Monday, November 30, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plates + Sale!

Hiya stamperistas,

Whoa double post and after a holiday weekend? Lol yup! I wanted to let you know two pretty awesome pieces of news.  First Vivid Lacquer has released 3 new plates and no they are not preorders, but actual plates that are available for purchase now!  Second Anni is having a sale so now is a great time to take advantage and stock up on her plates if you've been holding out.  So let's get into the new plates and then I'll give you the plate sales details.

That watermarble trend for stamping plates has really taken off which is awesome for the people who can't watermarble.  Here we get a few options in terms of sizing and rotation of the spirals as well as the cascading hearts design.  You guys may remember I did a watermarble like this last Valentines Day.  It took a ton of practice, but it was well worth it!

My favorite plate out of the new releases!  I love these snowflakes and the mixing and matching of the sizes plus the reciprocal images.  What an awesome holiday/winter plate.

Finally, this last plate was designed by Xoxo Jen i.e. it's a blogger collaboration plate.  How awesome!  I decided to take a firm policy of not critiquing any blogger collab plates which is why I never posted the Bundle Monster ones for those wondering.  I just think its fantastic that these ladies have gotten to bring their own personal designs to life, and I want to respect and support that endeavor.  I sincerely mean that too! After all I'd expect the same if I ever got my go around plus talk about dream come true :)

In any case these are the three new released plus from 3PM EST today till 3PM EST Dec 1 all previously released plates will be 30% off. That is any plate that isn't included in this blog post is now up for 30% off! After that from 4PM EST Dec 1 till 4PM 12/4 all plates will be 20% off.  That is a killer deal! Take it from someone who has always ordered her VL plates during preorders at full price you are going to have quite a hefty savings! Speaking of did you preorder plates from Anni's last release? If so she may have sent you a discount code for your next order due to the long nature of the last preorder as a way of saying thank you for our patience.  Don't forget to use that if you decide to order!  You can find all the Vivid Lacquer stamping plates right in her Etsy Store.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

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