Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Messy Mansion Valareign, Symetrika, and Tristaenia Nail Art Stamping Plate Collections!

Hiya stamperistas,

Guess what's poppin? New plates from Messy Mansion and finally finally the Symetrika and Valareign Collections! Do you know how freaking long I've known about these plates and been dying to see them release? Gah! I buttoned my lips super tight, but now I'm ready to gab gab gab.  I'm not even gonna hype Julia cause y'all already know how I feel about this company let's just get into this jazz!


Lotus blossom? I'm not sure if it is but that's what the center flower looks like to me <3 Tons of negative and reciprocal imaging one this plate.  This along with one other is my favorite out of the Tristaenia Collection which is supposed to be fun and cute.  I don't really consider myself to fall into the category of personality or nail art, but I this plate is awesome!
As I said before I'm not really into this type of imagery - fun/cute.  I'm more sarcastic/gutsy lol that is not to say I can't enjoy cutesy things but seriously...I'm not really a fan of this kind of imagery - slightly hand drawn/cartoonish.  I talked about this a bit with the BM Occasions plates which had a similar style.  I do find the little trees very cute though.

Love plate.  I like the triangular boarders here only.  You could kind of see that coming though since I'm really not much for romanticism.  This has potential for V-day themed arts.

This is my other favorite plate out of the collection! Of course it's ocean inspired.  Lol I'm so biased. I like what I like it's hard for me to resist ocean themed plates.  This one is so different from others I own too.  A must have (at least for me)!
Houses  - this plate is oddly adorable to me.  I still don't feel drawn to the style of the imagery but yeah this plate definitely captures that cute feeling with the little signs and bushes.
Spring - this one has some hidden potential for me.  It is one of the most symmetric looking of all these plates and therefore the most appealing to me.   Loving the borders all around this plate!

Christmas - how timely eh? ;) :)  Cute. I'm loving those trees on the lower righthand they are purrrfect, but still I can't quite get there with the cartoony aspect.

Baby - ok so I just don't like plates within this theme.  Chez Delaney also did a series based on babies, pacifiers, etc.  It's pretty much IMO perfect for anyone who is going to a baby shower or maybe pregnant.  Since I generally don't fall into either of these categories I'm always slightly confused by these plates i.e. what would I be doing with them otherwise?
Happy Birthday.  Party themed plate.  I love the balloons here a LOT! However the recipricol images of the children frighten me lolol.  Like children of the corn or clowns.  Eep.  I can feel their devilish eyes peeping at me and its giving me serious chills.  Yes I know I'm insane.


I waited 1 year for this collection having seen some early peeks.  Yes one flipping year dying and drooling and wondering when they were going to drop.  During this type my eye was constantly roving but the minute I saw these I knew this is what I'd been looking for.  Complex, symmetric (yes for me that is important), and gorgeous! I'm telling you now each and every one of these plates will be mine like victory ;) Bottom row 2nd and 3rd from the left, 5th from the left.  Gah gah gah! All of them! These images are killing me!

Hello from the outside! I NEED this plate abstract glory.  It reminds me so much of why I fell in love with the initial DS plates (small ones) from DRK.  Gimme more! Oh 2  scratch that 3 song references hahaha I must be delirious or dangerously in love with these plates!

You know that feeling when you feel like maybe you would sell your plasma to own a plate? No.  Oh that must just be me (um but no judgement right?) Lolol yeah this is plasma harvesting territory. I am GIDDY seriously giddy.  It's been so long since I've been this excited for plates.  No wait - I'm always excited but this is like a whole 'nother level.  I need these NOW!

That moment when you also consider selling your blood and plasma.  Yeah blood and plasma maybe also a vital organ...or two.   This is everything good and everything inspiring, and amazing that made me love stamping in the first place! I'm seriously choked up right now.  Julia I am so proud and stunned by your creativity here.  Ah!!! Dead

As a person with heart problems I'm not sure I can keep up with this.  I'm waaaaayyy over excited about this plates!  10.000 ideas are literally pouring out of my head right now.  I must have to have them! Let us take a moment to appreciate how each and every pattern on these plates is utterly utterly unique and novel.  Thank you for blessing us with this innovation and creativity!  I have felt seriously stymied lately and this is a breath of fresh air.

Girl I know you ain't add no ocean elements to this jazz?!? I'm done just done just dead from plategasm.  No wait I can't die because I need these plates first.  Also I'm pretty sure that turkey up there is the cyber robot known as Turkatron from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  Don't believe me watch here and yes I readily admit I am odd.... I need this plate for Turkatron and the fishes alone.


This collection is inspired by historical and cultural references from around the globe.  I can only identify some Celtic patterns so if you know of any others let me know.  Identifying aside damn these are gorgeous! Yes that's right damn.  Damn gorgeous! I said it and I'm buying it even though I did spot some poisonous roses ;)

I live for abstracts.  Anyone who follows me knows this.  Half my designs have the word abstract in them.  I'm kinda stuck on a theme and a reference of what I find beautiful.  I love that abstracts can be bold, delicate, and come in 1 million varieties without ever repeating.  This plate covers that whole gamut and again with all novel imagery! Well done Julia <3.
Btw the singular bold leaves are reminding me a little of cabbage and I don't mean that in a bad way but I can't figure out if that's what they are supposed to be or not? Cabbage leaves? Grape leaves? Image top row 2nd from the left heart eyes all the way!

I believe this is the smaller inclusion of all the images above with some fresh and cute accent pieces. I'm sure this was made to accommodate those who have shorter nails since MM plates tend to have larger imagery.  So what did you think? I must have both of the last 2 collection in their absolute entirety.  This is necessary to prevent the coming of a 3rd world war.  Yup I was told this so really I'm helping out the entire world by indulging in my dark desires.  Lololol.  Each of the single plates retail for $8 USD per plate.  Buying the whole collection of Valareign plates (4) would be $28 USD a savings of $4.  The entire Tristaenia Collection retails for $70 USD (again $1/plate savings), and the Symetrika Collection retails for $42 USD.  You can find these plates already available on the Messy Mansion website.  Happy hunting and see you next post...

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