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Chelle We Stamp? Nail Art Stamper and Replacement Pads Review

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Welcome to the continuation of my massive weekend review ;) You know I always get a thrill out of posting about new companies especially companies that make me as happy as this one has.  Some of you probably already know about the incredible stampers that Chelle Lee owner of Chelle We Stamp has been putting out on the market and for those that don't know time to get on board.  These stampers are in a word awesome! Chelle herself is unbelievably sweet, innovative, and kind. Something about this industry attracts this kind of person I think.  So she joins the ranks of lots of fabulous ladies I've "met" through this hobby.  And today I'm going to be sharing her stampers with you and hopefully igniting the sparks of your endless lusts for her absolutely flawless fabulous products.  Lol but it might just be me with these endless lusts when it comes to such things. Since I will be covering all the formulations of her pads and stampers this post will be a bit long, but you can scroll through for the sizes or stampers you are the most interested in or hit the final impression to get my verdict on these.  And please don't forget to leave feedback and comments on the blog.  Now let's get started...

Chelle We Stamp?

As I stated before Chelle We Stamp is run by the incredibly sweet Chelle Lee.  Her company is new think literally a month in the game and in establishing her business.  Nevertheless Chelle has been offering the more avaricious amongst the stamping crowd stampers to drool about.  It started with the XL variety and the mini bottoms of the XL stampers along with rectangular stampers.  All of them marshmallows.  Then incredibly she did something that I'd pretty much given up on - she introduced us to the first XXL or Jumbo, otherwise known as CS sized, stamper! I died. It was the stampergasm to end all gasms.  Yeah that good darlings and the rest as they stay is history.  I bought a bundle and lived to love it. You should love it too and while you're at it go follow Chelle and give her some support!

Connect to Chelle We Stamp?

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Btw I'm gonna say this again for the sake of saying it since it needs to be said.  Yes I am reviewing the XXL/Jumbo marsh or CS sized stamper here today.  And no Chelle's stamper is not an infringement on any copyright.  It goes without saying that a copyright has to made based on the idea of an original concept and the last time I checked stampers, any kind that at least don't involve the addition of new technology, are not new.  Creating a larger stamper with a metallic shot glass styled holder is not an original invention its just novel.  I won't tolerate any drama starting here regarding what I see as improving on a novel concept in a free market.  In fact, I welcome it and support it and will continue to to so.  So please keep any comments or drama polite and respectful otherwise I will be forced to remove it.   Now let's move on...

Materials & Composition

The various iterations of Chelle's stampers are all composed of silicone which is pretty much the absolute case for most modern stampers on the market.  I've already been through the various forms of stamper offered - the tiny ends of the XL stamper, XL, rectangular and XXL/Jumbo sized. All of these pads are marshmallows and not just marshmallows they fall into the rarest category of stamper that I personally own - the ultimate marshmallow.  That's right they are the equivalent of my old Winstonia Store and MOS stampers.  So soft and so sticky that for those not familiar with marshmallow stampers you may have to do some getting used to them especially if all you've ever used is squishy firm or firm stampers.   If you still don't know what a marshmallow stamper is read here.  

And btw for those interested, and I know there are some given the number of comments and questions I've gotten across my social media, yes that marshmallowyness extends to the XXL stamper which is very very different from the CS stamper though the head is flat like the CS.  You can push straight down to get a stamped image however best pickup still results when you roll the stamper across the image. This is only the case with the XXL size.  The rest require no rolling

Note: These stampers require zero priming! At most remove the shine with a cottonball soaked in acetone.  After that they will be good to go.  Again I do not recommend priming this stamper with a file unless you are extra gentle as they are delicate and will be ruined easily with strong abrasive forces.

Measurements & Specifications

I divided this up this portion of the review by each type of stamper from Chelle We Stamp? to keep things from getting confusing.


Size in Diameter: 2.8cm

Head Shape:  Rounded

Colorways:  Opaque or Off White  & White

Price: $3 per head


Size in Diameter: 2.5cm

Head Shape:  Domed

Colorways:  Opaque or Off White  & White

Price: $3 USD per head

XXL/Jumbo Marsh

Size in Diameter: 4.5cm

Head Shape:  Flat (like the CS stamper)

Colorways:  Opaque or Off White  & White

XXL Holder:  4 cm - 1 oz steel shot glass

Price: $6 USD per set

Video Demo

Wait till you see the swinging moves on this intro. Lol I'm really trying hard to step up my video dance moves.  In any case I've done a full review with comparisons to other marshmallows in my personal stash as well as other XXL/Jumbo round stampers on the market.  It's fairly extensive and detailed.  Again I did not do any video swatching since I hate it.  This is probably my worst habit as a blogger and a stamping fanatic.  I can't stand watching them and I can't stand doing them.  So I always post static swatches plus honestly I like to be able to pull the swatches up anytime and add them to upcoming pertinent reviews or at the very least reference them.  So no video swatches, but look below - the swatches are extensive and the comparisons are intense.  I was slightly exhaustive in this review so check it out!


Alright this time I got pretty extensive with the swatches and there's a reason why.  I really wanted to show you how excellent the pick up is on these stampers particularly the Jumbo.  I also wanted to clearly demonstrate the difference between this stamper and competitors on the market especially when it comes to pick up.  I still don't think the pick up, at least on the Jumbo, is 100% perfect, as my swatches will attest.  However the pick up is better than any I've seen before particularly with the semi-translucent Jumbo.  The swatches for these were done using a Messy Mansion Leadlight Lacquer plate and Mundo de Unas stamping polish. The quality of Messy Mansion plates is top notch in terms of etching and design, and MdU is the most reliable stamping polish I own and a gold standard in terms of opacity.  You can read a prior review I did of the LeadLight Lacquer plates here. Below you can see the various pickup I got with both thin and open patterns as well as bold and thick ones.

Ok from the Jumbo swatches you can see above none of the pickup is absolutely perfect except the CWS semi translucent head.  Its pickup is gorgeous!  The white colorway of the CWS Jumbo a step behind it has very very tiny splotchiness with the pickup.  The 3rd best pickup tie comes from the Creative Shop stamper and the GPStamping stamper in the original colorway.  However its worth nothing the CS stamper and the GPStamping stampers both have big bald patches in the pickup that are quite noticeable.  One thing I will note across all these stampers is that I did need to roll for best pickup.  That's a correction from the video.  Best pick up always resulted when I rolled with all the Jumbo stampers.  It didn't matter at all for the XL or the Rectangular stampers.

Here's the part where I whistle hard! Pickup across these XL stampers is amazing!  I have not owned a single new marshmallow stamper that stamps like my old marshmallows or even closely until now. Chelle's is close.  I do think it still isn't as strong at pickup as the old Bunny Nails or the Old FUN stampers, but they are damn closs.  It is my belief though that the old marshmallow stampers will always trump the new ones.  Why? Because the new ones are, in my estimate, a touch too soft.  That softness allows for more deformity when it comes to stamping onto the nailbed.  So while I am heavily impressed and these are the best marshmallow stampers I've seen in a long time after the Messy Mansion heads I'm still waiting to see if the formulations will ever cruise back to the old school style.  However that said these stamping pads are wonderful!

Final Impression

So bottom line time again party peeps.  I love these stampers! I wouldn't have gushed so heavily about them if I didn't.  The Jumbo/XXL aren't perfect, but they are damn near close to perfect.  The Chelle We Stamp? Jumbo stamper is perhaps the best stamper out right now within that size range. Malleable with excellent pickup.  You can see what I mean above.  The rectangular and XL sizes are flawless and pretty much peerless on the market.  I say pretty much because their is one other example floating around on my tables that I will review and that I mentioned in the video.  The price point difference though is astronomical.  The pricing of CWS stampers are the cheapest I've seen anywhere bar none even with shipping included.

So what am I saying here? Buy these stampers if you are looking for true marshmallow stampers with excellent pickup at an extremely reasonable price.  If you have long nails or deadly C curves like my own run don't walk.  Get them and try them out and I promise you won't regret it.  Obviously you can tell from my banner post I bought a lot.  I really did because I loved these so much when I tried them out.  I had to make sure backups were readily available.  You can find these stampers on the Chelle We Stamp? website.  Please let me know if you already own these stampers and have had great experiences or if you have in questions about them in the comments below.  I love reading them and I do appreciate the feedback! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next post...

These stampers were purchased with my own funds.  For more information see my Disclosures Policy.

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  1. I love these heads, too. I reach for them more often than any others I own, and have a nice little stockpile, myself, haha. I'm probably at an intermediate level, as far as stamping goes, and these have been a game-changer for me. I recommend them to anyone who asks, and if she ever sells them in different colors, I'm a goner.


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