Friday, November 28, 2014

Hot Off The Stamping Press: New Aliexpress Dream Girl Nail Art Stamping Plates!

Hey stamp champs,

Yes yet another brand/design of plates has emerged off the stamping press!  They are of the landscape variety and can be purchased via AliExpress.  Often I have mixed sentiment regarding AliExpress since you really are in a crap shoot regarding whether the seller of plates you purchase will have reliable wares i.e. well etched plates.  So I always stress a little bit, but this year has seen the emergence of some truly beautiful collections from China including the QGirl and Hehe plates.  I don't believe I've blogged about either brand before but you can expect a review of at least the Hehe plates very soon.  For now I want to tell you about a set of plates I discovered a few weeks ago that look quite tempting and are of the landscape variety called Dream Girl plates.

Now let's see the close up images shall we?

These are pretty right? I doubt I will be able to fit the girls face onto a nail but the rest of the elements of this plate are lovely.

Kawaii.  Cute cute cute!  I think this plate is seriously adorable!

Another seriously cute one! I think the tiny mushroom houses are so cute! Also look at the little puppy!

This plate is a combo of lovely and slightly creepy to me.  I truly hate the hands that are creepily posed but I love the fairy flowers, and butterflies.  So torn....

More adorable imagery here! I love the little girls hair for a cute patterned look and the pawprints.

I am loving the pinwheel here and the little cat though I think they have overloaded on flower images at this point lol.

I truly wish the elephant here was a touch smaller thoug the little fairy girl will fit my nails :)  Did you see the tiny baby fox at the bottom?

This one is visually super pretty I''m not super impressed with ALL the floral repeated patterns though :/

Creepy and cute again! Oh and little I got my little baby elephants!  LOVE!

How cute are the little shoes and bottles of nail polish.  The lady in silhouette isn't bad either!

Perfect for Christmas! I think this plate is super sweet especially the way they put the typography into a tree shape.

I find this plate hideous.  Sorry but it's awful except the little fox.  And their now theme which drives me somewhat batty.

I think the crosshatch patters on this plate and the lady are the best parts!

Ok this one is just SO SO everything.  I want these little kissing children so badly!

Ok this girl with her glasses and the smiling cupcake.  The baby Eiffel tower.  I think this might be my favorite plate in the collection!

Strong finish! Fairies and more flowers lol.  Still adorable though

So what do you think? These plates are interesting and pretty like I said right?  I actually did order a set which I will review when it arrives.  I'm praying that I won't have any complaints about etching.  These plates retail anywere from $22-28 for the entire set though you can purchase them individually too for about $1.99 per plate.  Right now I can't say anything about which is the best seller to purchase them from, but if you go onto AliExpress and type in Dream Girl plates lots of options will pop up.  I suggest reading the reviews of the sellers first to see if you can get a good gauge on the products they sale and how reliable they have been historically.  Alright happy hunting stamparellas and I'll see you next post...


  1. Wow I love no 14, so cute. I think China manufacturer also following this stamping plate trend very well. Recently I just bought the QA and Qgirl plate (both from same company) from

  2. Does plate 12 say "Gream" in the upper left?

  3. Yup. It's pretty clear I'm sure it was just a typo ;) Lol

  4. Right! The manufacturers finally got on board I'm just unhappy with how many have chosen to steal the MoYou London designs and manufacture them as their own :(

  5. FYI I just received these plates in the mail. They do have the logo "JUST THE ONE" on every plate.

  6. Yeah I know I have the plates already. I got them about 2 weeks ago I just didn't bother to update the post :)


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