Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: Pet'la Plate Festival Season Winter 2014 Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hiya stamperistas,

What is beauty this season? For me it's the new Winter 2014 Collection by Pet'la Plate.  You know me and this brand well right? They are the Hungarian bronze gold colored plates that make me swoon.  I've been swooning for almost a year since I discovered this brand and with every release Petra the owner and creator gets a little more brilliant with her designs.  Don't believe me then get a load of these...


Good lord this plate is bloody brilliant! Beautiful and glorious.  I need it. Period that is all.


Exactly as named.  Beautiful and geared toward the new year.  A savvy stamper would see these plates are perfect for the 4th of July and a few other holidays as well ;)

Flake No More

Please please let it snow!  That's how I feel looking at his plate.  It's gorgeous I mean really really gorgeous. Another one I absolutely need!  I would shove an elderly lady aside for these plates...well not shove but I'd definitely be moving mountains to grab this one ;)


Preggers? Expecting? Going to an awesome baby shower? Found an adorable plate that fits the mood.  I love the baby bottles with the animal heads here.  Adorbs!

Ho Ho Ho!

Sigh! I absolutely love this plate.  Somehow every image is perfect and flawless dancing across one great Christmas image to the next.  I want!

Koy Doodles

Doodles that are Koy? I have no idea what KoY is. I know these are really cool looking abstract! Does anyone know what Koy means? Please enlighten.


Kawaii more great Christmas imagery.  Shoot all these holiday plates are killing me!

Rising Sun

I LOVE THIS PLATE!!! That fish those flowers the swirling waves.  It feels Japanese themed because it is and it triggers all my lusts.

So basically you just got to see me gush like a madwoman over plates I adore.  This collection for me is very very near to perfect! What do you think?  So bad news? Several of these plates are sold out on the Pet'la Plate website :(  But maybe when they release they will all pop back up.  The good news is several are still available.  These plates retail for 8 Euro's each + shipping.  You can find Pet'la Plate here.  Happy hunting and I will see you next post...


  1. Hi Tamira,
    I remember reading in your first review of Petla plates that they were difficult to use because of the really deep etching. I have 5 plates and also have the same problem with stamping with them. Do you know if this has been fixed or if the newer batches are more shallow?

  2. Hi Putty :) Yes the newer plates have much better etching! More like the Basic plate. I will actually be posting another review of the newer more shallowly etched plates this week. I wish there was a way to tag you but I don't know how lol. Maybe just keep an eye out, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy them now :) HTHs


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