Friday, November 13, 2015

Watercolor Birds and Floral Nail Art + Tutorial

Hey lacqueristas,

Even though the holiday season is approaching I'm in a weird nail art space.  I want to create florals and bright fun nails that are reminiscent of warm summer days and tropical breezes.  Clearly I'm delusional - slap me! Part if the problem however could be that I also just started playing with plates that aren't quite in the same seasonal space - like the ones from Loja BBF that I just reviewed.  You can check out that review here.  This is another foray into my aquarelle world.  Guess what I actually filmed this out too so there is a tutorial!  It's a bit different from the global aquarelle post I'm doing, but since I filmed it out I thought I'd share it since the other post needs to be filmed in entirely separate parts.

Basecolor: Color Club French Tip
Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Black (2)
Stamping plate: Loja BBF 45
Colors: Reeves Water Color Paints
Brushes Uretch #1 and #0

Bright and fun and totally inappropriate for the season, but who the heck cares with my nails look this good! I loved this mani in both matte and glossy styles. At the end I couldn't decide more so that's why I'm showing you both versions.  In either case you need to make sure you seal your design after it's dry first to keep the paint from entering your mouth or food and also because its obviously watercolor so the paint will wipe away with sweat and other liquids.  Applying topcoat is the only way to seal your designs made this way.

So here's the tutorial.  I want you to bear in mind that this requires a lot of patience.  For a single nail it took me over 20 minutes of filming to capture the process of degrade.  In short not for the faint of heart.  Clearly my video is no where near as long because I didn't want to be shot on sight my my followers lol.

So here we are.  First capture of this technique in tutorial form for me.  I still haven't perfected it and the little idiosyncrasies are driving me mad however onward and upward! The more I play with it the better it gets that's just part of the process.  In any case I do like how the final results came out.  It's really intense and bold, but fun.

The bird is a little flamigo-equse and made me thing of Alice In Wonderland.  Lol. One more reason for me to love my BBF plates.  You can purchase Loja BBF plates on their store website.  Plates retail for 7.50 USD and up.  Happy hunting and see you next post....

Loja BBF plates were sent to me for review. All other products were purchased with my own funds. For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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