Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Tourist Nail Art Stamping Plates Expansion!

Hey stamp champs,

Guess who's back? I mean really really back and almost back to normal health! Woot woot! Get ready for it because I am so far behind on everything with a backlog of press releases, nail art, and reviews to share.  Today I'm just doing some mild catching up on MoYou London releases.  I'll start with the two Tourist Collection plates they released and then head into their latest new collection ;)

Travel - something all of us should be doing on this glorious summer.  But if you're like me and can't travel at least you can have some far destination on your digits.

Barcelona there were some Olympics there and that man with the mustache was one a prior plate from MYL.  Though I can't remember if it was also in the Tourist Collection.  Will it sound bad if I say this plate isn't doing much for me?  The bottom right corner is the best and has the most potential for fun though!

Oy! Where do I begin?  You know I watch a lot of K-drama and I speak a fair amount of Korean though my Japanese is better.  However why is Seoul depicted as lanterns, robed figures with fans, and balls? I'm not feeling it.  Novel but very superficial :/  In any case this is the Tourist Collections' latest additions.  I'm not loving them but maybe someone else will?  They are available on MoYou London's website right now for the purchase price of 4.99 GBP.  Happy hunting stamperistas and welcome back :)

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