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Hot Off The Stamping Press: MoYou London Scandi Collection, Mexico Collection, Minimal Collection and Hipster, Trend Hunter & Comics Collection Expansions!

Yo stamp champs,
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Happy Saturday! I'm always behind there's really no point in discussing it anymore.  Its just the permanent state of being I occupy at this juncture in my life. I'm busy af, but I miss my readers, I miss my nails and I make it a point to keep sharing my passions with everyone!  Today I'm just going to put out all the recent MoYou London releases in one massive blog post.  This will follow with all the UberChic Beauty releases in one massive blog post, and some further catch up as well.  I'll conclude with some new nail art and tutorial later in the day.  If you want to see what I'm swatching these days or up to behind the scenes follow me on Instagram.  That is my most up to date social media....carrying on! MoYou London has been busy lately for me some mega hits and a few swing and misses.  I know that freaking Scandi Collection released and I was like ugh.  My bad but really totally not my cup of tea whereas the Minimal Collection made me plategasm hard.  So today let's get into what this company has mass released over the last couple of months since January.

Scandi Collection

So what is it about this collection that just doesn't do a damn thing for me? It feels basic, reductionist, and very least amount of effort in :/ I mean let's be honest haven't we seen these line and dash images before in the Enchanted Collection, when they were fresh and innovative?  Since then they've been recycled outward into an entire sets of other MYL based collections including the Doodles and Festive Collection.

I'm trying to can but I can't... seriously.  Ugh!  Sorry.  It's not that the plates are cute because that would be an outright lie, but girl please.  I'm not really into to these dash and line style plates and the basic paint by numbers feel that's happening here.

I may seem harsh but my dollars are hard to come by and I want to spend then on plates that make me squeal.  They have them but for me these aren't it.  Moving on....

Mexico Collection

I'm gonna say MYL keeps creating these culturally aimed collections which is interesting.  I mean I've been a fan of many of them and I like the different imagery they attempt to offer from each perspective, but I think its dicey for the galvanized political factions of this nation and several others. the UK included.  I can also see how some people might get into an uproar especially at a time when as a nation the US is suffering from some selectivism when it comes to arguments of immigration and equality.  I'll leave that little tidbit there because this is not nor will it ever be a politically oriented blog since I want all parties/peoples/nail lovers to feel welcomed, but these thoughts did cross my mind when I was creating this mega post across so many collections.  I hope no one will take offense to these themed sets because I do feel they have been created with a since of whimsy and fun.   Moving on...

This collection for me is eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh.  Literally that would be my description.  Sort of like when a someone says they like you and you are like eh I like you too and the BUT is looming. I don't love it but I don't hate it.   Some of the plates have singular images that gave me a bit of a stamping hard on (lol yup) but their wasn't a single plate that made me go absolutely gaga.  For some reason as well these plates for me have a tiny bit of overlap with the Explorer Calaveras plates that came out a while ago which makes sense when you think about the origins of those images and these.

Minimal Collection

My mama said if you can't say something nice you shouldn't say anything at all.  This is also the woman that says the truth shall set you free.  I tend to ascribe to the latter with a nod to the former meaning if I dislike something I will state it honestly, after all no need to be nasty about it, but I'm not gonna hedge my bets and say nice things either just to be nice.  I mean really hard eye roll.  That kind of hypocrisy doesn't sit well with me.  Its the reason why I won't gush unilaterally over press samples. They are awesome, hey I'm not gonna lie, and if the quality is awesome then winning if not you'll get it.  Where am I going with this ramble?  These plates are fantastic!

Biased? Yes! Why? Well it all comes down to personal aesthetic.  Clearly I'm a girl that likes tribals and abstracts of all kinds.  The more complicated a nested image the more I'll die inside a little bit. Which is why I was stunned that I fell all over myself scooping up this entire collection.  Its pared down hence the name, BUT unlike the Scandi collection nothing about these plates feels basic.  If anything the sheer simplicity of these images makes them even more elegant.  Stand by for a tutorial of nails using one of these plates soon.  I'm in the process of editing.  These plates are killer to the MYL gods please expand.  Also if you are listening please freaking expand the Explorer Collection as well!

Comics Collection Expansion

Wtf have you been Comic Book Collection?  I mean damn!  Its been a minute honestly I thought MYL forgot about this set.  Let me tell you when MYL first started releasing plates for those that don't know this one of their earlier collections and it was this collection along with the Suki Collection that made me want to buy every single plate this company ever made and for a while I did that.  I had to stop because you know bills and preferences, but for a while I felt like everything MYL touched was magic. Therefore I was excited when I saw these plates.  I think this is collection people either love or they don't.  The Marvel universe DC Comic loving biatch that resides within my soul says yes!

Trend Hunter Collection Expansion

Is this collection still "limited edition"?  I have no f-ing clue.  This one for me is either always hit or miss. The last expansion for me was sorta miss as in a few plates I could picture purchasing but was not sold on the whole shebang.  Meh - scrolls through plates with critical eye selects a few and moves on...

Hipster Collection Expansion

Cacti style?  Its that a style? Oh wait hell yeah it f-ing is!  Wait who did this style already and made me die 1000 deaths of lust and pure need?  Oh yeah that'd be UberChic Beauty with her freaking succulent plate! Don't try me MYL.  I mean I know and you know readers that I have to have these plates but this was not some new innovation.  Lol not that all plate makers don't play this little game, but when I saw these my side eye was like huh!  Lol seriously seriously.  I'm a mess I know but there you have it.  Do your thing MYL I'm appreciating but I couldn't let that little nugget pass without some side commentary.

Ok there we have it.  Thoughts? What have you purchased and what have you left behind or wishlisted? Do you guys still like these posts? I mean putting out these release posts can be tough because of all the image collecting and comparisons I'm running through in my head of other plate makers.  Frankly stamping is booming and its getting tougher to keep up with all of the releases.  Still though this is one of my favorite companies so I will continue to try and stay updated unless people aren't feeling it anymore.  That said ALL of these plates are available on the MoYou London website and retail for the sweet price of 5.99 GBP (sigh) with free shipping over 15 GBP.  Thanks for stopping by! Happy hunting and I'll see you next post!

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