all together another story though).  I just wanted to point out that this one is unique i.e. different from ANY others I've seen thus far.  Also apparently somehow the formulation of this pad allows for slower dry time with your stamping polishes at least that's the case when used with the new stamping polishes from Messy Mansion!  Don't believe me?  Watch the video!

And here are the stamping polishes!  Thus far they have Carbon (Black), Chalk (White), Soft Gold, and Sterling (Silver).  I'm not sure when the polishes will be in stock however the Carbon stamper is available for preorder now/may already be at the warehouse.

So what do you think? I love EVERYTHING!  Did you know Messy Mansion is also releasing a stamping mat too?  I was waiting to see if a set version of the polishes were going to go up, but I couldn't stand it for one bit longer and ended up ordering the stamper and the mat in a frenzy of must-have-to-have-its.  I thought to myself this is fine since I haven't been struck with that disease recently hence I could justify the purchase.  Lololol.  Yes these are the thoughts that go through my head.  I really should get that checked out oh well.  You can find all the items I posted here on the Messy Mansion website.  The polishes retail for $10/each.  The mat is $9 freaking dollars (the most affordable one out right now!).  The carbon stamper set which comes with the 2 heads and scraper is $12 and finally MM series plates retail for $7 per plate.  Oh man I am so so excited to be a stamper right now!  Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post....

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