Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Cici & Sisi Christmas Nail Art Stamping Plate!

Hey stamp champs,

It's that season when it's time for holiday nail art!  You already saw my whiny little post regarding the new Sugar Bubbles holiday plates lol, but today I also wanted to show you another cool holiday plate that I think a lot of you will love if you haven't seen it already.  When it comes to Cici & Sisi I'm really a fan of their first two sets of Jumbo plates.  The images are well thought out and cute!  I think when this company hits its stride right they really knock it outside the park, and while I thought the second sets of jumbo plates were a miss I am really enamoured with the Christmas plate they released for the upcoming holidays.  Let's take a look...

 One thing I noticed is when Cici & Sisi does these special edition plates their packaging is flawless!  I ddn't post the Halloween special edition because it was a complete and total dupe of a previous released plate however this one is totally original and has the same cool style of packaging.  The cover is a faux leather case complete with greetings.

I love all the designs featured here and I'm glad this time they made the landscape images small enough to actually create a real scene on the nails! For a change too all the images are consistent and within one central theme.  Even though I own an obscene number of Christmas themed plates I am so looking forward to this one as well.
Here's the outer cover for those that are interested.  What do you think? A necessary purchase or a pass? The plate itself retails for $11.99USD + shipping.  You can get it in either or the Cici & Sisi website, but if you get it on amazon and make a $35 purchase or more you can qualify for free shipping! If you haven't purchased other sets or items it's a smart choice.  anyway stay tuned for more plate news I'm several posts behind and as you know the press is sizzling ;) happy hunting and I'll see you next post...


  1. What a cute plate! I especially love the landscape at the bottom <3

  2. must have this !!! *squeals*

  3. Yup I think this plate is totally adorable!

  4. Me too! In fact mine should already be here any day now :)


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