Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New MyOnline Shop Stamping Plates!

Hey stamperistas,

Another plate post today! This one for new plates that released from +MyOnline Shop  a few weeks ago. You may recall, if you are a long time reader, that I posted about Meanne's Jr series before.  Of all the plates she creates these are my favorite and cover an unbelievable number of themes from Harry Potter and 50 Shades of Gray to the Taj Mahal and ocean themed frollicks.  These plates are well etched and really worth the investment such that prior to this release I had every single one.  I have not been as soon about using them despite loving all of them.  So today I'm going to show you the latest release from this collection plus a new MJ plate that released at the same time.  Let's get this party started!

I don't know about you Miss Kitty, but I'm feeling so much yummier!  Lol yes! If you don't get that reference I say fie and shame.  But yes Hello Kitty is making a delicious appearance right at the outset and I for one applaud! Adorable there are a few images that I already have namely the bows, but they are pretty par for the course on any HK themed plate including the ebay knockoffs. In any case I need that glasses kitty stat!

Abstracted.  Oh my favorite kind of patterns as you all well know.  The pattern 3rd row 1st from the right is incredible! So incredible it makes me want to by this entire plate, and that's just crazy! I rarely react that way to plates these days where one image will sell me.  The patterns overall are a mix of new and a few I've seen across some other platemakers.  Its tough but overall I want it so on it goes to the wishlist!

This plate is so freaking cute! Cutey cute cute! Gah the macarons alone! How long have I been waiting for a macaron plate? Too long! I actually make macarons at home using the Italian method.  I still haven't mastered them yet but it's like a life goal.  Also I drink about 5-6 cups of tea a day.  So yes another wishlisted plate <3

Love - bleh! Lol you guys know how I am about de romance.  I'm kinda like nope, ok maybe, sometimes, nah just not my speed.  The watermarbly looking hearts though are awesome! Love the lipsticks too, but I have a lot of lovely dovey plates I don't even use.  Plus I promised myself if I purchase another Valentines lover's plate it has to be a specific one I have my eye on.

Pretty basic set of abstracts here.  Bottom row 1st from the right is severely tempting for me as is the pattern next door and the one next to it  Ok so entire bottom row is awesome! Ok yeah I like this plate, though again there are a few basic patterns here that hold me back from leaping on in ASAP.

Optical illusion themed plates are EVERYWHERE.  Its an official 2015 plate trend.  This one is cool, but these days I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed with this trend. Its hard to tell how many of these patterns I already own.  Again the bottom row is killer!

So I'm totally not a fan of fitness plates just putting that out there.  They are not my style and I like my nails to be either one of two things - pretty/cute/beautiful or cool.  I don't want to be reminded of sweating my balls off in the gym, if I had such organs, but I can kinda see some girls digging it.  For what it's worth I like the plate, but it's definitely not my style.  I'll take the I <3 my body stamp though!

This plate has very basic abstracts.  Since I already have many of these patterns strewn across my collection I'm not as interested in this plate.  However for those of you lacking simple classic abstract patterns - this plate is for you!

Let's do this! Lol gambling.  IRL I hate gambling because believe it or not I am an extremely cautious girl by nature.  I don't like making bets, but prefer educated guesses.  However I love poker, its really a great game and a lot of fun if you've got a good group! You can play for silly things or just with fake chips.  Most importantly I like the card signs because they remind me of Alice in Wonderland. Cha-ching!

To-to-to....Toki-Doki!  Yeah! Cutey cute cute!  I don't think I've ever seen a TKDK plate before, but how cute is this! Look at the tiny baby mummy! Needs!

In case you wanted to supersize your optical illusions or add some funky mix and match patterns to the party here is MJ48!  For me its the same kind of conflict I spoke of before with the optical illusion style plates though I do like this plate.  I still think I have a few of the illusion patterns above.  In any case here we are at the end of the newest MOS plates.  What do you think? Have any of you bought them already? 

The MJ Jr plate retail for $7 USD per plate and the MJ plates retail for $18 USD per plate + shipping.  Shipping tends to jump up quite quickly on the StoreEnvy site so if you are going to purchase I'm of the opinion small purchases here and there are the best way to go.  Btw you may recall from my mat post earlier but MOS also just released their own version of a stamping mat that you can check out! You can find MOS plates here on the Story Envy page.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

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