Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Black Friday 2015 Stamping Plate Sales (Update 6)!

Hey stamperistas,

Keeping you aprised is the name of the game on this post.  For those who aren't native to the US, and awesomely that is quite a larger percentage of my readers, tomorrow in the US is Thanksgiving.  It's a time when many of us in the US get together and celebrate.  It's not necessarily family specific, location specific, or even necessary food specific, but the point is to gather and have a good time.  In my house that means cooking all day, drinking far to much wine, watching football, eating some more, and watching tons of movies.  It's hedonism at its best, but the day after is even better ;) That's when the "holiday" sales officially kick into high gear and Black Friday dawns.  The muggles riot in Walmart and doors bust open.  Lol. I never ever go out into the crowds on this day because people are crazy.  BUT I love a good online sale so today I'm going to show you the stamping plate companies that have stated they will be having sales this Friday!

First sale I received notice of is from UberChic Beauty! I'm sure a lot of people are going to be thrilled since Brittany's plates are so awesome and in such high demand!  All stamping plate sets and individual plates will be 20% off, except for the new Christmas plate (which will be available for preorder), stampers and stamping pads will be 20% off, and the Uber Mat will be at its lowest priced ever $8.39.  You can read up on my last review of these fabulous plates here.

This one popped into my inbox this morning straight from Bundle Monster! They have a lot of great new products and plates out so it's a good time to take advantage if you've been compiling a list. Read up on their latest releases here.

Just did some amazingly special nails using my Petla Plates a few days ago!  I love these plates so this is great opportunity to stock up.  Don't know above about this brand check out my last review here.

I'm working on a review of the latest plates from Fab Ur Nails right now so I was excited to see this sale!  Check out the last release from the sweet and awesome Johanne right here.

I recently posted a new press release from MyOnline Shop stamping plates so nows a great time to grab a few must haves while the sale is on! Find that last press post here!

MoYou London also just got in on the game! The deal will be for starter kits now retailing for 9.99 GBP as opposed to the usual 12.99 GBP.  Starter kits come with one plate, one stamping polish, and one rectangular stamper and scraper.  Pretty nice gift idea for the lovely dovies in your life.  Friday at noon and continues until next Tuesday 10AM GMT.

B. Loves Plates is also running a Black Friday promotion! On top of this she is doing a pre-order of her new B 05 plate which I just heard about today lol.  So here's how the promotion breaks down 20% off stamping plate holders/organizers, jumbo stampers and refills, turbo stamper (black jumbo stamper), 25% off all stamping plates (including the new B.05 pre-order), and 30% off XL stampers, double stampers, S stamper and refills for both XL and S stampers.  Not as familiar with B Loves Plates.  Check out my review here.  I'll do a press announcement later for the new plate when its revealed, but for now it's a great opportunity to take advantage of plate sales ;)

Winstonia got in on the action - they have several stamping kits (contains plates, stampers, brushes, and various tools) which are up to 40% off, select plates that are 35% off, 45% off stamping organizers (this one wasn't active when I checked), 50% off eyelashes and acrylic paint, 30% off of Sweet Baby cuticle oil, and their new stamping mat is now reduced to $9.99 USD for the first 50 buyers using the code MAT20.   These codes cannot be combined with current codes that is if you choose to get the discounted mat your cannot add on any other 10% off codes to the mix.  Free shipping over $25 USD still stands.

Loja BBF has also gotten in on the action - 35% off of all plates for the next 12 hours (ends at 10am EST by my calculations) using code 35off.  Check out her latest set of plates here!

I will continue updating this as I get more info on plate sales.  If you know of any platemakers or resellers who are having sales that I haven't mentioned let me know and I'll add them to the mix! Happy hunting stamperistas ;)

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