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Hot Off The Stamping Press: UberChic Beauty Collections 15,16, 17, Mother's Day Mini, Little Baby, St Patricks Day Mini, Texture-licious 2, Unicorn Love, & New UberMat

Its raining rain,
Nothing To Disclose

I'll still give a hallelujah ;)!  Hopefully everyone got to see my mega post of MYL releases over the last few months.  Time for a mega post for UberChic Beauty as you can see from that hella long title. One thing is clear in the last 1.5 months Ms. Brittany has been extraordinarily busy.  I didn't realized how many products had released including one bundle I want to bring to your attention especially it will be expiring soon.  So let's take a look at one of my favorite stamping companies around!

Collection 15

These owls are so frigging cute! Now I'll be the first to say owls kind creep me out occasionally.   However these are adorable.  I can see doing them as a multicolored variant across a neutral base. But guess what I like the most here? Yeah I know the abstracts abstracts abstracts left lower hand corner please stand up and  give me your paw! Also that large bundle of flowers are so pretty.  The only image which I'm not sure of are the leaves/flowers? in the lower right.  I'm not sure if they are a flower but they are vaguely reminiscent of a prior image I've seen somewhere.

I recently saw a IG tutorial of the larger flower image above and the one on the left that was incredibly pretty.  Looking at this plate now I really wish I had it.  I love all these abstracts and florals especially the one on the lower left hand corner!  Both of these are amazing.  Also that weird wavy flower thingy so cool!

Bad first - I hate the little cloudy rainbow sketch images with the birds.  This is such a problem area for me I just personally do not like sketch style imagery.  I'm sorry don't hate me! Now lets talk about the good nearly everything else! Yes yes yes!  These abstracts are freaking epic - that upper right hand corner and the bottom right hand corner, the flowers that looks like snowflakes stained glass OMG this middle row with the nested cut out.  I'm so dead dead dead!  Gah I need this set!

Love and Marriage 3.  Not sure if I ever ended up putting this up.  You guys know I'm not really a romantic.  Though I did create a lot of V-day nail art none of it ever made up because they were all freaking epic ugly failes.  I should have used this plate at least the sort of exploding expanding hearts! Roses and cascading hearts are not that original or the typography BUT I mean it's Valentine's Day I think platemakers are stretched these days to make these fresh.  The EKG is a widened QRS which mean whoever is conducting that rhythm has some kind of intraventricular conduction delay or something. Lol the heart fails.  OMG omg my bad - terrible sense of humor ;)  I will say I like the xoxo image reminds me slightly of tick tac toe.

Mama I love you!  Hahaha ok so I told Brittany I thought the picture she sent out with her and her mother when this plate released was so beautiful!  It's awesome that she can share that with the world and the talent.  I have to admit I'm a sucker for this plate <3.  I love all the typography I will definitely be snagging this for next year.  Also this rose is adorable.  Somehow it looks so supple. A little uncertain about the cascading hearts.

Lol I don't even know what to say about this plate.  The whimsy is real.  I will admit a few of these images remind me of the Messy Mansion plate under this same theme particularly the upper righthand corner, but again is the same problem of plate makers sort of falling into these themed images that have limited iterations.  I still think its hella cute!  I'd scoop it for the fuzzy mug of beer and the 2 rainbow images alone ;)  Ok lets talk about all the super new new releases as in last Friday!

OMG Beccy look at her abstracts! Lololol.
Boy oh boy I can't wait to stamp these images!  The florals and this deep circular abstract alone!  I love this plate.  The lower circle composed of lines looks like an iris I'm not sure how it would translate but I love it!

Florals and more florals oh my left 3rd and 4th row in the center are beautiful! The paisley pattern is not that new but I like the idea of picking up the entire thing filling it in then slicing it up across all of my nails.  Awesome!

Circles triangles flowers leaves oh my oh my!  Wo

I love it! I love the bold graphic directly above that is so fresh so me so yummy and then the abstracts.  Really I'm going to say more of the same about all of these plates.  The bottom line is unless you look at plates from UberChic Beauty that are holiday focused or them focused there is a certain trend to her plates.  Bold graphics that are heavy on abstracts and florals.  Either you love those or you don't clearly I do and I always do and always will.  So of course I'm gonna love her plates to death!
Mmm abstracts take me away.  I'm not sure how I feel about these doodle-esque looking flowers.  I'm on the fence I do like the one in the bottom right for sure!

Ugh I'm dead this plate is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I wish I could fit that band of flowers across all of my nails completely!

Hello my precious come to me!  Unicorns are big they are BOOMing.  We all want unicorn pee well the nail polish fanatics anyway and lately a slew of plates have released as well with little unicorns prancing across our nails.  I don't own any so far but this is purrrfect!  This might be one of the most cohesive unicorn plates I've ever seen - tiny moots, stars, candies, rainbows, the typography!  Sold to the sassy black woman in the front with the fly nails ;)

Let me preface by saying I frigging love the first texture-licious plate which sadly I do not own.  That thing has been sold out so frequently that I've never been able to grab it once with new releases. Sigh! Along comes roughed up brick walls, scratches, splashes of paint, etched up markings.  Is there literally anything here not to like?
I have all the Uberchic stamping mats.  The mini's and the original UberMat let's not forget Brittany is the landmark inventor.  So I use the mini's the most they rock.  Highly portable and they keep my nail art areas clean and they are conveniently portable.  People who follow me know I speak a great deal about nail art accessories and I even have a whole post on stamping mats which I should probably update.  So this is another one thats highly unique. Pros - ruler (yas) great for reviewing plates, black and white areas for checking color combo's excellent, um freehand cheat sheet (da fuq!) this is new novel and very cool because essentially you can fill these images in and then pick them right up to place on your nails, practice, etc.  Ingenous!  She's just too good ladies!

Ok let's talk about the COLOSSAL bundle!  Ok let's see if I can explain this without confusing you all.  So lets say you see this latest release - Collections 16, 17, Texture-licious 2, Unicorn Love and the new UberMat and you think - I need everything to live!  Yeah I know we've all been there I'm there constantly with plates, polishes, accessories, crack  In any case you can get it all in a massive bundle AND (yes the and is very important) save at least 15% on the whole shebang.  Sounds like a sweet deal to me if you are going all in.  Point of notice this deal expires at midnight 4/23/2017.  So if your gonna get it in nows the time babes.

Thoughts, wants, and desires?  All of these products are available now on the UberChic Beauty website.  Collections individually retail for $24.99, individual plates retail for $14.99, mini's retail for $7.99, and the stamping mat retails for $13.99.  Btw don't forget to check out the sale section if you're picking up some items since you can save some moo-lah while your at it.  Happy hunting and I'll see you next post!

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