Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New BBF Nail Art Stamping Plates

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Everyone knows, wait strike that, my regular readers know how much I love Kris and her creations from the company BBF Nail Art formerly known as Loja BBF.  Kris's plates cater particularly to pop cult followings from Disney's Little Mermaid to HBO's Game of Thrones.  You want it likely she will have it for you if not now then in the near future.  I love her plates! The quality and range continue to be fantastic and rank among my favorites to purchase and play with!

Sailor Moon fighting evil by moonlight winning love by daylight ;)  I don't have to say too much because you all know I love Sailor Moon.  I was actually responsible for co-creating one of the first ever SM plates made during a group buy with Pet'la Plate which is neither here nor there except today say I adore all things SM related!

Boom boom there's a Bowser in my room! Having grown up with the classic icons of Mario and Luigi in his never ending quest to rescue one Princess Peach (sexist) I adore the Super Mario Brothers Empire.  Its been a while since I played these games but having them realized fully on my nails would be totally awesome!

Lilo and Stitch!  I always loved this Disney classic and thought it would be amazing to have a friend like this as my little side kick.  I've never thought about how awesome a plate version of these two would be so I was shocked when I saw this one.

A tail as old as time.  A chit by the prior name of Hermoine acting her out in live action this time. LOL.  Ok so I will admit it I didn't see the live action version of this.  I heard it was pretty good BUT I mean in my mind nothing will ever ever replace this classic Disney version.  I also happen to think the reimagining done by Ever After with Rumplestilskin as the Beast was brilliant so what more could I ask for?  Oh yeah this plate!

Um...I have no diea what I'm looking at I mean none at all what is this little pig and bird?  Sorry got nothing for this one but if you know which movie this is drop it in the comments! Found it Moana! Released in 2016 will have to go watch this one!

A more managable Beauty and Beast for the world to adore in mini form.  Smart as it is sometimes really hard to fit the full BBF images onto one nail especially when they are shorties which mine currently are.  Btw I'm dead over little Chip here!
A tale as old as time.  You know you want em! Go get them.  Kris offers world wide shipping which I believe varies depending on your location, but whatever its worth it.  She packages items carefully and is really one of those sellers that is incredibly easy and pleasant to work with.  Plates retail from $5-10 USD depending on size etc and are currently available on the BBF Nail Art website.  Get em while they are hot and the press is still sizzling!  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post...

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