Friday, November 6, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Festive Collection Expansion!

Yo stamperistas,

Welcome to Festivus! Ok not Festivus but to the coming of the holiday season, and with said season the coming of holiday plates! Hooray!! You know I love me some Christmas plates hell who am I kidding you know I love me some holiday themed plates period.  Sexay! Lol let me stop...In any case I'm going to show you the latest and greatest offerings from MoYou London for the upcoming holiday season.  Start polishing up those feats of strength since this season is looking like a doozy!

Cute - pugs in sweaters for everyone!

On Dancer on Prancer go get mommy a new stamper and while your at it some new plates too! Lol my bad I had too ;)  Yeah this plate is pretty cute.  I'm having a bit of a problem though determining if the image size here is really small or supposed to be picked up in a continuum.   The tiny penguins are all kinds of adorable though!

Moar intarsia.  You know I'm a lady that knits (well whenever the old itch comes back or one of my friends has a little fresh muffin) so I like instarsia.  But maybe I'm the only one that's kind of a little fatigued by the sheer number of these images we've seen over the last few years.  Yes the ugly or cute sweater is tradition I totally get it, but I'd also like to see some other stuffs now.

Bigger sizes of the last patterns.  It's cute and all but maybe not necessarily must have's for me.

Something about these plates remind me of the Enchanted Collection.  They have the same delicate feel.   I need to see the bigger images though because to be honest except for the larger snowflake and present it's kind of difficult to see exactly what the images are.

See what I mean way better.  These are cute.  Not essential but could add a layer of adorableness to the Christmas season!

Intarsia fatigue.  Love the Merry X-Mas though!

Same as what I said above.  The reindeer is adorable, but they already did similar patterns across the first 3 plates.  I honestly wouldn't buy all of these but just pick out one for a seasonal favorite.

These are pretty have some potential depending on how they are stamped.  I'd like to see that image 3rd from the left top row on the larger version plate!

Yay and it made it over! Hooray for small miracles lol.  Ok so what do you think? I don't really feel wowed by any of these plates.  Unfortunately I think Christmas has a similar problem to Halloween. It's a dead horse; meaning it's been beaten to death and the carcass is rotting.  Wow sentimental! Lolol I'm sorry but you know what I mean.  Platemakers have been there and done it 1000+ times so caution is needed to make plates that are unique and that people really want.  I own a lot of Christmas plates as it's one of my favorite holidays. but still I'm always craving more novelty in my plates. There are definitely some cute keepers here.  You can purchase these plates today on the MoYou London website.  They retail for 4.99GBP plus shipping.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

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