Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Bundle Monster Occassions Christmas Holiday Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamperistas,

Happy Monday dears! Just another plate press release for you today :)  I always feel like right at the bottom of the year platemakers go crazy.  Lol releasing lots of holiday and new years related plates. Then we get a tiny little lull and it goes crazy again around spring.  Today I have the latest holiday plates from Bundle Monster from their Occasions Collection along with a discount code you can use, but more on that later first lets take a look at the goods!

Like the last Occasions Collection this one is also a 10 plate set.

 Fireworks.  This is actually a super cute plate! The first time I saw it I was a bit like meh, but the more I saw it the more it grew on me.  This would be great for many occasions including NYE and the 4th of July.
NYE plate.  Its pretty typical though I do like all of the typography.  Overall its a cute plate though its not blowing me away.

 I love this plate! I feel like any time I see a snowflake plate its really hard for me to resist only because there are so many different type of snowflakes out there.  I craft them around Christmas all the time with paper.  I adore these even though I already own a lot of snowflake plates.
 The list with the cookies and the stockings kill me! This plate is a little bit like my cross between fun and a nightmare.  Lol yes I know how that sounds - I don't like the presents in the righthand corner or the gingerbread men and trees they look really cartoonish but I think that's supposed to be the point? I don't know it's one of those plates where I love the top half and hate the bottom :/
 I've said so much already this season about these ugly sweater plates.  I can't be bothered to say more, but I think all platemakers should consider this theme well and truly covered.

The nutcracker and the reindeer second from the right bottom row are horrifying.  The elf looks like Dobby.  Do I hate this plate or do I love it? Hmmmm....ambivalence is better than boredom in my opinion.

 Typography.  I'm a bit weak when it comes to plates like these.  It's nothing but a good feel trip (yeah just what I said) lolol.

Christmas trees and snowy log cabins are not novel. We've seen them before lots.  Still I think this plate is cute.  Its something about Christmas where I'm like ok its cute yeah its cute.  Not particularly different or novel but aww aren't these trees adorable? Lol <---- lost cause
I already said how I feel about openwork ornaments in stamping - its brilliant and we need more plates like that to customize our ornaments. I laughed and my friend when she said she loves this plate but now I kind of get the appeal with the stocking and gingerbread men too.  Yeah I take back what I said Yvette I've not seen a string of "random ornaments" plate like this before ;)

Finally we are seeing more options out there for Christmas poinsettias, but these are kind of cartoon awful.  I'm comparing to my poinsettia image of the season from UberChic (the one on her Christmas plate was ALL kinds of flawless).  The only images I really like on this plate are the snowman and the Northpole sign.

BM also released their own set of templates in metal and plastic.  The plastic ones seem really flimsy and not quite as useful in terms of pattern selection.   Obviously this idea was taken from Messy Mansion the original concept creator from this idea. It seems like with the stamping mats competition is getting fierce around accessory items. I will say though I wish the templates were able to be purchased separately since I already have the MM ones and some of these patterns overlap :/

So what do you think?  I'm not sure how I feel about the collection it's a bit of love hate once again. Lol.   I wish BM would let you scramble plates into a set.  Lol that way I could have put the occasions plates I liked last time with the ones I like this time.  Since each plate individually retails for $2.49 as compared to $1.30 something for each plate in a set it becomes a game of how many plates do I want.  If you want even 5 plates its not worth it to get them individually since you'll end up close to the total cost of the set which is $13.99.  The metal templates retail for $15.99 USD while the plastic ones are $6.99.  You can use the code cheer15 to save 15% off.  If you buy the set it comes with the old surfer christmas BM plate.  If you buy the metal decal set you get the plastic one for free. However according to BM facebook these deals aren't stackable i.e. if you use the code you do not get the free items.  Frankly I'm not sure the free items in question are worth the loss of the discount with the code.  All the items including individual plates are available on the BM website now.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

P..S BM is having a Black Friday sale - take15 (15% off no price limit), take20 (20% off orders > $40), take30 (30% off orders > $100).

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