Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Festive Expansion, Fashionista Expansion, & Sailor Expansion!

Hey stamperistas,

MoYou London has released a few more plates over this month for both Halloween and just in general.  I have to say the Halloween plates were brilliantly done as was the Sailor Expansion.  I've never really been a fan of the Fashionista Collection, but I'm sure their latest creation coming from that set will sell well given that its focused on paisley which has been very popular of late on plates along with plaid.

Sailor Collection Expansion

Plates with large block out images and segments of the nail have been so inspiring for me of late.  This plate was so brilliant to begin with when I saw it I knew immediately that I had to have it and so I did.  The waves are interestingly something I have seen on a "non-brand"/chinese brand that I will be reviewing on the blog shortly.  They have some really innovative and interesting designs and as far as I know they were the first to create these wave images like this with a layered effect.  If you can believe it theirs are even more intricately done & beautiful as a result.  However in terms of balance and multiple utility the MYL is in a league of its' own.  Again in case you missed it - I love this plate!

Fashionista Collection Expansion

I can tell I'm getting old now because I'm starting to see fashion recycle the way my mum said it recycled for her when she was a younger mum & I was a little kid.  For instance as I said plaid is literally everywhere on the runways of NYFW this year both in large full garments as well as accessories.  Along with that deconstruction aka "grunge" is making a major comeback.  So essentially I can here the early 90's a la Kurt Kolabain calling.  Lol and its in that vein that we see the arrival of a paisley plate from the MYL Fashionista collection.  However I recall them having a paisley style plate in tis collection before in both Fashionista 06 (broader larger pattern) and then Fashionista 11 again with very large bold sizing so this last one is a bit more modest with smaller details and much more intricate in terms of patterning.  This is the most recent release but IMO I feel like the Festive expansion was the best and hence I saved it for last ;)

Festive Collection Expansion

Of the three plates released for Halloween this year this is IMO the weakest only because we have seen several of these elements across so many brands now i.e. spiderwebs, tiled ghosts, candies.  However even as the weakest of the three this plate feels quite fresh mainly i think because of the typography and also that they chose to do mixing and matching within the full nail images.  The typography is also fresh because each is so different along with the little accents all of which are sort of in the scary cute vein.  Favorite image here is the skull and crow accent bar none!

Hello beautiful!  This plate sold out so quickly no the MYL website.  I will say they are guilty of this every year.  First I think announcing their holiday plates later than they should & second not producing enough to keep up with the demand for the season.  This plate is awesome and an example of one of the few MYL direct pop icon interpretations i.e. Wendy from The Addams Family.  I did it an I love all the other little girl characters around her.   And once again the typography and the little accents also add so much freshness and beauty to this plate globally.  I wanted this plate immediately but I couldn't really justify it especially since MYL UK site has increased the free international shipping threshold to 80 GBP.  At a minimum that means I'm paying for the new "secret" price hike on the plates plus shipping unless I spend 80 GBP which let me tell you I won't be spending anytime soon.   By the time I scrounged up enough to grab these they were sold out almost everywhere.

I love this one! It reminds me of a typography plate that was released a while back which sort of looked like a Ouija board.  I love the gothic looking moths, crystals, the mystic cat and symbols.  This plate has so many beautiful details its hard to know where to look first.  Anyway I loved this Halloween expansion from MYL more than any other I've seen from them in the last few years.  Every single plate is actually gorgeous and you can tell I'm not the only one thinking it because all three of these plates sold off of the main MYL website fairly quickly especially when they posted the simultaneous Halloween sale.

So what do you think of the new expansions from MoYou?  All new releases are retailing for 6.99GBP with shipping stateside as described above on the MoYou London website.  Older plates are still retailing for 5.99GBP and this is a great time to take of their sale and grab so of the 50% items especially if you live in the EU or Britain the polishes are such a good deal.  If they weren't so expensive to ship I'd be all over them myself!  Alrighty happy hunting, thanks so much for reading, and I'll see you next post!

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