Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Chez Delaney Christmas/Holiday Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Yo stamperistas,

Another press release post today.  Honestly these plates are super adorable, but likely will not make it to you in time to do any holiday nail art unless you are in the EU.  Still I wanted to share these beautiful plates from Chez Delaney along with her adorably fat Santas.

The fatest and cutest Santa! I seriously wish I had known about these plates sooner.  If you have the hold Noel Holiday plates that are in the vertical formation, which I do, some of these images are repeated however many of them are not! This plate in particular I find way too adorable.  Look at the falling presents and mints.

Elf boots, workshop action, reindeer dashing, snowflake, and holly leaves! I really love this plate.  The bow wrapped candy canes are from the old configuration plates, but I have always loved that image.  In fact last year I tried to create a mani using it and failed miserably lolol.

The Hiver plates.  How much do I love these plates.  I never got the originals and now I'm glad I didn't since I can say this has so many new images along with a few of the old that it's definitely worth snagging.  It also happens to be more winter based so it will work outside of the Christmas holiday.

Perfect winter wonderland and OMG how much am I dying over that pine tree complete with cones image?!?! I have never ever seen an image like that! Sold!

These images are actually not that new since they are coming largely from the original vertical formulation of the Automne plates, however there are several new images here such as that little hedgehog, and the dancing umbrella figures that are highly tempting.

Look at that cute as heck rain boot image! And the girl being pushed by gusts of wind.  This plate is awesome!

Finally just when you thought you'd left the fat man behind here he is again complete with a wintry farm and dashing landscape!  I have to say I really love Veronique's holiday inspired plates.  These are so seasonally appropriate and perfect I wish I could get them all right now!  Um....so that's why I did even though I doubt they will make it to me in time I still wanted them pretty desperately so I caved.  In my defense I did have a gift certificate left over from when I won 2nd plate in the Chez Delaney 10th Anniversary Contest.  Lol.

So what do you think? You can scoop these pretties right off the Chez Delaney website.  Each plate retails for 6.90 Euros each.  If you spend about 50 Euros I believe shipping is free! Not bad eh? Happy hunting and I'll see you next post!

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